Let’s start off with a Twitter item, instead of ending with one…

Via numerous Twitters accounts, Tweeting from Indy, we learn that Holiday (foot in boot at left) will sit tonight vs. the Pacers and that Turner will start at the point. 

Which means a boat load of minutes for Swaggy P as well as possibly some time at PG.  At least this should be an entertaining game.

If the Sixers can somehow squeak out a W vs. the short handed and offensively challenged Pacers tonight, they’ll play a Lakers team on Sunday that according to ESPNLA’s Dave McMenamin is an absolute mess right now, but is fixableSo that could be a nice two game winning streak for us.

Ben Golliver and Rob Mahoney at review the Howard-Bynum-Iguodala trade and both still feel the Sixers made the right move in acquiring Bynum.. ranks J-Rich as one of the top players who is better in the video game NBA2K than he is in real life. 

After the jump, an interesting trade scenario for a big man that I pulled together from a couple different posts on the Internet…


According to several posts I have read on the Internet (Special tip of the cap to Zach Lowe.), there is trouble is Phoenix and the woeful start for the Suns will lead to some wheeling and dealing in the desert.  Dragic isn’t going anywhere, but apparently there is enough tension between Marcin Gortat and Alvin Gentry over Gortat losing minutes to Jermaine O’Neal and others that Gortat could be a c-ya.  Gortat was left on the bench to close out Thursday’s game and according to Arizona Republic reports, Gortat may be in danger of losing his starting job.  So I was thinking…

December 15th is a huge day for the Sixers roster as everyone they signed this past summer will become trade eligible.  So here are some thoughts for the Sixers and PHX: 

  • Nick Young (1 yr. @ $5.6mil = cap space) and Kwame Brown (2 yrs. @ $2.8 mil per) for Gortat (2 yrs. @ $7.5 mil per)
  • or maybe we can sucker them into Hawes (2 yrs @ $6.5 mil per) straight up for Gortat. 

Can’t hurt to at least make the call, right???   

According to Bob Cooney of, DC is anticipating that Dorell Wright’s shot will come around, but he wants Wright to stop hesitating and just fire.

A quick search turns up this “rare” Wilt 100-point statue that you can grab for $65.

The 2013 NBA All-Star Voting First Results were released by the NBA on Thursday and it’s not looking good for “The Jruth” as he only has 35,000 votes so far and is in dead last place among names on the ballot in the East back-court category.

With the Holiday injury, Michael Levin at wonders if all is lost for the Sixers in 2012-13?

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