Posted by: C. Smith
12/17/12 10:37 am EST

I’m going to bypass the usual Rapid Reacts post that goes up the day after a 76ers game in favor of a look at some disturbing defensive trends over the last three contests. 

I know those of who are Nick Young and / or Kwame Brown fans will be upset to hear this news as both players had their best games of the season against the Lakers last night, but there are more important issues to take a look at right now.  We’re involved in a 3 game losing streak and defense or lack of it has had a huge role in this slide.

Obviously the Sixers have been without there best offensive weapon and best defensive player for the last two games and Holiday’s absence can not be discounted as a factor in this losing streak.  However, the Bulls, Pacers and Lakers were also ALL missing key players when they took the floor and they were able to overcome those challenges.  So, I don’t think Holiday’s injury can be completely to blame for the Sixers recent woes.  This is the NBA, injuries happen.  

Let me say that what follows after the jump is not going to be pretty…

Here is a look at some basic numbers from the Chicago loss:

  • The Bulls (without D-Rose or Rip) scored 96 points.
  • They shot 43% from the field and 36% on 3-pointers (4-11).
  • CHI placed four guys in double figures.
  • And grabbed 9 OREBS that produced 14 second chance points.

Here is a look at some basic numbers from the Indiana loss:

  • The Pacers (without Danny Granger and SG Lance Stephenson) scored 95 points.
  • They shot 45% from the field and 57% on 3PAs (8-14).
  • Indiana had four guys in double figure including 28 from Paul George who hit 5 of 7 from behind the arc.
  • Hibbert posted a double-double (19 & 13) and George Hill threw up a triple-double for good measures (15, 10 & 10) 
  • Indy grabbed 9 OREBS.

Last night against the Lakers was arguably the weakest defensive performance across the three games:

  • The struggling LAL (without Gasol or Nash) scored 111 points.
  • Kobe & Co. shot 48% from the field.
  • The Lakers posted 6 guys in double figures.  Of course Kobe killed us as always (34 points).  But the Sixers also let Darius Morris score a career high 15.  Darius who????  Additionally, the 7-6 allowed Meta World Peace to find his inner Ron Artest and pour in a very efficient 19 points (6-10; 3-4 from deep).  
  • The Lakers grabbed 11 OREBS and had 12 second chance points in the 1st half.

The perimeter defense was so bad last night that those stats needed their own bullet points section.

  • LAL shot 41% on 3’s. 
  • They shot a WFC record 10-15 from deep in the 1st half.
  • 5 different Lakers hit at least one trey.
  • Chris Duhon hit four 3-balls.
  • Hell, even Jodie Meeks was able to drill two 3-pointers.

Collins had the following to say after the Sixers hit defensive rock bottom last night:

“Unfortunately right now we are struggling mightily to defend the three,” Collins said. “We were outscored by 25 points from the three-point line and the free-throw line [combined].  I think our last few losses we’ve been minus-15, minus-9 at the three-point line, minus-6 from the foul line.  That’s tough to overcome.  We’re going to have to figure it out.  Last year we were one of the best three-point defensive teams in the league.  Obviously we’ve lost some key defenders and some speed and we’ve not been able to figure it out yet.”

Stopping dribble penetration and executing defensive rotations have been major issues for the Sixers in the last three games.  I know the loss of Iguodala and Brand has hurt us a great deal defensively, but I’ve seen high school kids play better on that end of the floor than the Sixers did last night.  Simply shocking for a Collins coached team.

DC better get this straightened out quick, because the upcoming schedule does not get any easier with @ Dallas, @ Houston, and Atlanta coming up this week and that’s followed by an 8 game road trip that features some of the best teams in the League right now.



10 Responses to “WHERE’S THE D ?!?”

  1. Steve Toll
    17. December 2012 at 13:13

    Here is an interesting fact: The 76ers are making 1.6 more 3pt shots per game as opposed to last season at a 1% better rate. Opponents are making 1.6 more 3pts shots per game at a 3.5% better rate than last year.

    The Lakers were just making shots last night and it wasn’t as terrible as it seems. Sometimes teams just hit shots, as with Minnesota too.

    One difference between this year and last, is that guys seem to sag off their man way way way way way toooooo much. Which I blame solely on DC. A double team is by far the most overrated thing in basketball. Last year, that was not an issue with Iggy and Brand, but this year our guys seem to make it a priority to stand in the middle of the dead zone aka midrange area when off the ball as to potentially help with the double team when it’s quite often a mistake and then be late on a rotation later in the possession.

    These next 11 games are going to be very telling. Underdogs in every game. 2 easiest games are @Portland which is the 2nd game of a B2B+3rd game in 4 nights.
    @Phoenix is a B2B where the 76ers play LAL on New Year’s Day where each team will abide by the unspoken rule of everyone get totally wasted so both teams are hungover and the next night they play Phoenix who had New Years off. Anything more than 2 wins would be a welcome surprise over the next 11 games.

  2. gabe
    17. December 2012 at 13:19

    no jrue, no clue that simple man

  3. Steve Toll
    17. December 2012 at 14:40

    C. Smith,

    The best player on the 76ers not named Andrew Bynum is Thad and it’s not even close

  4. Jonathan
    17. December 2012 at 17:30

    This is the only fair argument that could be made in opposition to the Bynum trade, but the theory is that Bynum would defend the basket making it easier on the perimeter defenders.Which is why the person to blame in this case is the front office for as C. Smith pointed out has failed so far to go out and acquire a big man (whether through free agency or trade) who can rebound the ball and maybe even block a shot every now and then.

  5. Jonathan
    17. December 2012 at 17:32

    wait……..kwame brown fans? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PP4RT-vv-o

  6. gabe
    17. December 2012 at 17:35


    how could you possibly think that turner is better suited to play pg than jrue? or that anyone has been better than jrue on the sixers?

    he is worthy of being an all-star this year and when the coaches pick him as a reserve. will you admit you’re wrong then when that happens?

  7. GaryH
    17. December 2012 at 18:53

    Steve Toll,

    The best player on the 76ers not named Andrew Bynum is Jrue and it’s not even close.

    Thad is the shizzz, and he has improved this year. But Jrue is 3rd in the league in assists, and if he’s not scoring he’s creating.

    I believe I heard a state the other day, Jrue impacts his team on offense more than any other player in the NBA other than Lebron. Not sure if that is correct can’t remember where I heard it from.

  8. Keith
    17. December 2012 at 19:07

    Jrue averages 38.5 minutes per game and is an average to above average defender. With him out, Turner (averaging 36 mpg with Jrue) has played 42 and 43 minutes. Swaggy (averaging 23.2 mpg with Jrue) has played 37 and 41 minutes. Both of these guys are not even average defenders. Throw in Wayns, and you can easily see your problem with the defense in the last 2 games.

    Obviously someone has to pick up Jrue’s minutes, but unfortunately we do not have many options for this replacement.

    And Steve is right, Thad has been the best player on this team, by far.

  9. PointGod1973
    17. December 2012 at 21:38

    Gary H & Gabe r right! This is Jrue Holidays team. 18.5 pts 9ast .Chris Paul was 1st team ALL-NBA 19.1 pts 9.1 ast last year. … Steve wake up sir.. If Thad is your favorite player thats great, I LOVE Thads game.. But in no way shape or form is he our best player. Bynum has yet to play and has never been the focal point of an NBA Team. If we don’t love this kids we are insane.. Hope he gets well soon. #2012-2013 NBA ALLSTAR..

  10. Steve Toll
    18. December 2012 at 10:46


    Here are some relevant fact for you to think about.
    Philadelphia has had the easiest schedule in the NBA.
    Last season CP3 had 124 turnovers. Jrue has 84 so far this season. CP3 had a TS% of 58.1, Jrue has a 51.3 TS%
    Chris Paul is a top 3 defensive PG in the NBA, Jrue isn’t near that.
    Jrue has been outplayed or had a stalemate against his opposition 2/3s of the games this year.

    Other than all that, Jrue is totally comparable to CP3

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