Posted by: Steve Toll
12/23/12 9:44 am EST

The 76ers are now twenty seven games into the season and by conservative estimations, at least another 27 or so until Andrew Bynum possibly starts his first game of the year.  

That would be poetic, as game #55 on the schedule is against the Orlando Magic featuring “Big Nik” and Maurice Harkless.  A return to action by Bynum before that game vs. the Magic would be a pleasant surprise, no make that an epic surprise, for the team and Philadunkia nation.  

But now is not the time to dwell on the Bynum drama.  No, now is the time to look at this team and assess where they sit in the NBA landscape and how the 7-6 project to look going forward.

After the jump, I’ll take a look at this season up to this point and how this team has done as well as take a look at the road ahead for the Sixers. 

Her are some concrete stats:

13 Wins, 14 Losses.

Philly leads the League in Home Games with 16 at WFC.

Memphis, OKC, Houston and Miami are the only teams who have played less away games.

According to Hollinger’s Rankings, teh Sixers have had the 2nd easiest schedule in the NBA,1.2% behind the Indiana Pacers and slightly ahead of the Orlando Magic.  As an FYI…Minnesota is rated as the 14th toughest schedule.

Basketball-Reference has the 76ers as tied for the 3rd easiest schedule with Minnesota and behind Orlando and Indiana.  

Team Rankings has the 76ers listed as the easiest schedule in the NBA.  Orlando is listed at 23rd, Indiana 16th and Minnesota 12th. 

When you factor Home minus Away games the 76ers are +5, IND is -5, Minnesota is -2 and Orlando is at zero.  When you put it all together, our Sixers have had the easiest schedule in the NBA so far this year by a considerable margin. 

The 76ers -2.4 point differential is the 7th worst in the NBA; ahead of Charlotte, Washington, Cleveland, Toronto, Sacramento and New Orleans.  These teams are also the only ones with a worse ratio of Points Per Possession, Offense : Defense

Philadelphia also plays the most high variance style of basketball in the NBA.  It is predicated on minimizing possessions for both teams and keeping turnovers to an absolute minimum.  This high variance style is exactly what you want to use if you’re consistently out-manned.

For example, OKC and Miami would prefer each game have as many possessions as possible.

Now let’s take a look at some rankings based on different systems.   We will use Hollinger, Basketball Reference, Sagarin and TeamRankings.

Hollingers has the 76ers ranked 27th in the NBA, BBReference 24th, Sagarin 23rd and Team Rankings has them 22nd.  

Everyone knows that George Karl is a personal favorite of mine.  A metric that he likes to use is Road wins are +1 and Home losses are -1.  The -3s of the NBA are Philly, Toronto and Phoenix.  The only teams worse are New Orleans, Charlotte, Sacramento, Detroit, Cleveland and Washington

Looking at all these numbers, doesn’t paint a pretty picture through the 1st 1/3 of the season and leading up to the halfway point of the year.  The next 14 games is a brutal stretch of basketball where the 76ers will be playing against a better team, every single night.  Before last night, my colleague and bff4life, Jeff McMenamin, predicted an at worst 7-8 record over the next 15 games.  

My view isn’t quite so rosy.  With the 4 easiest games being against Portland on a B2B+3rd Game in 4 nights, Phoenix on a B2B on January 2nd after spending New Year’s Eve in LA and 2 games against the Raptors, it certainly looks as though all the good times have rolled. 

I’ll revisit the team at the halfway point but until then……

This section is gonna be about some questions that I’d like the viewers to answer.

1.  The 76ers record is currently 14-13.  After the 41st game of the season, Their record will be???

2.  Orlando played most, if not all of its time with D-12 using a stretch 4.  ThadYoung shot 34.4% on 300+ 3’s before the arrival of DC at the age of 20/21.  Should he reintegrate the 3pt shot into his game?

3.  Holiday vs. Vucevic (Please check out the link)…Who is better and Why?

4.  Tomorrow the team trades Thad, Jrue and ET for Kevin Love, how do you feel?

5.  Why isn’t Delonte West in a 76er uniform?

6.  Fact or Fiction: Doug Collins gave the OK on the SwaggyP and Kwame signings this off-season?

7.  Fact or Fiction: Thad is the best player on the team

8. Fact or Fiction:  The team can go over the salary cap with resigning Bynum this off-season because of his Bird Rights. Should the team try to trade Dorell and SwaggyP both expiring contracts that can’t be replaced, for veterans like Tayshaun Prince, Ramon Sessions, Amir Johnson, Jared Dudley, Luke Ridnour etc; which will cause the the team to pay Tax penalties but increase it’s Championship equity going forward?  

9.  If the team doesn’t do that with its expiring deals, what if anything, does it say about the new owners?

Happy Holidays, I hope everyone enjoys themselves, their time with family and stays safe.



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  1. hk
    23. December 2012 at 10:19

    A couple of points and questions…

    1. Should anyone have expected more than that from this roster without any contributions from Bynum?
    2. Could the 76ers have fit Kris Humphries at $12M per year under the cap if they didn’t sign Swaggy and Kwame?
    3. Why aren’t we hearing more about giving away Harkless and Vucevic in the Bynum trade?

  2. hk
    23. December 2012 at 10:21

    5. I predict that they will be 19-22 at the halfway point.

  3. Jake
    23. December 2012 at 10:38

    1. ill go 19-21.
    2. no, he’s our most consistent sixer player now, why try to change it?
    3. Jrue, come on. as much as i wanted to keep vucevic (haha), jrue is still the better player.
    4. I would be upset at first, but it might turn out very well in the long run.
    5. Don’t ask me, why is arnett moutrie in the d-league? don’t have an answer for that either.
    6. Kwame, definitely. Doug and Kwame have a bromance. Swaggy, eh probably not.
    7. Fact, for now
    8. Faction, only for Tayshaun.
    9. Hopefully owners know whats’s right for this franchise. We will see

  4. Jake
    23. December 2012 at 10:40

    19-22, sorry

  5. MountainDrew
    23. December 2012 at 11:24

    1. 17-24
    2. No, because it would partially take away his biggest strenghts, his inside game and hustle, and make him a shooter, something he’s not particularly good at. I don’t mind the occasional 3 though.
    3. Holiday, not even close. Vuc plays no D and is getting stats on a bad team. Jrue has led this team so far, evidence is the winless stretch without him, the team collapses when he is not on the floor. Holiday has superstar potential while vuc’s athleticism limits him to a decent starting big.
    4. That sucks. Starting lineup of Wayns, Jrich, Wright, Love and Hawes is a guaranteed trip to the lottery in a bad draft, thus mediocrity. You don’t trade a young promising core for an unproven player(never consistantly won in his career).
    5. Because he is a cancer and would maybe want multiple seasons and more money the sixers want to spend. Even though I wouldn’t mind signing him, I’m not mad that the front office decides not to.
    6. Fact. I don’t like either signing, but DC wanted to “nurture” Brown (lol) and I can kind of understand a 1 year deal for Young since he is a talented player that hasn’t put his game together. Low risk deal.
    7. Fiction. Thad is great and very consistant, but the fact is that Jrue has been carrying this team and has a Deron Williams like stat-line, 18-9. I love Thad, but Jrue has been the most important player.
    8. If you sign Bynum it means you are in win now mode, so it would make sense to trade for classy veterans with a decent complimentary game.
    9. I’d like to hear your opinion on this one.

    Happy christmas.

  6. Sean Bonner
    23. December 2012 at 12:45

    Best Blog ever. Whatever they are paying you it’s not enough. No doubt S.I will be throwing money at you to be a feature writer. Maybe you can move out of the basement or better yet move in w Jeff in C.C. I see huge things in your future and all of the mental midgets who can’t see your greatness may finally see the light. Well done, young man. Sean Bonner

  7. Max
    23. December 2012 at 12:58

    1. 22-19
    2. Unnecessary we have too many shooters already. He needs to drive to the basket and knock down his free throws.
    3. Holiday even though I never wanted to get rid of Vuc. Defensively there is no comparison. Vuc was soft on D and always got into foul trouble but obviously he was a rookie so there was time to improve.
    4. Hate it. Way to much given up for a player who doesnt even want to be in minnesota. Obviously you would have to give up either ET or Jrue but I dont believe you have to throw thad into there depends completely on what the wolves would want though.
    5. Has to be his bipolar issues other than that there is no reason I can think of. There is no other better mentor than Doug Collins and I think he would save West’s career.
    6. FACT. I actually like these two players but, obviously there were better options like my personal favorite OJ Mayo.
    7. Fiction. On pure hustle no doubt hes the best player but, he still has no right hand and the free throws are just a killer for me. Still love the guy though.
    8. Fiction. I would rather see what Hawes is getting in the open market and possibly trade for pg such as sessions or ridinour. Actually the best option I think is bledsoe. The clippers have enough guard depth and they have no scoring big men coming off their bench since odom is a shell of his former self.
    9. I would like to think that it means that they have other players in mind to go after in the off season and they believe that with a healthy bynum this team has enough to win a championship which is my personal belief.

  8. T. Martin
    23. December 2012 at 17:42

    Delonte West is a total nutjob. That’s why he isn’t on anybody’s NBA roster.

  9. ken
    23. December 2012 at 18:54

    1. 18-23
    2. no because he is thriving with his current role why change a good thing that’s working
    3. jrue because assists lead to more points for your team so I rank assists as more valuable than rebounds besides that you cant compare most of those stats because they play very different positions
    4. awful because it will take us even longer to rebuild and we are very close right(1-2 big pieces and 1-2 role players) to becoming title contenders with a big FA class coming up this offseason and next offseason
    5. I honestly have no idea because we desperately need a backup pg
    6. I am going to go with fact but hoping it was because the other players they were going after either didn’t want to come here or wanted more in their contract
    7. fiction because he cant take over a game like jrue can. put a physical body on thad and he has trouble rebounding and scoring at the rim which is his whole game but holiday can shoot well but if hes having an off shooting night he can play facilitator well by penetrating and kicking and vice versa
    8. fact because nobody wants swaggy p on the team and if we have to give up wright who by the way is struggling mightily with his shot this year as well in order to get one of the people you mentioned above ill do that since the new player will like you said make us a better possible championship team and our owners have already said they want to win so they shouldn’t have an issue paying a luxury tax in order to have a better chance to win
    9. if they don’t do that with the expiring contracts it says that they are guna put all their eggs into FA and bank on getting a high quality player there and if they don’t we are screwed

  10. Ransom
    23. December 2012 at 19:28

    1. I’d have to look harder at the schedule.

    2. Yes, but only if you add that to his current touches/shot. Not switch those in for some of his paint and elbow-extended touches. I think he might shoot better on 3s now actualy. Anecdotally, his stroke looks a little better than it did in years past.

    3. Holiday for soooo many reasons. Same age, Holiday has a wayyyy higher ceiling. He’s already top 6/7 at his position. He is like 3rd in the NBA in scoring responsible for…etc.

    4. Why would you do that? Love is the best at his position in the entire NBA, but IMO, what would that leave you with? Love and worse surrounding cast the non-playoff T-wolves have around him now…cool, sounds like a step forward… if you could pull a trade for him that kept Jrue, then maybe we’ll talk.

    5. He’s a head case? We have a decent backcourt rotation now anyway. Could use a better backup at PG but that’s not REALLY what West is. And in a season like this, (half lost to Bynum) i’d like to at least see what Wayns has going forward.

    6. Eh, they don’t seem like his kind of moves, especially Kwame who he had to deal with before. Young could have been greenlit by him to replace some of Lou’s minutes/stats/role.

    7. Very fiction. Tied for 2nd with Turner. Jrue is the best player on the team. Takes over when needed. Runs everything and way more consistent game to game. I love Thad and hope he keeps building on his success this season. But he is too inconsistent based on matchups. Some nights, against bigger dudes he is still marginalized.

    8. They can, sure. but there is NO WAY they should. Resigning Bynum would be madness. total madness. Read this: http://bit.ly/UnHxM8

    9. use that money in years coming…don’t blow your load to continue being mediocre.

  11. Keith
    24. December 2012 at 00:52

    1. 18-23
    2. No, our other bigs are bad so we need Thad inside on this team.
    3. Holiday, especially on this team. More valuable and higher PER.
    4. So so. It seems like we would be giving too much, but any way to get Turner out of town should at least be considered.
    5. Headcase
    6. Fiction. There has been a trend of botching moves in the offseason. I don’t blame the coach for that.
    7. Fact, big time.
    8. Fiction. Don’t resign Bynum.
    9. Nothing.

  12. Louie
    24. December 2012 at 12:44


    When you wrote this, their record was 13-14. So much for concrete facts….

    Anyway, Thad shouldn’t be shooting threes because 34.4 percent really isn’t that good.

    Holiday over Vuc. They are about equal defensively, but jrue has the ability to create his own shot and create shots for others. Vuc doesn’t really have any post moves, which limits him offensively.

    I agree that Doug isn’t a good coach, and have been saying that for a while to my friends. I want the team to get Stan van Gundy.

    West is a good player, but he does some bad things off the court, which is why he is bad for a young team like ours.

  13. Jim
    24. December 2012 at 15:39

    Steve: Check the number of all-star votes Holiday has received thus far. So much for your theory that he’d be selected to play in the all-star game by the fans because Philly is the 5/6th largest market. Whoops.

  14. Bob
    25. December 2012 at 01:26

    1. 18-23
    2. Not yet. I’d love to see him work on it first so he can hit open ones. Defenders are leaving him wide open with the ball from long 2 out. A serviceable three would make him even more of a matchup nightmare for slow bigs. They step out, he blows by.
    3. Holiday. Vuc’s rebounding is inflated by playing with small lineups. Holiday’s not as efficient scoring but he’s creating for himself and others.
    4. Upset, only because Love leaves in two years, before a team could be built around him.
    5. Head case.
    6. Probably. Team needs a real GM.
    7. I prefer Jrue. Thads a consistently good contributor but a complimentary one. You can run the O through Jrue and he makes everyone else better.
    8. Fact. Depends on the vet.
    9. Could be an indication of cheapness. Or could be we dont have anyone smart in the front office.

  15. Steve Toll
    25. December 2012 at 18:58


    1.The real question is, What should people REALISTICALLY expect from this roster with a healthy Bynum?

    2. No, but they could have spent $8,500,000 on these 4 guys for J.R. Smith, Matt Barnes, Ronnie Brewer, Jodie Meeks….. Which I said they should have done from the start of free agency.

    3. I made mention of it at the time and pointed out how much of a mistake it was, which as usual, seemed to be a 1 man band.

    Interesting Vucevic fact: He is shooting 4% better from the field, turning it over a bit more AND putting up nearly identical per minute numbers as last season. He is arguably the best player on the Magic.

    As for Harkless, he has 3 more offensive rebounds than Evan Turner this year in 40% of the minutes played. He can get to the rack and is going to be a force on defense his whole career.

    Your reading comprehension will never be confused thought of in terms of sagacious perspicacity. I have said that the combo of Jrue Lovefest + Massive Area Population could cause him to be voted into the All-Star game. He is not and will never be an All-Star level player, regardless of whether he is voted in by the fans.

    The fact that this is what you are trying and failing to nitpick over……. Nuff’ Said

    T. Martin,
    Most people at the top are one way or the other. West can be signed to a 10 day contract. There is a lot more that can be done with Delonte than can’t.

    Front Office has likely given up hope on this season and isn’t gonna do anything that will hurt the teams lottery equity, which includes signing Delonte West.

    For the future of the franchise, J-Rich needs to keep playing well so he can be traded to Chi for Rip, who is an inferior player and expiring contract

  16. Tom
    26. December 2012 at 02:56

    Fact or fiction, Steve Toll is qualified to be a statistician? Humorous fiction

  17. Steve Toll
    26. December 2012 at 12:51


    Haven’t you heard, statistician type o’ work isn’t gonna work in the NBA. So why do my qualifications (or lack thereof) matter?

    Try pointing out all the stuff I have been wrong out and then staticize that!!!!!!!

  18. ken
    26. December 2012 at 14:20

    I still don’t see why we don’t go out and try to trade for a Jason Thompson or jj hickson to fix the rebound issue for us and then once bymun comes back if he does we can have a very nasty rebounding duo down low and we have thad there to throw in and give other teams matchup nightmares

  19. Jim
    26. December 2012 at 16:21

    Steve: This is too easy. You stated in a previous article that Jrue is an all-star combo guard so my reading comprehension is just fine. That wasn’t too long after you wrote an article bashing his extension. Then you implied that Jrue would only be voted as an all-star because of the size of Philly’s population and because most Philly fans like Jrue ( I wonder why that is?). He’s not close to getting voted in – by the fans. However, he could still get selected by the coaches. If that happens then you need to stop posting here.

  20. Justin
    26. December 2012 at 17:13

    Was reading some of the other TrueHoop blogs to see if their posts are anything like some of the ones on this blog (they’re not – the bloggers are actually fans of the team, regardless of record – it’s refreshing), and came across this commentary.


    Good read on sports arguments and analytics for the misguided.

  21. Steve Toll
    26. December 2012 at 20:57


    Fact: Only 25 players grab more rebounds (seperating offensive and defensive) on a % basis than Lavoy and Hawes when they are on the court. Others might grab more offensive rebounds, others might grab more defensive rebounds, but only 25 guys grab a higher % of both than Lavoy + Hawes.

    What would the team trade to get a JJ Hickson or Jason Thompson?

    Jrue could potentially be one, but that is not how he is being used. His extension was as much a mistake today as it was then. I then CORRECTLY stated than because of the size of Phillys market, Jrue could potentially voted in because he is viewed by some people in the area as the next coming of CP3. Holiday and Kwame Brown have the same chance of being chosen by coaches to appear in the All-Star game, which is ~0.


    Let’s talk objectively about the Cavs.

    This team couldn’t build a championship team with Lebron as the centerpiece after luckboxing arguably the Greatest Player of All- Time. He made the right decision and left because the front office did a subpar job. Then the team Luckboxed Kyrie Irving and then horribly botched the Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters picks. Seem content to keep Anderson Varejao instead of trading him to build for the future. And because it can’t be said enough, Didn’t win a championship team with Lebron James. Look at what the front office has done in the last 10 years, it’s been terrible.
    Somehow you are advocating the hunky dory style of writing that seems to be going n over their.

    My articles are equivalent to the Red Pill in the Matrix, you are advocating taking the Blue Pill. I write with the intention of being correct and informative. Unfortunately for me, you seem to read and actually make judgments based on the tone of that particular article. I suggest you focus on the content. A Ferrari with what you think is a bad paint job is still a Ferrari

  22. Jon
    27. December 2012 at 01:16

    Steve, you just proved completely the point of Justin and the writer of that article. The article was not about how good or bad the cavs are. How could you automatically downgrade the writers who work for a blog that happens to cover a bad team? By your stats and points throughout this article it would seem that you and the rest of the philadunkia team are some of the worst writers on the truehoop network since the sixers are one of the worst teams in the league. Your final paragraph just shows your true arrogance, I guess you were a Little hurt from reading that articel and took Justin’s comment as an attack (which it wasn’t). Steve you just need to get off your self constructed pedestal, and take a look in the mirror.

  23. MountainDrew
    27. December 2012 at 15:56

    Steve, ONLY 25 guys? So basically, almost every team has better rebounders than us?

  24. steve toll
    27. December 2012 at 22:14


    I stopped reading after the first sentence.

    You realize that as someone who often goes to games, spends money on premium seats, is from the area, that I want the team to be a championship team?

    Connecting a teams record and the quality of its writers, even in jest, takes a special kinda person.

    As for my arrogance, I come from the Bunk School of Humble.

    Mountain Drew,
    Both guys are a presidential election from their prime aka 4 years. For 9.5 million, you could do far worse. It’s certainly not MY fault how things transpired this offseason.

    In my world: Iggy, Jrue, Lou, Thad, RAnderson, Hawes, Lavoy, JR Smith, Matt Barnes and of course, Evan Turner is a pretty awesome team but thats just me and exactly what the 76ers roster would look like if I was GM.

  25. LeQuan
    28. December 2012 at 06:08

    Oh, for the love of. I’ve heard your name referenced millions of times, but I just had to come here. First, let’s address your hypothetical roster. Okay, using your argument you said Jrue would be a great combo guard.

    Jrue wasn’t allowed to be a great combo guard, until we dumped Iggy off in the Bynum deal. This is because Iguodala *is* the most talentless, yet most difficult player to have on your roster in the league.

    The more Iguodala *handles* the ball, the better off he will be but the worst off your general offense will be. Also, wanna know why Jrue/Turner are having success, but Iguodala generally never did?

    Answer: Jrue/Turner have a drive game, Iguodala never did. No, it was the overlooked fact among most Iguodala-lovers, the man couldn’t penetrate even an average defense.

    So, if he isn’t a slasher and we know he isn’t a shooter, could he at least exercise the mid-post game? We wished. Here’s another unspoken truth: Iguodala was a tweener. Literally with no wing man skillsets, and a barely above average rebounding forward at around 7 a game.

    When you get down to it, you start to realize how important Iguodala’s all-god defense was to his NBA career. It got him in transition and probably gave him somewhere to around 3-4 more PPG and fooled Stefanski to signing him to 82 million dollars.

    Then there’s his court vision, it’s not bad but it’s not great either and his passing/ball handling leaves a lot to be desired. Collins did a hell of a job for Iguodala, no, really. In Denver, Iggy’s back to being a turnover machine along with everything else.

    Okay, I’m done with my Iggy rant. You have virtually no big man on that roster, none whatsoever. The post defense will be the worst in the league.

    JR Smith might be the closest thing to an off-the-ball player on the roster and that’s scary.

    Basically it sucks, but the real harbringer of it all is Iggy. Dude, at best, is a Bruce Bowen clone. But because he’s never played off the ball in his career, he can’t embrace the skillsets he actually does have.

    Iguodala=Biggest Sixer Bust since Shawn Bradley.

  26. MountainDrew
    28. December 2012 at 09:38

    You might not get those players without overpaying, and it would ave a lot of chemistry issues. Iggy handling the ball holds down Jrue and ET and Anderson + Hawes make up the softest frontcourt in the nba.

  27. J.P. Melle
    28. December 2012 at 10:14

    Steve ‘Basketball Morpheus’ Toll!!!

  28. Rob
    28. December 2012 at 14:14

    You still seem to think all these guys would come here on the same deals that they signed elsewhere, which is very ignorant. Jr smith wanted to stay in New York which is why he took less money. Chris Paul talked to Matt Barnes about joining the team and what he expected of him, he wanted to play there and have a better shot to win a championship. The nba is not a bargain league despite what you think. While your dream roster might have been a decent one it is certainly not better than this team with Bynum(and his stats from last year, big if) but the team as constructed, with a healthy Bynum has a much higher ceiling that your team of role players. As for your hate of jrue holiday, why are vucevic’s stats relative but holidays 18 and 9 or whatever his averages are not? You say he is not an all-star player but those are all star numbers. You also said no coach will vote him into the game, while that may be true because there are better players, no coach in this league could dispute that jrue is by far the best player on this team. You continue to say that his extension is a bad move. If we didn’t sign him and the season ended today he would get around 12-15 annually, so I would say we saved some money. Thad has been good, not great. You say you watch the games, have you watched Thad shoot and dribble? He will never ever ever ever ever ever be a three. I don’t think I have to refute et being a point guard since we saw when jrue was out he was terrible in that position.

  29. Steve Toll
    29. December 2012 at 01:41


    You’ve heard my name referenced millions of time, but I ain’t never heard of you and now I know why.

    In Iggys 3rd season, he took 192 free throw attempts through the first 30 games. Jrue and ET have taken 178 COMBINED free throw attempts through 30 games this year.

    Take your “drive game” talk, your ball and go home.

    Mountain Drew and Rob,

    Lou stays for a 4th guaranteed year which he didn’t get in Atlanta + an extra $5,000,000 over the life of the contract. JR Smith is making 2.8 million, he comes to Philly for 1.7 million extra, 4.5 mil total. Barnes makes 850k and he certainly comes here for $2,000,000. Orlando snap takes Vucevic+15th pick for RAnderson instead of Gustavo Ayon

    You can act like that wouldn’t all happen, but that’s just absurd. I understand that Lou, JR and Barnes are different characters but you’d have to be Lequan level dumb to turn down all that extra $ if you are any of those guys.

    Orlando INFINITE % takes Vucevic+15th pick over Gustavo Ayon

    Ifyou think this 76er team is better as constructed with Bynum, think of it like this:

    Lou+JR+Iggy+Barnes+RAnderson vs. SwaggyP, JRich, Dorell, Bynum, Kwame

    Who wins in a game of 5 on 5? The former, every single game by a lot.

    My team: Jrue, Lou, JR, Iggy, ET, Barnes, Thad, RAnderson, Lavoy, Hawes
    costs $60,000,000, plus we add Delonte, Birdman, Royal w/ Cheese and this is easily a top 2 team in the East with a decent shot, as in better than Boston last year, to beat Miami in the ECF

    And it’s correct, they don’t come here on the same deals, they come here on better deals.

    The current 76ers team as constructed is at best a 5th seed behind MIA, NYK, CHI, ATL and is never making it past the 2nd round, EVER.

    Let Thad shoot 3s and he certainly can play SF. Let ET play point a whole game with Jrue off the ball and if someone decides to pay Holiday $15,000,000 next year just laugh it off, sign Jarrett Jack+Calderon for for 10-12 million instead and use the extra cap money on someone other guy.

    Thad is still the best player on the team and its not even close

  30. Rob
    31. December 2012 at 00:35

    You are outa your mind if you think that’s a top 2 team, I could drive to the hoop at will with that front court. The nuggets are a better team than that, they have your beloved iggy, and they won’t get top 5 in west.

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