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12/28/12 10:35 am EST

From the imitation is the highest form a flattery category, Philadunkia presents a new question and answer series titled “Philadunkia 4on4”. 

“Loosely based” on’s highly successful, NBA related series of posts titled “5on5”, our version of this genre of posts will ask 4 Philadunkia scribes to answer 4 topical, hot button questions about our Philadelphia 76ers.

Now you’re probably asking, “Why not simply stick with the “5on5″ format that uses?” 

Well as any great hoops coach will tell you — playing 4on4 is the best way to truly learn the game of basketball.

After the jump four key questions that are currently facing our 76ers and some answers from four Philadunkia scribes.  


1)  Fact or Fiction: Wright should be moved into the starting line-up for the foreseeable future?

Jeff McMenamin:  Fiction.  Dorell Wright doesn’t have the size or consistency in my mind to deserve the starting role.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m high on Wright and think he’s a key player on this roster, but I’ve seen him disappear in games more frequently then he’s showed up this season.  A lot of this has to do with him being placed in the Do(u)g-house, but in the month of November for example he shot just 33 percent from the field compared to December where he’s shooting 43 percent while receiving just over one more minute a game.  It’s easy to start a love affair for a guy after his best performance of the season against the Grizzlies, I just don’t see him producing better than Turner or Richardson on a nightly basis.  More minutes, yes.  Starter minutes, no.

Tom Sunnergren:  Fact.  Any lineup adjustment that results in Dorell Wright getting more playing time, and Nick Young getting less, is one that will benefit the Sixers. (That is unless we decide to start tanking to improve our lottery standing, in which case playing Dorell over Swaggy will hurt us.  I think I need to sit down.)

Steve Toll:  Fact: D-Wright is in his prime, is currently the best of the 3 new sharpshooters and has been the past couple seasons.

C. Smith:  Fact.  As long as the foreseeable future means that I can change my mind and go back to J-Rich the moment I feel that Wright’s current hot streak is totally over.  I am a firm believer in riding the hot hand and right now, Wright is playing very well at both ends of the floor.  Nothing against J-Rich here, as I felt he was the best man for the job in the early going this year, but right now I’d like to see how much Wright’s increased minutes and improved play can help this team.      

2) Should the 76ers make an inquiry call to the Kings regarding Cousins and discuss what it would take to pry him out of Sacto?

Jeff McMenamin:  Despite his piss-poor attitude and work ethic, there’s no denying the talent of Cousins.  As much as I’d hate to see a player like Lavoy Allen leave, the Kings at this point are more than willing to make a trade work with suitors around the NBA.  In order for the trade to work, the Sixers would have to give up a combo of Allen, a defensive piece for Sacto’s 27th ranked defense, a young player or a future draft pick.  The organization has invested too much in Evan Turner at this point for him to leave, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they offered Dorell Wright, Nick Young, Arnett Moultrie or a future draft pick along with Allen in order to make a deal work.  The Kings are fed up with Cousins and I think Doug Collins, Thaddeus Young, Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner and Jason Richardson would be great guys to surround Cousins with to improve his attitude.  As for Andrew Bynum? Not so much.

Tom Sunnergren:  He’s worth a look — the list of guys who can own the glass like he can is a short one — but the inefficient scoring coupled with the whole “team cancer” thing makes me weary of Boogie.  That said, he dominated in college at a level few do and I guess it’s possible that a strong dose of Doug Collins discipline will get him on the right track.  Okay, I’ve talked myself into it.

Steve Toll:  There is no player on the 76ers who is a better asset going forward than DMC.  It’s that simple.  Garcia has a team option which won’t get picked up, plus we send over $3,000,000 because the Kings need cash and our next available 1st rd pick.  If Bynum can’t be salvaged, the 76ers would have $20,000,000 in cap space this off-season.  If Bynum is healthy…. Imagine the possibilities.

C. Smith:  There’s no harm in having DC and Dileo make the call to Sacto to find out what the asking price would be right now.  The thought of a mentally stable Cousins in a Sixers uniform makes me giddy.  However, we all know he is not mentally stable and I am not sure that even a well respected veteran coach like DC has the cure for what is wrong between DMC’s ears.  Still if the asking price was cheap, and I mean cheap, I could be talked into rolling the dice here.

3) Fact or Fiction: The Sixers have an issue at back-up point guard?

Jeff McMenamin:  Fact. The Sixers went 0-4 in the absence of Jrue Holiday.  Evan Turner is not a point guard, he is a distributor and that was evident during those games as well.  If Holiday goes down again or gets in foul trouble late in a game, the Sixers need someone who can run the offense while also penetrating and drawing defenses off-balance. Maalik Wayns and Royal Ivey haven’t showed they’re capable of doing so.  With the Jazz not knowing whether or not to give minutes to Jamaal Tinsley or Earl Watson to spell Randy Foye, could the Sixers possibly make a run at one to fill the void? Each are averaging over four assists a game in just under 20 minutes.  With the Jazz now lacking in height with Derrick Favors’ ailing foot injury, maybe sending over Moultrie is all it would take to pry one of them away from the Jazz.

Tom Sunnergren:  Fact, but so does everybody else.  There are only so many Eric Bledsoe’s floating around the Association.  Plus, with all that’s gone (and is going) wrong with this team, fixating on our problems at the point would be like looking at the federal budget and pitching a fit about janitorial fees at the Lincoln Memorial.

Steve Toll:  Fiction: ET is a fine backup PG especially for only 10mpg.  Delonte West would also be a nice addition.  Otherwise, there isn’t anything to be done about that spot.

C. Smith:  Fact.  I’ve been saying this for two years now and people keep telling me that the Sixers have it under control and can use Turner at that spot if necessary. Well, when Holiday was out, the Turner at PG experiment did not go as well as I (or anyone for that matter) had hoped/planned.  I am not saying it was all Turner’s fault.  There are system and personnel issues that also factored into how stagnant the offense became during the 0-4 stretch while Holiday was out.  But regardless of Holiday’s health I think this team needs to add a back-up point man and there are a slew of options available right now. 

4) In two NBDL games Moultrie is averaging 11 points and 5 rebounds per night on 25 mpg.  How long do you keep him in Sioux Falls?

Jeff McMenamin:  You keep him in Sioux Falls until he gets his feet wet.  At first I wasn’t big on sending Moultrie down to the D-League, but now I’m actually happy with the decision.  Spencer Hawes and Lavoy Allen have seemed to have woken up and are playing their best basketball of the season right now.  The best thing for Moultrie right now is to get comfortable playing extended minutes in the D-League until he proves to have improved dramatically.  I just wish the Sixers never passed on Terrence Jones in the first place…

Tom Sunnergren:  As long as it takes him to find a flight out of there.  Since it’s pretty clear we’re not going to contend this year, either scenario that would result from bringing him up now (he blossoms, and we have another good big man going forward; or he falters and we maybe earn a few more ping pong balls in the lottery) is one that I can live with.

Steve Toll:  Moultrie is the 4th best healthy big on the 76ers and is currently of no use.  Let him play in the D-League this year or until injuries dictate he is needed.

C. Smith:  How fast can he get to the airport?  Look, I’m not saying Moultrie is going to carry us to an NBA title or even the 2nd round of the playoffs.  But who on this active roster would do that for the 7-6?  This team is not winning the NBA title any time soon and we know what Brown, Hawes and Allen are capable of doing on a nightly basis.  So let’s find out if this kid (who we gave up a 1st round pick to acquire) can play at the NBA level and if he helps win a game or two along the way, that’s a bonus.


16 Responses to “PHILADUNKIA 4on4”

  1. Larry Smith
    28. December 2012 at 15:19

    I predict; that your prediction is like you, down right stupid. And i predict that you people will get the freak off Nick Young. Because of Young good look, great body, and 1 of the most exciting in the world to watch. You take all the D. Wright that you want. But leave Nick Young alone just start Nick Young and play him.

  2. Rob Y
    28. December 2012 at 15:25

    I say we go all in with Cousins. I don’t know much about our salary cap situation but if there’s a legitimate chance we can do a trade involving some sort of 3 way combo consisting of Nick Young/Wright/Moultrie/1st round draft pick (preferably keep this) for a potentially top 10 PF/C in the league, I say we take any chance we get.

    Cousins is a 22 year old with a career 16/10 line and his ~44% FG% should see at least a 3-4% improvement to a very respectable 47-48% simply by being surrounded by significantly better players in Philly. To be brutally honest, the NBA could be a LeBron/Durant dominated league for the next 8 years and if Sixers fans ever want to see our “core” of Jrue/ET/Thad do anything, we need to take a risk and hope for the small chance Bynum can come back healthy for a few strong years before his knees ultimately give out.

    I think Doug Collins could either totally piss Cousins off or be the best thing thats ever happened to him. After being surrounded by complete garbage for 2.5 years in Sacramento, it seems like Cousins would have no other choice but to give into the system and hopefully have strong minded players like Thad and JRich rub off on him.

    Overall, and this is probably thinking too optimistically, but I can see potential for a NBA championship sometime in the next 2-3 years with a Jrue/ET/Thad/Cousins/Bynum combo and JRich/Hawes/trade for a backup PG like a Tinsley/Earl Watson/Delonte West bench. Sixers aren’t going to be 3:1 in a 7 game series against the Heat even in a best case scenario but if JRich/ET can somehow hold LeBron and Cousins/Bynum purely out size Bosh/Anthony (think 2010 Lakers), there is at least a possibility of an upset. On the other hand, if this season doesn’t work out, there’s always waiting another 2-3 years to win the lotto.

  3. Steve Toll
    28. December 2012 at 18:18

    Rob Y,
    As for getting Cousins, I’d trade the whole team for him if possible. He is a far better asset than everyone else, he is younger than Jrue aka CP3 reborn. His shooting issues are purely from bad shot selection which is easily cured. Cousins has been subjected to some of the worst coaching, management, team building in recent NBA history. He will be a career 20-10 guy with multiple All-Star Teams, All Defensive Teams, All-NBAs and will end up in the HOF, right next to Iguodala, Marion and AK47

    There is NO chance in hell that the Kings take “Dorell Wright, Nick Young, Arnett Moultrie or a future draft pick along with Allen in order to make a deal work”, as Jeff hilariously suggested the 76ers might offer. So take that off the table

    Tinsley or Watson at backup pg is LOL. Those guys are a couple years older than J-Rich and like a far worse version of SwaggyP if SwaggyP was a point guard.

    This season is already not working out, the team will be in the lottery.

  4. MattSg
    28. December 2012 at 18:57

    Mannn, if we could somehow come up on demarcus that would be great I honestly think he has a chance to be the best big man in the league in a few years . Hes extremely skilled , at basketball..only…. lol

  5. RYN_JAY
    28. December 2012 at 22:39

    I’d be willing to trade JRich, Lavoy, Spencer, or Swaggy P (even though I like swaggy) for Cousins. I’m gonna be honest, I really didn’t think he was that good right now until I watched a couple youtube vids quick. Having him and a healthy Bynum down low……scary. Jrue, Evan, Thad, Cousins, Bynum is a serious starting 5.

  6. Steve Toll
    29. December 2012 at 01:48


    Given your thoughts (I agree) wouldn’t it be prudent to give the Kings any player or combo of players to get DMC, assuming we don’t take back a bunch of terrible contracts to make the $ work???

    Would you trade Jrue for Cousins straight up? How bout Bynum? Thad? ET?

  7. Fu
    29. December 2012 at 08:23

    Thank you guys for this new and very entertaining 4-on-4!

    I would be actually quite surprised if the 7-6 did not ALREADY make the call to the Kings. Although i understand the point that he would be of very high value to the Sixers, he is currently of a very low value to Sacramento. Hence i would obviously play on that to give as little as possible away. Steve trashed the Bynum trade because of all the assets gave in exchange. I don t understand a different approach here for Cousins.

  8. RYN_JAY
    29. December 2012 at 10:36

    Def not Jrue and def not Bynum. I still gotta see Bynum play before trying to dump him. IMO he’s the best center in the league when healthy. I would consider Thad or ET though.

  9. Lennix
    29. December 2012 at 17:43

    i was thinking about a cousins trade for quite a bit now, ever since ive ben hearing reports about him out in sacto. I ohonestly thought a turner for cousins trade was the best scenario. if we get cousins, it would be insurance on the bynum trade basically. Cousins would be a perfect fit for philly purely on media coverage alone. we like our headcases, why not get the youngest and brightest one in the nba?
    do not trade thad or jrue what ever we do. just no. I like turner but i wanted cousins in the first place. we never wouldve gotten rid of iggy, never would have had to try to trade for bynum, we would still have vucevic and we would be a top 5 team in the east. well maybe at least..
    I’m all about shaking things up on rosters so im all for the cousins trade as long as we keep thad and jrue. if i were management you stuff your roster full of high school draft picks and one and doners with a few exceptions.
    pro cousins

  10. Steve Toll
    29. December 2012 at 23:21


    Cousins is a far better asset than Bynum. DMC has a super valuable contract, makes 4.9 million next year. He is younger, has a higher ceiling and NO physical issues. I’d also make the argument, based on the situations, he isn’t more of a head case than Bynum. The issue with giving as little away as possible is that other teams are also going to try and get DMC.

    What makes Jrue untouchable?

    What makes Jrue and Thad untouchable?

    As for the draft debacle, Stefanski and Tony Dileo sent this franchise back almost as many years by drafting ET as Dileo did this offseason. Both of those events can only be described as calamitous.

  11. Lennix
    30. December 2012 at 15:31

    purely for my entertainment of me enjoying watching them play. that and if i had to pick one of the 3 to trade, i would have to go with turner. we have dorrel wright and thad are good enough for the 3.
    jrue has been much better at distributing this year then expected so him being a pg is legit now, plus that extension wasnt a figment of our imaginations. real talent and only going to get better, smarter and stronger. Thads a class act, plays smart and has really only scrapped the surface of what he could become which is is possibly 18-20 points a night8-10 boards and defensively he is quick and active.
    i still like turner but i like cousins better and the idea of bynum and cousins next to each other would scare me as the opposing teams, especially since we have 3 lethal 3 point shooters (if open) and with bynum and cousins dominating the paint? thats a legit squad right there. Cousins just needs a new scenary like Turner does and if the kings lose tyreke evans a pg/sg/sf turner is a good pickup for them.

  12. ken
    30. December 2012 at 16:30

    jrue and thad are untouchable bc jrue is an allstar regardless if he goes to it bc the allstar game is a popularity contest now adays and not who are the best players and thad is the definition of consistency and energy is putting up awesome numbers as a starter and we also know that he can put up awesome numbers coming off the bench if we need him to

  13. Steve Toll
    30. December 2012 at 18:25

    Not exactly going out on a limb by saying ET is the one you’d prefer to be traded instead of Jrue and Thad. That being said, there is a 0% chance that trade happens. ET has close to 0 trade value at this point. DMC on the other hand, would be viewed as a career disappointment if he doesn’t make the HOF.

    Bynum won 2 NBA titles, missed 0 games from injury last season while being named to the All-Star game and 2nd Team All-NBA. He was traded this offseason.

    So please tell me again how Jrue and Thad are “untouchable”?

  14. kells
    30. December 2012 at 19:09

    On the next 4 on 4 please ask the question…should Collins be fired?
    Because I say yes. Look at this team, look at his draft picks, I’m sorry but Doug has done an awful job since he’s been with the team.

  15. ken
    1. January 2013 at 20:11

    they traded Bynum to get a better player at that same position so of course they will do that trade. trades though are different when your trading players from different positions because you then have to ask is it worth it and for jrue since we don’t have a backup pg at all on the entire team and if he gets traded we would be worse than the wizards and DMC would pretty much be going into another shitty team with no pg and get angry all over again and it would end up bad for our team. as far as thad he prob isn’t untouchable I just wish he would be untouchable bc he does so many things for our team and we have enough pieces where I believe in any trade scenario we can give up other pieces instead of thad and the trade would still be accepted

  16. Steve Toll
    2. January 2013 at 03:23


    What about getting a better player at a more important position? The Wizards comment must be a joke.

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