Posted by: C. Smith
01/04/13 1:18 pm EST

Corey Seidman at has a preview of the Sixers at OKC tonight.  It ain’t going to be pretty. 

Ric Bucher talks about whether or not Jrue will be an All-Star.  He has an interesting take on a long running debate here at

Phil Shore at Yahoo! Sports, takes a look at something we have discussed in depth here at ‘Dunkia…starting tonight in OKC, the Sixers upcoming schedule is brutal.

Saturday is the 30th anniversary of Dr. J’s filthy rock-the-cradle dunk on the head of Lakers great Michael Cooper.  Mark Perner of the Daily News looks back at one of the most iconic plays in 76ers history.  

Former Sixer great Charles Barkley doesn’t think you’re smart enough to be voting for the NBA All-Star Game participants.

Speaking of voting…A look at the latest All-Star voting results shows that Jrue is still in the Top 10 among East guards.

Checking in on Arnett Moultrie, we find that he is playing decently (double-double on New Year’s Day) on 27 mpg. for Sioux Falls.

In case you have been sleeping under the Ben Franklin Bridge latley…”Big Nik” and Maurice Harkless are playing well for the Orlando Magic

A quick “76ers” search on produces this signed gem from former Sixer “Sweet Lou“.

Also from Mark Perner of the Daily News — a look at how U-G-L-Y the Sixers uniforms were in the early 1990’s.  

Brian at expects a close game tonight in OKC.

Via Dei Lynam’s Twitter handle (@dlynamCSN) we learn that Holiday has a slight groin strain but is expected to play tonight.

Also via Twitter we see that Spencer Hawes (@spencerhawes00) is excited about the 2013 Seafair back in Seattle.



7 Responses to “NOTES, LINKS & TWEETS”

  1. Steve Toll
    4. January 2013 at 13:39

    Bucher says its not a slam dunk that Holiday makes the All-Star Team. To me, its Shocking that the 2nd best player on a bottom 10 team isn’t a slam dunk all star selection.

    Excuse for me for making it all the way through Brian from depressed fans blog but when he says this guy:

    IS NOT a talented offensive player, I had to stop.

    76ers have a tough schedule and will be lucky to make it to 18 wins at the halfway point in the season.

    If possible, I will buy that Lou Mini-Ball and do a contest where that is a prize.

    Jrue now has an excuse if he gets merked by Westbrook tonight and looks like a hero if he plays well, is Dei Lynam tired of being this organizations sock pukppey?

  2. MountainDrew
    4. January 2013 at 16:56

    Steve, he gets his points from putbacks and midrange jumpers that he gets because westbrook and durant command so much attention from the defense. Other than that, he has no skill on offense. Ever seen him post up or make great decisions on offense? No, because if he’s not open, he passes the ball back to more talented players.

    It’s the same with JRich, he only shoots catch and shoot threes and does nothing else, but he gets those because Jrue does all the work, penetrating and setting others up. You can’t just look at percentages and decide who is a “skilled” offensive player because Ibaka is put in the perfect position to shine.

  3. Rick
    4. January 2013 at 17:13


    You are crazy if you think Jrue is not the best player on our team. I like Thad as a close second (for now) because of his consistency but Jrue is on another level.

  4. Steve Toll
    4. January 2013 at 23:08

    Mountain Drew,

    Ughhhhhhhhh, You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Ibaka has shot 50% this year from outside of 10 feet on 5.5 shots per game. He is also 6-19 from 3.

    You just made this comment “Ever seen him post up or make great decisions on offense? No, because if he’s not open, he passes the ball back to more talented players.”

    YOU MEAN, Passing the ball when not open to other guys and taking good shots aren’t smart decisions on offense???

    Thanks for trying, do better next time.

  5. MountainDrew
    6. January 2013 at 10:12

    He is a complimentary offensive player that can’t create for himself. But he’s complimenting two all-world players, so he can get a nice amount of open shots. If you put him on the sixers he would maybe average 12 points on a worse percentage, so he’s not very “skilled”.

  6. Jon in LA
    6. January 2013 at 12:20

    So Steve, are you bragging that Ibaka scores an average of 2.75 points a game from outside of 10 feet? That’s your rational?

  7. Steve Toll
    6. January 2013 at 23:54

    Mountain Drew,
    Right…………nice realgm thread btw

    Jon in LA,

    I hope you don’t have a job that involves numbers. 5.5 shots from 2 on 50% shooting is 5.5 points, haaaaaaaaa

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