Posted by: Steve Toll
01/17/13 12:22 pm EST

While many in Philadunkia nation were simply giddy over the fact that Andrew Bynum shot some free throws at the Sixers practice facility earlier this week, I would argue that now is the time to trade Bynum and improve the team’s future.

Through no fault of his own, Bynum isn’t the answer for the 7-6’s woes.  50+ losses is where this team is heading and not even Lebron makes this team a contender.  No cap space and a lack of cheap talent is a pretty bad place to be in the NBA, regardless of whether or not Bynum is healthy going forward.  As the halfway point of the season is nearing and the trade deadline is a month away, here is the first look at getting Bynum out of here.

This is not an indictment on Bynum.  Instead what I am Iooking out for is long term future of the 76ers.  I recognize more is needed to compete for an NBA title and I am taking a no lose risk in the long run. 

After the jump, my trade idea for moving Andrew Bynum


Golden State Warriors get:

Andrew Bynum & Dorell Wright

76ers get:

Harrison Barnes, Andrew Bogut and Andris Biedrins  

According to the trade machine, this deal works.  Now lets look at why each side should pull the trigger on this swap.

In my opinion, Golden State snap accepts this trade.  Dorell Wright is better than Barnes right now and they don’t project to get anything from Bogut or Biedrins this season.  GSW is in win now mode and if this move doesn’t work out, Ce la vie, because they were able to clear Bogut and Biedrins off the cap. 

If it does work, (A.K.A. Bynum staying healthy the next few years), they look like heroes and GSW becomes a serious threat for a Championship every year.  Bynum likely wants to be back in Cali and San Francisco is a great place to be, they won’t have to sell Bynum on staying there for the long term.

Don’t laugh 76ers fans.  Remember when the Eagles signed Nnamdi Asomugha in 2011?  He was 1st or 2nd team All-Pro in 4 of the previous 5 years and been to 3 straight Pro Bowls.  I honestly believe that something happened on that initial plane ride to Philadelphia from San Fransisco that ruined him.  It is that same insane belief that makes this trade worth the risk because I think the opposite will happen with Biedrins.

It will take a bit of time and a gentle touch but by next season, at age 27, I wouldn’t be shocked to see this kind of production from the fallen star:

Yes, in 2007-08 Biedrins was a star at age 21.  Now he has been broken down and lost most of his confidence, but a change of scenery might be of great help to Biedrins and in turn, he may be of great help to this franchise.

Can a plane ride change a players future?  It already did once for fans of Philly sports, why not twice?  

Next is the oft-injured Australian who is coming off of micro-fracture surgery.  The difference between Andrew Bogut and the aforementioned Biedrins is that Bogut just needs to be healthy to be useful.  That is easier said than done for the Australian Mr. Glass or is it?  There is a certain amount of luck that it takes to stay healthy in the NBA.  That luck has eluded Bogut since he was an All-NBA player in 09-10.  Like Biedrins, Bogut is only signed through 2013-2014 and is well worth the risk.

Last but certainly not least is Harrison Barnes, a true SF.  Already a decent defender (most rookies are outright terrible), Barmes is better than Turner and looks to have a bright future in the NBA as a cross between Rudy Gay and Luol Deng, albeit less talented on both ends of the floor.  Most importantly, Barnes fills a huge need for the 7-6 as he is a young and cheap talent.  This is something that the 76ers are in dire need of going forward as the NBA landscape has changed drastically because of the new CBA.

Let’s look at the worst case scenario.  Biedrins and Bogut are never healthy or useful over the next season and a half, while Barnes never improves.

In this case, Philly ends up with a 2014 lottery pick (because the team will be terrible) and Barnes who is still an above average replacement level player making under $10 million the next 3 years total after this season. 

The team will look like this at the start of the 14-15 season: Jrue, Thad, J-Rich (6.6 mil player option), Barnes, 2013 Lottery Pick, 2014 Lottery Pick, and $25 million in cap space if ET is not resigned as he will be a restricted free agent.

Let us look at the best case scenario.  Bogut and Biedrins both return to near this level of play next year: 

Barnes takes a big step forward in year 2, and produces at an above average level for 30 minutes per game and ends up being a positive on both ends of the floor.

Suddenly, Philadelphia is a competitive team who actually has flexibility moving forward and isn’t held hostage by Andrew Bynum and the terrible decision making which has led the team almost to a point of no return. 

I realize this isn’t the best available trade for the 76ers to win this season.  However it is the best one to ensure a bright future for tomorrow which is an idea everyone should be on board with. 

Unfortunately for fans of the 76ers, the GM, owners and Head Coach are all lacking the foresight to make such a trade.




68 Responses to “TRADE BYNUM ?!?”

  1. Adam
    17. January 2013 at 12:33

    Seems sideways… Think the upside is higher hoping for the best with bynum.

  2. joe
    17. January 2013 at 13:20

    oh god

    a) this team isnt as bad as your making it out to be. they are in a rough stretch true but this team was designed to have bynum in the middle and have parimeter threats all over the floor with jrue being jrue and dishing all over the place. its hard to make that happen with lavoy and hawes holding down the middle

    b) how on earth does getting bogut, barnes and beidrins make any sense going forward? THIS is what the sixers have done for the past 10 years, aquire decent to pretty good players but never getting the center peice. none of these guys have any chance of being the center peice of an organization the way bynum does even with his knee related risks included. this deal is just stupid

  3. Ryan
    17. January 2013 at 13:40

    Agree with Adam. If Bynum doesn’t work out. That 17 million off you cap. I would look at moving hawes and turner for a young big. Maybe favors or Drummond

  4. Rob Y
    17. January 2013 at 14:09

    A few points:

    1)I haven’t been following Biedrins’s or Bogut’s injury reports that closely and haven’t really watched either of them play much in their career, but for starters, I don’t feel Biedrins is really that much of an asset at this point. Given this, I think it makes the chances of this trade occurring even more likely and still slightly in our favor in terms of expected wins/season (I will argue later how having Bynum doesn’t have as high of an expected wins/season, but has a higher ceiling than Bogut).

    2) Biedrins- I like the analogy about how one’s play can be affected by his surroundings, but I don’t think it makes as much of a difference as you suggest. This next point is a little off topic but I don’t think that Asomugha’s poor performance can be attributed to his new location. I think it results mostly from the fact that he hit the inevitable age where you simply lose a step, and as a result, go from a potential defensive MVP to a mediocre player (Think A.I of NBA). Also, there was a chance that he was overrated his whole career to begin with and teams simply chose not to throw to his side given the fact the rest of the Oakland defense was slightly better than a high school football team.

    3) From this second point, and although Biedrins is only 26/27 years old, I feel he may have reached a point in his career (especially true for 7 footers), where he will no longer be his former self. That said, I do think a starting lineup of Jrue, Barnes, Thad, (healthy) Biedrins, (healthy) Bogut is already better on paper than Jrue, JRich, ET, Thad, (healthy) Bynum. In addition, it could be sick to have Biedrins playing the 4 and simply oversizing teams for once in our franchise’s recent history.

    4) Barnes/DWright- Harrison Barnes–> scouts once said he had the potential to be a top 5-10 player in the league. Although this statement may no longer hold true, I believe he is already as good as Dorrell Wright and is a close 3rd for ROY behind Lillard and Anthony Davis. If Barnes can learn how to dribble, he could be an All-Star for years to come.

    5) As for Bynum, I personally do not ever see him coming back to the great, yet potentially overrated form he once showed with LA. He helped LA win a championship but it felt as if Kobe/Pau (used to be great)/Odom carried most of the load. When fully healthy, he is now arguably better than a weak Howard but I am not so sure that he is miles better than Bogut in his prime. I feel people like to hate on Bogut just because he isn’t the typical #1 pick/star and is more of a behind the scenes, not pretty, but gets the job done player.

    Overall, I think the question all comes down to if Bynum or Biedrins/Bogut are more likely to be healthy. If Bynum’s chance of being able to play 3-4 seasons with 180-200 games played is the same as both Biedrins and Bogut, I would still take Bynum as either way we will have a 2013 lottery pick this year and will be looking to ship ET, move Thad to the 3, and hopefully draft or sign a solid 4 to fill that whole.

    If had to put a number on it, I’d say realistically, over a three season span starting next year, I think Bogut expects to play at least 40 more games toal than Bynum (150 vs. 110). Still, I would argue that we should try to trade Dorrell Wright, ET, and this year’s lottery pick for a Barnes type player that would free up cap space to then sign a cheap Biedrins-like player to fill in at the 4.

    Conclusion: Having Jrue, Barnes-type player, Thad, Biedrins-typeplayer, Bynum is the only way we can compete in a 7 game series with the Heat compared to a Jrue, Barnes, Thad, Biedrins, and Bogut type lineup (I know it seems crazy to talk about winning a championship at this point but I think Sixers fans need a more immediate, yet somewhat realistic solution). Sure, we need to hit a long shot with Bynum being healthy, but if he can prove he is indeed the leagues best Center next year and the Sixers make a few moves as I mentioned, I think there is at least a chance we contend for a title.

  5. Adam
    17. January 2013 at 14:15

    Ryan, u cant get drummond or favors for turner and hawes… U just cant.

    But the problem with tolls deal is simple…. It keeps the sixers in the middle, with no significant cap room to add a star player. The draft isnt a terrible way to build, but theres no future superstar in 2013 and i dont know much about the 2014 prospects.

    But i do know that the sixers upside is higher with a healthy bynum than by making this trade.

    Trading some variations of thad, turner, jrich and/ or hawes to get under the cap and find a legit 3rd option and building around jrue and bynum is just much more prudent and has higher upside/ better chance to contend.

    Also, with a potential lotto pick this year we can dream of shabazz or noel.

  6. ken
    17. January 2013 at 14:20

    hey steve I don’t understand this trade we just got dorrell wright from GS because Mark Jackson wasn’t playing him and they had some issues and they were planning on drafting barnes because they traded wright. I see where your coming from but the only way I see your trade working is if you replace dorrell wright with someone else on the sixer team(hopefully turner! lol)
    also when I saw this title I was assuming there was going to be more than one trade scenario so do you have any other trade scenarios for the sixers for Bynum?

  7. Steve Toll
    17. January 2013 at 14:24


    Please explain your thoughts because you IMO you are wrong on both counts.


    The team is horrible and has actually OVER PERFORMED this year. How was this team built “around” Bynum being that everything was done before he arrived? J-Rich doesnt count because he is old, overpaid and on the decline.

  8. Rob Y
    17. January 2013 at 14:24

    Also I realize a ET/Wright/1st round trade for a Barnes type player is somewhat unrealistic but we should instead just clear that type of cap (including JRich/SwaggyP) and get a guy who may have less potential than Barnes, but also get a BIG guy who’s maybe a little better than current Biedrins.

  9. Steve Toll
    17. January 2013 at 14:31


    How much money do you think the 76ers have to spend this offseason if Bynum isn’t resigned?

    Thad and Jrue, 9 mil each. ET and J-Rich, 6.7 mil each. Hawes 6.5 mil. Kwame and Lavoy, 3 mil each and Moultrie 1.1 mil. Thats 45 million and change there. In a best case scenario they have $15,000,000 with a 60 mil cap. The cap is 58 mil this year.

    Drummond is a better asset than the entire 76ers organization, he is not getting traded here and Utah wouldn’t trade Favors for Holiday.

    FYI: Hawes is a young big

  10. Steve Toll
    17. January 2013 at 14:42


    Golden State didnt plan on Brandon Rush blowing his knee out which is exactly what happened, they’d take Dorell back in a heartbeat.

    This is a right now move, as the trade deadline gets closer; I’ll do more scenarios.


    Did you miss the part about what the 76ers with potentially look like heading into the 2014 offseason? Thats alot of flexibility for a team that needs it

  11. joe
    17. January 2013 at 14:54

    first i want to apologize for that last part i put in before u got rid of it, it was over the line.

    your right they were aquired before we got bynum, but that dosnt changed what there role was and what the team was going to do once we aquired him. we were supposed to struggle and let jrue thad and evan develop as the leaders of our team and hope one would become a star. once we got bynum everybodys role changed. Bynum IS coming back this year and trading him away right as he is getting healthy is just foolish. I dont think you appriciate how rare getting a player like bynum is, injury or not.

  12. ms. haygood
    17. January 2013 at 15:01

    I like it!…if it also means we trade Doug Collins for Mike Budenholzer.
    I’m a tarheel fan and Barnes IMO would be the best player on the sixers next year if we made this trade.
    This trade could also be a step in the right direction if the 6ers could draft an athletic big in next years draft.
    IDK how good defensively this team would be, but it would be a better product than what we have now, with or without Bynum.
    Other moves would have to be made, but it’s a start.

  13. Michael
    17. January 2013 at 15:05

    This article makes no sense whatsoever. We went all in on Bynum last season and now to help the future of the team we have to trade for a less talented center who is just as injury prone as Bynum, Harrsion Barnes and a 1st round pick. We have a better chance to keep Bynum and hope he works out. The fact that you are suggesting a Bynum now trade is ridiculous I cannot believe this article is actually posted. Is there really nothing else to talk about?

  14. Austin
    17. January 2013 at 15:40

    So your gonnna trade a recent injured center (Bogut) for a much better, star-quality injured center? That doesn’t make much sense to me. Also the sixers signed multiple players with 1 year to 3 year deals (Nick Young, Hawes, Wright) which they intentionally did to HAVE cap space. And saying that Lebron couldn’t make these a contender is ridiculous. He made Mo Williams and all-star point guard, Holiday is that good by himself. Who was the best player Lebron had with Cleveland? Delonte West? Varajoe? This team with Lebron could win an NBA finals! Dwight Howards Magic when he took them to the finals were worse then this sixers team. And with Bynum they have the chance to get there in the future.
    Toll…stop writing about the Sixers if you can’t say anything positive and can’t figure out the GM’s and owners are getting payed for their job because their smart basketball minds. There is obviously talent on this team and it’s not sixers fans who see it

  15. Philadunkia
    17. January 2013 at 15:54


    Would you prefer we spit out the same old crap they everyone else is writing about today??

    …Maalik Wayns got cut and the Sixers signed Shelvin Mack from the D–League…(Ohh boy that should solve the backup PG problem.)

    We try to produce posts that actually make you think about the Sixers now and in the future. We’re not interested in simply rewriting press releases from the Sixers PR department.

    Thanks for reading and commenting

    — C. Smith

  16. Michael
    17. January 2013 at 16:36

    I agree that it is a hard time for Sixers writers to come up with compelling stories due to lack of interesting story lines. I just completely disagree that trading Bynum at this point would do anything to help the future of the team. There are so few blue chip players and to have one of them in your city is too valuable of a commodity to trade, regardless of injury. Sixers might have a better record this year if they make the trade but long term it is detrimental to our chances of going to the Finals. You need superstars to have a chance, not a group of pretty good players. But the title of the article did intrigue me enough to read it and comment so I guess it was worth writing, regardless of how absurd the premise is.

  17. Steve Toll
    17. January 2013 at 16:49


    Here is the worst case scenario of this trade
    The team will look like this at the start of the 14-15 season: Jrue, Thad, J-Rich (6.6 mil player option), Barnes, 2013 Lottery Pick, 2014 Lottery Pick, and $25 million in cap space if ET is not resigned as he will be a restricted free agent. In GS, Bynum returns to an All-NBA level.

    Not so bad. The best case scenario and even a middling scenario for the 76ers in this trade is far better than what’s currently the future.

    It’s food for thought.


    Please tell me about the 76ers cap situation, I’m interested in your point of view on it.
    Let me know which past NBA champion that this team beats if Lebron was a 76er.
    I’d also like to know why this trade doesn’t make sense given I broke down some possibilities in the article of how things could turn out.

  18. Steve Toll
    17. January 2013 at 16:55


    This wasn’t an indictment against the talent of Bynum. It’s about recognizing that the team isn’t talented enough to win with now and it’s going to be nearly impossible to build a contender with him and the current situation of the team going forward.

    If we could amnesty everyone of the team except Jrue and Thad, Bynum would be worth his weight in gold, but we can’t

  19. Steve Toll
    17. January 2013 at 17:13


    Biedrins and Bogut are only signed through next season and if they return to form then great. If not, they can either be traded next season or their contracts will come off the books and the team will have tons of flexibility. Bogut and Biedrins are both near their physical prime. If they can get/stay healthy and return to past form, that’s 1 All-NBA guy and 1 All-Star. If not, they are off the books one way or the other

    The Nnamdi airplane thing was a joke, or was it?

    I like Barnes but there is literally nothing right now on the basketball court that he can do better than Dorell Wright. That will change very quickly because Barnes is a kid still and Wright is both underrated and in his prime.

    The last 3 years LAL was a flat out better when Bynum didn’t play and they never had an elite defense when he was in the court. This trade isn’t risky for the 76ers because it gives them so many options. If thy resign Bynum, they are lock and cocked in for years if things go wrong and even if they go right, it won’t be enough.

    Do not believe the hype, the 76ers have 0 flexibility and will not contend going forward no matter what anyone tells you. It will take a miracle for this roster+Bynum+ future moves to even contend for home court advantage in the playoffs.


    You say this trade keeps them on middle grounds here is my response: There is no middle ground in this trade. The 76ers will either be very very good or very very bad in 13-14 and have tons of flexibility regardless of how the season shakes out.

  20. Steve Toll
    17. January 2013 at 17:14


    Any chance you want to get more in depth on your argument or do you prefer to be both vague and wrong?

  21. Michael
    17. January 2013 at 19:09


    A roster of Jrue, Thad, J-Rich (if he can play more than 15 minutes a game in two years) Barnes and picks is solid, but the ceiling for that team is the Eastern Conference semi-finals. I thought when we traded Iggy away we were done with settling for a decent regular season record and a quick exit as a lower seed in the playoffs. Our cap room obviously won’t be as flexible if we resigned Bynum, but who is going to want to come to Philadelphia to play with Thaddeus Young and Jrue Holiday? Stars like Bynum can attract other pieces in free agency which mid-level talent could never do. In your trade scenario the Sixers could be a playoff team for the next 4-5 years, but could never contend for a title. Fans don’t care about little playoff runs that ultimately lead nowhere. Bynum gives us a shot to attract future talent and get to the Finals. Its a high risk, high reward scenario, but it beats what the Sixers have been doing for a while. Staying in the middle of the pack is the worst thing an NBA team can do, and your trade, while it may improve record immediately, will keep us there for the foreseeable future. But if you think thad, jrue, richardson, barnes and picks can beat the miami’s and okcs of the league, then i cannot further debate this with you.

  22. Larry
    17. January 2013 at 19:19

    First of all Steve, try to calm down. People are posting their opinions and you are getting way to upset that someone is actually disagreeing with your idea that will never happen to begin with.
    In MY OPINION, I disagree with your trade proposal. First of all, what makes you think that the Sixers will lock up Bynum when he hasn’t even played a game? He has no contract past this season, and if he doesn’t play well you let him walk at the end of the year. Also, many other contracts free up in 2014, such as Wright and Kwame Brown(dumb contract to begin with) and that on top of Bynum’s gives them a lot to work with. This makes it not necessary to trade for other players that will NOT make the Sixers contenders.
    Also, Bynum has higher upside then those players, and when healthy he’s the second best center in the league (yes its a big if). But taking the chance on this is better than trading for average players. On top of all this, if Bynum by some chance does become healthy, the Sixers suddenly are an interesting place for a free agent or a player wanted to be traded to come, with a great young point guard and a great young center. I believe Bynum’s health is more of a win-win situation, especially since he is not locked into anything.

  23. Steve Toll
    17. January 2013 at 21:13


    The team will literally have 0 cap room once Bynum is resigned, it’s true.

    If Bynum is resigned, At the start of NEXT offseason the team will have Bynum, Jrue, Thad, J-Rich, Moultrie, 2013 lottery pick and LESS THAN $12,000,000 for free agents and that is IF the team lets ET walk away as a free agent instead of giving him a qualifying offer.

    This trade is about the future, not this season, it’s made very simple in the article. Once again, I can’t make this any clearer, with Bynum healthy for a full season, missing minimal games, this team MAX wins 47/48 games going forward.

    I am totally calm, you mistake me explaining very simple things that should be obvious, for something else

    Please tell me what the 76ers have to work with going forward in regard to cap space and assets. Why does everyone assume that Bynum will return to form but nobody else can? Are you aware that this team will be lucky to get home court advantage over the next few seasons as it is currently constructed and with minimal room to maneuver going forward?

  24. funk
    17. January 2013 at 22:06

    The 6ers are atrocious and it seems like Steve is the only person who not only realizes that but also realizes were not just gonna start winning every game when bynums back. 6ers are still a very mediocre with bynum in the line up and our cap room gives us no room to bring in any talent. If your a true 6ers fan, which I am by the way just sit back and enjoy the ugly victories that we get from time to time, you don’t gotta get all mad because your team sucks and start fighting with a guy who is just telling it how it is.And For all you people that glorify jrue so much yes he is our best player, no he is not a superstar. Just a solid player at best

  25. Larry
    17. January 2013 at 22:23

    I just disagree with your assessment on MAX winning 48 games, I think they can do a lot better with that. And I’m certainly not saying that Bynum will return to form, and the management can decide on that by the end of the season on what we see from him and make a decision from there. Jrue is borderline all star and thad can be a good 3rd or 4th option. If Bynum can attract a free agent to want to come to the Sixers thats a win, if he doesn’t come back well, let him walk and we are in a similar position to the trade you proposed in terms of cap space.
    The Sixers have been building for the future since A.I. slowed down, and its extremely frustrating, I personally think its time for them to take some chances instead of living in mediocrity for years to come.

  26. Rick
    17. January 2013 at 23:47

    There is no way we should trade Bynum away without seeing if he is worth keeping. I dont care if he gets hurt the first or the tenth game playing for us. I would rather us find out he cant play rather than someone else finding out he is the best center in the league. We are in perfect position to see if hes good enough to pay or not. Why trade him and risk not having a top point guard in jrue holiday and a top center in bynum playing next to each other.


    You have to sell me way better trade scenarios than what you said to risk trading away the best center/2nd best in the league (if bynum gets healthy). And being better than dorell wright is not saying much from what I have saw this season from him. Three or four 25 point games dont impress me, you have to bring a consistent effort every night for me to respect you. Plus he misses way to many open three pointers to be a knock down shooter, which I thought he was based on what I was hearing. Jodie meeks could hit better than dorell wright if he was getting the same shots wright is getting this year, last year.

  27. Steve Toll
    18. January 2013 at 00:47


    Thanks man, I appreciate that you can see what’s going on with the team and for reading/commenting. I’ve been saying this since this past offseason and it’s nice to know that someone else gets it.


    You do realize this is a 50+ loss team if Bynum doesn’t play this year AND your saying that Bynum is the best player in the NBA by saying the team “can do a lot better than winning 48 games”

    That is what you are saying that Bynum is the best player in the NBA.

    Fact: When/if Bynum resigns, other than retaining Dorell Wright (because of Bird Rights) the team has 0 cap space for free agents this offseason except for veteran minimum contracts.

    Fact: The 76ers were the 3rd best team in the EC last year behind MIA and CHI

    Taking bad chances and doing smart things are not the same, the former is what the 76ers did this offseason

  28. Frank
    18. January 2013 at 00:51

    I don’t think this is a bad trade and probably would be in the 7-6 best interest, but I just do not see sixers’ ownership doing it. They’ve mortgaged the future on bynum and will definitely see what he can do for the rest of the season. We’re just in a terrible place right now. Hopefully some ping pong balls bounce the right way and we get Mclemore or Muhammad. I said in an earlier thread I wouldn’t mind seeing the 7-6 try and get another team involved and get Wilson Chandler from Denver as he’s expendable there (for ET). Either way it doesn’t bode well.

  29. Steve Toll
    18. January 2013 at 01:02


    Bynum isn’t worth keeping because of the supporting cast, lack of draft picks and lack of cap space/flexibility. If everyone but Jrue and Thad were amnestied, Bynum would be worth his weight in gold.

    I’ll save you the trouble of waiting to find out, Bynum is not the best center in the NBA. If he gets a max deal and is as good as last year this is still a 48 win team going forward in a BEST case scenario.

    Trading Bynum is about getting future flexibility and AVOIDING a future filled with 1st rd losses and lottery picks.

    Dorell Wright has been good except that he is having the worst shooting year of his career from everywhere that isn’t a 3pt shot. Once that turns around and it will, your opinion of him will change

    How much more do you want from Bynum trade than a C and C-PF in their physical prime (but have injury/confidence issues), one who was All-NBA in 09-10 and the other whose played at a near All-Star level for 3 years from age 20-22 and a lottery pick in Harrison Barnes who projects to be a borderline All-Star player in a few years while also maintaining future cap flexibility because Bogut and Biedrins both expire after the 13-14 NBA season leaving the team with $25,000,000+ in cap space and another potential lottery pick in 14′ if neither player returns to past form???

  30. Leo
    18. January 2013 at 06:16

    As a Sixers fan living in CA, I’ve been watching the Warriors some and I don’t get it. I think there’s more going on with Biedrins than just confidence. G State was really hurting for big guys the past few years. If he was ok, they would have played him more. He’s either hurt or really not that good.

    Bogut, before he got hurt, was a better defender but much worse scorer than Bynum. And since he got hurt, he’s been hurt most of the time. Doesn’t seem like that’s getting fixed.

    And I think this was mentioned earlier, but Wright was on Golden State last year and they let him go so I don’t know why they would be craving to get him back.

    You seem to think Biedrins and Bogut have some sort of potential for reclamation, or that there’s some weird thing hanging over them in Oakland, but I really doubt they’re worth much anymore if they’re not playing. The Warriors have been good but they’ve been really stretching it with David Lee and Carl Landry playing small together. They’ve even said they didn’t want to do it, but they’ve been pulling it off because they have no other options. I really doubt Jackson would be holding these guys back; they were good defenders once and he has been trying to get that down.

    Bogut for Bynum is almost a wash, if you look at chances they will be healthy, and was Milwaukee ever that awesome with him anyway? Is he a guy to build around? GS took a chance on him because they knew they had scorers and they just wanted his interior D. He’d be counted on to do more in Philly. I do like Barnes but I can’t say he’s enough to swing this.

    I’m not completely down on trading Bynum, for the right deal, but this isn’t it.

  31. Rob Y
    18. January 2013 at 07:53

    Steve Toll,

    Last time we played the Raptors in Toronto we were +4.5 (not long ago) Now we are -4. Not sure what exactly is accounting for that 1/2 point differential from the 4pt swing I discussed earlier b/w home and away but its pretty much 8. Given the fact that we are -4 at home, it shows we’re pretty much = to Toronto!

  32. Al
    18. January 2013 at 08:29

    “FYI: Hawes is a young big” – LOL

    If I have to look at Andris Biedrins gelled up hair for 1.5 season for 9 million I will throw up each and everytime I watch the 76. I will probably lose 30 pounds before this season is over. Thanks Steve


  33. Steve Toll
    18. January 2013 at 09:17

    GS might want Dorell Wright back because A. He is currently better than Barnes and B. Brandon Rush, kinda sorta blew his knee out. C. They’d be getting Bynum as well

    This isn’t a Barnes for Dorell Trade.

    “Much worse scorer” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

    Seriously, did you read this and actually understand it? I explained why the trade makes sense in very simple terms and it has everything to do with flexibility, young talent and not getting locked into Bynum’s contract which will keep the team mediocre for years to come.

    Pop Quiz: Bynum and Bogut+Biedrins are all healthy and have returned to from in 13-13, who do you take?

    Rob Y,
    Hope you strike it rich tonight

  34. Sean
    18. January 2013 at 09:19

    this trade is stupid on so many accounts. Bogut and Biedrins combined are not nearly as good as bynum when healthy, why would the warriors trade back for dorrell wright, and why would the sixers want harrison barnes? it would be one more reason evan turner won’t develop (even tho i dont think et ever will). come up with a good trade and possible one.

  35. Rick
    18. January 2013 at 10:22


    Lets say Bynum does come back and is healthy. You said that we are still only a 48 win team. Lets put the stats away for a second, I find this very hard to believe when we have been around the .500 range the last two years without a center in the paint. Our problem has always been we didn’t have a threat down low. Theres is no way I pass up on this without seeing it play all the way through. Teams get so many easy/uncontested layups on us because we dont have a center down low. Our defense was also better those last two years, but with Bynum in the paint he makes everyones job easier, and players arent going to be driving to the lane as much knowing bynums down there. You want to trade for 3 good players, and surround them with role players and a star guard in jrue. I rather have a star point guard in jrue and a star center in Bynum with good role players. The only people I would guarantee a spot on our roster next year is Jrue, Thad, and Bynum. Those are pieces you see on a championship team. Everyone else is on the trading block. Trust, players will want to come and play with those three players. Bogut, Biedrins, and Barnes….Not so sure. Yea you said if that doesn’t work out we have cap space and we will have picks. Philadelphia fans do not want to wait 5-6 years to be relevant again. It will also be hard for us to keep players like Jrue and Thad if we continue to waste their careers with bad teams. KEEP IN MIND BYNUM IS HEALTHY AND PRODUCTIVE

  36. Steve Toll
    18. January 2013 at 10:48


    Wilson Chandler is set to be paid 6.3, 6.8 and 7.2 million all guaranteed through the 15-16 season. He has never had an above average PER, WS48, or his offensive rating has never been high than his defensive rating.

    I wouldn’t throw the word stupid around when everything you said is wrong or is easily explained.
    Bogut+Biedrins > Bynum if all are healthy, Wright is superior to Barnes right now and the Warriors are in win now mode, Barnes is young, cheap and talented.


    Let me be clear on this: Bynum isn’t an elite defender and Jrue isn’t a star. Seriously, Go look at the Lakers defensive numbers and look at how Jrue performs on a nightly basis and what his opposition does.

    While the only people you would guarantee a roster spot to next season are Bynum, Jrue and Thad; ET, Hawes, Lavoy, J-Rich, Kwame, Moultrie are all locked through next season.

    Regardless of what happens, Jrue and Thad are signed for at least the next 4 and 3 years for Thad (with an ETO) respectively.

    I CANT SAY THIS ENOUGH: This team cant win a championship and tops out at 48 wins in a best case scenario type of year which will be good for a 4vs5 matchup in the playoffs

  37. Tom
    18. January 2013 at 11:06

    Your football evaluation is even worse than your basketball. Namdi suffered this year because he lacked any sort of help. This caused him to constantly have to cheat out of his position to cover for others. You put people he trusts around him and he will perform better. As for trading Bynum, I’m on the fence for that. Lebron would definitely make this team a competitor. Between his talent and the love affair between him and the whistle, we would be set.

  38. Steve Toll
    18. January 2013 at 11:56


    Why did Nnamdi suck in 2011?

    Lebron would make this team more competitive but not necessarily a contender

  39. GILLS
    18. January 2013 at 12:04


  40. Michael
    18. January 2013 at 12:25

    Wow. #1. The Sixers were NOT the 3rd best in the East last year. Are you serious? Indiana and Boston were clearly better, especially given Boston beat us in the playoffs…You could also definitely make the argument Atlanta was better.

    #2 I can’t tell whether you’re joking about the Lebron thing. How can they let you write basketball articles if you don’t think adding Lebron James to a roster doesn’t automatically make a team a contender? Any legitimacy as a basketball “writer” you had is gone. This isn’t a debatable point, its just a fact. Lebron on the Cavs. I really hope people who run this website see what you are saying.

  41. Steve Toll
    18. January 2013 at 13:30


    The 76ers were the 3rd best team in the East last year and it’s plainly obvious. If Evan Turner doesn’t play against Boston, Philly wins that series in like 6 games. ET was historically awful in the playoffs

    Contender for what? They 76ers are absolutely, absolutely horrible and Lebron isn’t good enough to make this team a contender. Just keep casual fan throwing out your opinion and I’ll keep swatting it down

    Explain how this team beats that Cleveland team WITHOUT Lebron, the answer is they don’t.

    Lebron’s team WASN’T a contender to win the Championship in 2007 when THEY MADE THE NBA FINALS. You don’t understand what contender means.

  42. Bill
    18. January 2013 at 13:56

    Nice trade for Doug if Bogut has as much probability of health as Bynum. Doug would appreciate the rebounding and SF scoring and athleticsm provided by Barnes. Golden State has depth at both SF and PF to make this trade go.

  43. Thomas
    18. January 2013 at 15:41

    That is one of the most stupid trade ideas I have ever heard. This team is nowhere near as bad as you are saying. The pieces that were brought in were under the premise of Bynum being in the middle. The fact that Kevin (the Punk) Garnett is the starting Center for the East all stars tells you all you need to know about how dominant a healthy Bynum would be in the East as well as the league.

  44. RYN_JAY
    18. January 2013 at 15:51

    We need to start a petition to get Steve Toll off this site. “the 76ers are absolutely, absolutely horrible..” I can’t help but chuckle at that statement. I don’t understand your logic behind trading Bynum. When healthy he is hands down the best center in the league. We just traded for him and you already wanna get rid of him before he has even played a game? What’s even worse is your opinion of Jrue. Every night he just keeps making you look more and more foolish. What more does he have to do to prove that he’s a legit PG in this league?

  45. Matt
    18. January 2013 at 16:28

    I dont see it. Bogut likely puts us right back on that 8th seed hampster wheel we’ve been on for years with Ig/brand. Only now we’d be Holiday/Bogut. At least Bynum has a chance to get us close 50 wins if healthy. From there maybe with 1 more trade and we could get to 55 and be close elite.

    When the best part of a trade is that hopefully 2 of the players (bogut and biedrins) will be injured or stink so you can tank then ur making a bad trade. 2013 and 2014 draft picks will likely be better picks without having bogut help this team to a near 8th seed.

    If we are gonna plan on tanking, lets do it right. Trade guys for expiring contracts, draft picks or young players only – no boguts or beidrens types. Bogut is in a sense just a less good version of bynum.

  46. Rob Y
    18. January 2013 at 16:46

    I don’t understand why Steve referenced the Cavs roster there. Until I looked at it I thought MAYBE he had a point. I think Sixers, one of the worst teams in the NBA, would be at least 8 point favorites without LeBron on that Cavs team. Their best player besides Bron was a dying Big Z. Larry Hughes is a bigger cancer than ET (almost an impossible feat) and Drew Gooden is, as even you’ve said before, absolute garbage. This is also before Varejao was anyway decent as well which is HUGE…aaaand Eric Snow.

    Also it was a miracle Sixers got to a game 7 vs. Boston last year/ Indiana and Atlanta were clearly better despite the scoring margin for the season proving otherwise. Even a Rose-less Chicago was better despite the fact we ended up, again, miraculously winning in 6 which was awesome while it lasted. Steve, how do you go from saying Sixers were 3rd best in East last year to bottom 3 team in NBA this year from a Iggy/Lou/Brand (half dead) swap for DWright (if he’s better than Barnes as you’ve mentioned he’s valuable)/JRich (slight downgrade from Lou as much as I love LouWill)/SwaggyP (whatever)??? Meeks added 0 value and Vucevic didn’t play enough for it to matter.

    I like having Toll here and I hate to be the guy to ruin the fun but he’s on here to arouse debate in case anyone hasn’t noticed. He did a good job at first of making it kind of close but he got too into his character and has shown himself to be an obvious contrarian. It was a good run while it lasted but all things must come to an end…Do I win a prize like in Willy Wonka or something for discovering this?


  47. Rob Y
    18. January 2013 at 16:47

    Also it was a joke we didn’t let go of Lavoy instead of Vucevic.

  48. Derek
    18. January 2013 at 16:50

    Steve Troll,

    A lot of your insinuations are lacking any real intelligence or relevant statistics. You kind of remind me of the Skip Bayless of Philadunkia. That being said, you are proposing trading a person we gave up a significant amount of assets for before he steps on the court. This is moronic because you, as well as the rest of the world, do not have any idea how the Sixers will play with Bynum in the lineup. Your claims that Jrue is not a fantastic point guard at 19-4-9 are absurd. If Bynum plays anywhere near his potential the Sixers will become an instant competitor. I understand this is a big “if” but you have to at least see if this can become a reality. Management took and risk and like all good leaders will see risks through, not back out like a softie.

    Now lets get to your proposed trade. Although I agree Barnes will be a great piece to have for any team to have your trade is just simply not realistic and makes this entire piece irrelevent. I implore you to please write a positive piece one time and maybe we will start winning.

    You are a fan aren’t you?

  49. Rick
    18. January 2013 at 19:15


    Please do not make any excuses for namdi he got beat on one on one coverage plenty of times, he dint have to worry about what everyone else was doing all he had to do was cover his man. Must I add he was getting beat for touchdowns.


    I know those players have contracts but those players are still tradeable aren’t they? Please name me 4 point guards better than Jrue in the east…. Please be serious do not name vasquez or calderon cause they are definitely not better than jrue

  50. Steve Toll
    18. January 2013 at 23:21

    Spot on, thanks for reading

    All the moves this offseason were made before the Bynum trade and Yes, the team is as bad as I say it is.

    Bynum is the best center in the NBA when healthy? Only Andrew Bynum agrees.
    I judge Holiday on his performance night in and night out, he is what he is.

    You are underestimating the 76ers lack of cap and flexibility going forward. The team is going to be in the Lottery this year and this gives them way more options going forward than signing Bynum and being stuck as mediocre for the next few years.
    If Bogut-Biedrins can return to from and Barnes can take a big step forward, the 76ers are suddenly a very very good team. If not, it’s a 2014 lottery pick and 25 mil in cap space.
    This trade won’t happen but things will happen just as I’ve been saying, count it.

  51. Steve Toll
    18. January 2013 at 23:48


    Wrong about Cleveland in 2007, keep on trucking with that. The 76ers lost a ton and replaced it with almost nothing. My character is the same, I’ve said the same stuff since day 1 and my writing about the 76ers stand up against anyone. You’re quite fun because you are so delusional, please never change. The whole Bynum trade was a joke.

    Tell me which insinuations are lacking intelligence or relevant statistics, making obtuse claims is gonna get you nowhere with me.

    You say the trade idea is moronic, please tell me what part of my logic in the article doesn’t make sense, stop being obtuse.

    I judge Jrue on his performance as a whole against his competition, he is what he is.

    The 76ers are a 50 loss team without Bynum, being competitive (high 40s if Bynum plays 80games) and contending for a title are not the same and not happening with this team. I can say this enough .

    Your argument that “all good leaders take risks and see it through, not back out like a softie”
    has so many logical fallacies, it’s tough to believe someone could actually believe that, but considering how you like to just say things and not back it up, I’ll just have to assume (and rightly so) that it’s par for the course with you.

    Why isn’t the trade realistic? The numbers match and it a benefit to both teams, as I CLEARLY explained in the article.

    You are totally right about Nnamdi.

    Many of those guys are probably tradeable but they are not valuable assets. It is also a lack of faith in the front office and doing the right thing in potential trades. The team has 0 cheap-quality talent, not enough talent at the top and a bunch of middling pieces. What’s worse is when the middling pieces expire, the team has no cap space or draft picks to replace them. Obviously, there will be a lottery pick this year but I’m not counting on the team drafting a stud, nor should anyone else

    Rondo, Deron, Lowry, Irving

  52. Dan
    19. January 2013 at 00:44

    well i was on espn. some names that are being thrown around as we are nearing the trade deadline is rudy gay, al jefferson, and also demarcus cousins. i like both gay and jefferson, i dont like cousins attitude but he has skill. i did the trade machine on their site and money wise we could trade bynum for gay straight up. another thing we could keep bynum and use him for another trade, and trade thad young and evan turner for gay is another possibility. i like gay and he is just entering his prime, and has 3 more years left on his contract and is a borderline all-star a 18 to 20 point per game scorer that the sixers really need. i think he and jrue could play well together because turner even tho he has improved he is way to inconsistent. gay is one of the few small forwards that can play durant, pierce, lebron, carmelo and hold his own. where turner or who ever we put out their cant stop anyone lately and cant score on top of that. i like al jefferson as well he has been a 20 and 10 guy most of his time in utah but he is getting up their in age. well does anyone like any of the guys i mentioned?

  53. Fu
    19. January 2013 at 04:50

    Yes the sixers are really bad. But i guess it is rather normal for most sixers fans to hava some difficulties admitting it. Great effort last night against the raptors, but toronto had many injured and philly trailed by 19 pts againts a below average team. So yes our team is really bad.


    Wouldn’t the team better off trying to ship the large (in comparison to their current talents with this team) contracts of ET, J-Rich, Hawes and Kwame in order to get te type of players you are referring to?

    What would make the 6ers more competitive with Bynum around?

  54. Derek
    19. January 2013 at 10:02


    I’m sorry in my previous post I did not back it up with statistics, I admit I was lazy. Regarding the trade, while the numbers do work, the Warriors would never do that trade nor would the Sixers.

    The Warriors wouldn’t for one because they literally just traded Dorell to us. Also, there is no way they are going to part with Barnes. They do fine on the glass (3rd in the NBA) so they don’t need any help there. Bogut is a much better fit for their styles quick style of play and will only be a bonus on an already good team when he returns. I laughed about your Biedrins magic plane ride point.

    As I mentioned before, there is no way the Sixers don’t see this through. The only way would be if Bynum does not return this season which recent reports have said he’s close to ready to go. The risk was taken in the Bynum deal and trading him would be even more of risk if he should come back healthy. By even more of a risk I mean, heads will roll. It’s not realistic, by literal definiton because it’s just NOT going to happen. If it does, I would be very disappointed because I think having Jrue, ET, Wright,Thad, and Bynum is a solid team that could upset the top teams in a seven game series as well as attract some free agents. Please provide details on the logical fallacies on management and risk taking, all they would be doing is trading one risk for another less potentially rewarding one. I strongly believe that cutting your losses right now before you see if you made the right trade would make management look lost. Honestly, if you were in charge would you do this trade? Please don’t answer that.

    Regarding Jrue, correct me if I’m wrong, but you wrote about Jose Calderon being better? You claim to be a numbers guy but there’s nothing in the numbers show that. Jrue put up 33 point 14 assist game last night, you don’t do this by chance, he is the real deal. You’re an intelligent guy which is why it bothers me when you say things like this. His statistics this year, as stated in previous post, are good for top five in the NBA, please prove me wrong. Please do not give me the turnover bit even if you do deduct significantly for that he’s top 7 at worst this year.

    I am having trouble seeing the reasoning for your “best case scenario” that Sixers will be competitive. That is not a best case scenario it seems the best case scenario, in your opinion, would be to tank and try to improve through lottery, correct? Well, say the Bynum experiment turns worse and he’s hurt again 10 days in. Let the tanking begin. Current management seems more inclined to think they can win now. Jrue is playing like an all star, and I’m sorry that’s just a fact. We just need to see if Bynum is going to be healthy, ET and Turner can be the 3rd and 4th options in no particular order. This team will be ok, you watch.

  55. Rick
    19. January 2013 at 12:07


    Come on now, did you not see what Jrue did to Lowry last night? And Irving is close but I give it to Jrue right now because of experience. And I agree with Rondo and Williams for now.

    Rose(when healthy),Rondo, Williams, Jrue, Kyrie

  56. Steve Toll
    19. January 2013 at 13:26


    Rudy Gay is one of the more overrated players in the NBA, he is also scheduled to make 17.8 and 19.3 million the next 2 seasons.

    Al Jefferson is Carlos Boozer 2.0

  57. MountainDrew
    19. January 2013 at 14:10

    Worst case is not a lottery pick, it’s mediocrity and it’s the most likely scenario. Barnes becomes a nice 2nd/3rd option, Biedrins still sucks and Bogut makes our team mediocre and brings the same injury issues as Bynum. This trade is pointless.

    Also, think about the message you would send as a gm if you trade your franchise centerpiece without having played him. Come on now.

  58. Gio
    20. January 2013 at 17:00

    I don’t think it’s fair to make all these assumptions about best/worst case scenarios considering Bynum has not been seen since last season, bogut hasn’t been seen in two years, and Barnes has only been seen for a few months. I agree that the current roster is not at the level of previous championship contenders but the Eastern conference as a whole is struggling. Miami may never be as good a team as they were last year and I think by 2014 the sixers could be in position to grab home court advantage and possibly pull off a finals run. I don’t think the sixers should wait for the conference to improve. Now is the time to try everything to contend. Also jrue is playing at a much higher level than deron Williams or Kyle Lowry. In 2 years he’ll only be a better player and his efficiency will improve even more. I’d prefer to give it a shot to win within the next 4 years then possibly end up in a 7-8 yr championship plan shock may not even result in anything but some playoff series wins.

  59. Steve Toll
    21. January 2013 at 15:07


    J-Rich is ONLY getting traded with Jrue, Thad, Bynum or this offseason with the teams lottery pick. He has 0 trade value right now, the front office should have tried to ship him out when he was balling hard early this year.
    Hawes and ET could certainly fetch expiring contracts this year, if that’s what the front office wants to do.
    Kwame can be traded if the 76ers send Cash+2nd rd picks too.

    Let’s assume that the 76ers get rid of everyone except these 4 by seasons end: Bynum, Thad, Jrue, J-Rich. That’s $42 million in cap space used up.

    With a lottery pick, 15 million in cap space and a Mid-Level Exception worth $5 million (it can be used on 1 player or multiple players+ can go over the salary cap) can the 76ers front office build a championship level team?

    The answer is no UNLESS they grab an absolute stud in the draft.

    GS traded Wright because they already had Brandon Rush+Richard Jefferson+ Harrison Barnes and rightly decided Jarret Jack > Dorell Wright.

    Rush blew his knee out, Wright is better than Harrison Barnes at literally everything at this point, Bynum is less risky at this point than Bogut+Biedrins and the GSW would have tons of flexibility this offseason.

    GSW is in WIN NOW MODE. Bynum+Wright > Bogut, Barnes, Biedrins for WNM

    Of course, Dileo and Collins wouldnt do this trade. They are totally lost and you are making the incorrect assumption that this was a good risk in the first place taking Bynum+J-Rich.

    Don’t worry about tanking, the team will do that on its own.

    As for Calderon > Jrue, it’s quite simple. Lets talk offense where Jrue plays 10 more mpg than Calderon each night: Calderon’s True Shooting % is 6 points better than Jrue. Calderon plays 73% of the minutes Jrue does but only uses up 60% of the offensive possessions.

    Jrue gets 19.4 pts, 9 AST, 3.8 TO on approx 30.8 possessions each game
    Jose gets 11pts, 7.6 AST, 1.7 TO on approx 18.3 possessions each game

    Here are Jrue’s numbers on 18.3 possessions: 11.5pts, 5.3 AST, 2.3 TO

    The additional minutes Jrue plays has value but it’s really not enough to make up for on the offensive end of the court. Defensively, Jrue is a superior player and when you add in that extra 10 minutes Jrue has more TOTAL value. Regardless, the 76ers would be better with Calderon playing 38.1 mpg at PG as opposed to Jrue. Calderon is so much more efficient on offense and the differences in defense isn’t nearly enough to make up for the discrepancy on offense.

  60. Steve Toll
    21. January 2013 at 15:18


    You should have seen Lowry walking out of the team hotel on the bus before the 76er game. I don’t know if you were a gambling man but if so, you’d of bet your net worth that Lowry would have played less than he did that night.

    This is just my opinion, but if pressed about Irving, I don’t think that Jrue would say “I’m better than Kyrie”

    Mountain Drew,
    Cool Thread on RealGM, bro
    Keep saying that Bynum is the franchise centerpiece, maybe one day it will be true. And don’t worry about the worst case scenario, the team will start living it when Bynum gets healthy. You missed the point about the article with regards to flexibility and if you think this team can contend as presently constructed , LOL


    Don’t take this the wrong way but if you actually believe that, there is no helping you to see the truth.
    Do you have an answer for why IND and CHI are winning 60% of its games with Granger and Rose out and the 76ers are winning 41% of its games without Bynum?

  61. Jeff McMenamin
    21. January 2013 at 19:36

    Steve Toll,

    You say all season that Lowry is better than Jrue, then when Jrue clearly outplays him and makes him his b#!ch you try to make more excuses of why that happened.

    The team can definitely contend as presently constructed and will for years to come.

    I have an answer why IND and CHI are winning 60% of their games compared to the Sixers’ 41% even though their stars are out as well.

    Rebounding rankings:
    Pacers: #1 (46.3 per game)
    Bulls: #6 (43.8 per game)
    Sixers: #23 (41.1 per game)

    Rebounds allowed:
    Bulls: #8 (40.9 per game)
    Pacers: #10 (41.7 per game)
    Sixers: #25 (44.1 per game)

    Now…Insert 7-foot, 285 pound Bynum into the lineup for the Sixers and watch how the numbers change.

  62. Jeff McMenamin
    21. January 2013 at 19:53

    Also Steve,

    Just another thing for good measure…You’re talking about two of the best defensive teams in the league.

    Pacers: #1
    Bulls: #4
    Sixers: #17

    It’s simple…Bigger, physical teams can take the Sixers to the rack and rebound at will. The Sixers have the soft trio of Lavoy/Thad/Hawes to defend. It’s a cake walk for a team like the Spurs…Which has been very evident so far tonight.

  63. Steve Toll
    21. January 2013 at 20:57


    I saw Lowry walk out of his team hotel and I’d of bet my putrid net worth that Lowry wouldn’t of played half as many minutes as he did, his ankle was jacked up.

    Chicago and Indiana both give up more offensive rebounds than the 76ers who give up the 7th least, the 76ers are just a terrible offensive rebounding team, 3rd least

    Ryan Anderson is a better offensive rebounder than Andrew Bynum, so I don’t see Bynum making a big difference with that.

    Bynum isn’t an elite defender, as evidenced by LALs defensive numbers with Bynum on the court.

    So what is your point? The team will get better with Bynum???

    Everyone agrees,

    I’m just the only one who seems to peg this as a best case scenario 48 win team if Bynum plays every game.

  64. JOJOBA
    22. January 2013 at 07:16

    STeve Toll is stupid.

  65. Derek
    22. January 2013 at 13:46


    I can’t believe this is even a argument. Do you think any owner, gm, coach, player, or pundit would agree with your Calderon > Jrue? Meaning, would rather have have Calderon over Jrue on their team? This year Jrue is in the top five conversation at the position, Calderon doesn’t even sniff it, please stop this.

    Via bleachereport

    “Holiday is averaging 19.0 points, 8.8 assists, 4.2 rebounds and 1.4 steals per game. Holiday is also shooting 37.5 percent from beyond the arc, thus rounding off what could be a legendary season.”

    “Should he finish the season with said averages, Holiday would be the 19th player in NBA history to average at least 19.0 points, 8.5 assists and 4.0 rebounds simultaneously (via Basketball-Reference).”

    “Furthermore, he’d become the 13th player in league history to average at least 19.0 points, 8.5 assists, 4.0 rebounds and 1.0 steals (via Basketball-Reference). The NBA first began keeping track of steals during the 1973-74 season.”

  66. Steve Toll
    22. January 2013 at 15:00


    You mean “top 5 in the Atlantic division” ?

  67. Steve Toll
    22. January 2013 at 15:57


    “As for Calderon > Jrue, it’s quite simple. Lets talk offense where Jrue plays 10 more mpg than Calderon each night: Calderon’s True Shooting % is 6 points better than Jrue. Calderon plays 73% of the minutes Jrue does but only uses up 60% of the offensive possessions.

    Jose gets 11pts, 7.6 AST, 1.7 TO on approx 18.3 possessions each game
    Jrue’s numbers on 18.3 possessions: 11.5pts, 5.3 AST, 2.3 TO”

    Could I make it any easier to understand? Seriously

  68. Datruth4life2.0
    23. January 2013 at 16:22

    Steve, you keep talking about moving Bynum. I think the 76ers should be talking most about moving Thad. He is on the books for an average of $9M a year for the next 3 years after this year. He’s a energy player off your bench, that’s it. I’d want to give his salary to a big that can be a low post threat/rebounder/defender who can put up numbers with or without Bynum.

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