Posted by: C. Smith
02/02/13 11:05 am EST
Sacramento Kings 80 FinalRecap | Box Score 89 Philadelphia 76ers
Thaddeus Young, SF 43 MIN | 11-17 FG | 1-2 FT | 15 REB | 2 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 23 PTS | +16

An outstanding night from Thad was capped with a huge 4th Q.  With the Sixers trailing by 1, Thad scored 6 straight to right the ship.  He also grabbed 6 boards in the Q which helped him tie a career high with 15.

Evan Turner, SF 31 MIN | 3-9 FG | 2-4 FT | 6 REB | 6 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 4 TO | 8 PTS | +12

ET is in a wicked funk right now and I am not sure what the answers are for Turner.  Watching him get abused by Tyreke Evans was awkward.

Spencer Hawes, C 26 MIN | 4-13 FG | 2-2 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 10 PTS | -10

I like that Spence came out with an aggressive midnset in the 3rd Q and took the ball to the tin for 4 straight points.  However, I didn’t like that my 7-foot tall starting center grabbed only 1 rebound in 26 mins. and continues to launch 3PAs.

Jrue Holiday, PG 44 MIN | 9-17 FG | 2-2 FT | 6 REB | 7 AST | 1 STL | 2 BLK | 8 TO | 21 PTS | +13

Obviously 8 TOs is not acceptable from you starting PG. So that needs to be corrected and it will be. But overall a solid game from “The Jruth”.  However, his overall night was solid.  Jrue’s spin move that led to a baseline jumper in the third was smooth.

Nick Young, SG 34 MIN | 6-12 FG | 7-7 FT | 4 REB | 0 AST | 1 STL | 1 BLK | 2 TO | 20 PTS | -7

All aboard the Swaggy P bandwagon.  I am more impressed with his ability to score off the bounce then anything else.  Still 1-5 from deep is not good for a starting NBA SG.  Nick is playing care free right now as with J-Rich out and Wright in the Do(u)g-house he knows DC has no other choice at SG.

Lavoy Allen, PF 27 MIN | 2-4 FG | 0-2 FT | 8 REB | 3 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 0 TO | 4 PTS | +15

The tongue lashing he received from Philadunkia earlier this week must have inspired Lavoy as he has played much better in the last two games.  Again all I am asking from Lavoy is 6-8 points and 10 rips a night.

Dorell Wright, SF 17 MIN | 1-3 FG | 0-0 FT | 5 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 3 PTS | -7

So our reserve SF grabs 5 boards in 17 mins, but our starting center…I’d like to see DC get this guy 20+ minutes per game.

Royal Ivey, PG 19 MIN | 0-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 0 PTS | +13



At least Kwame will be well rested to battle Vucevic on Monday night.

Doug Collins

I’m not sure how much DC is at fault for the Sixers blowing a 19-point lead, but he has to share in the blame.  I would also like to have seen more pick-n-roll action for Jrue last night to help him shake off Tyreke Evans who gave Holiday some issues last night.

After the Jump, Six Things We Saw Last Night…

1.  The Sixers “new” starting five continued their run of fast starts, making 12 of 20 shots to open the game.  That led to a 15 point halftime lead.  Look at these key numbers in the 1st half: 3 players with 11+ points (Thad; Jrue & NY); the Sixers held a 23-14 rebounding edge; 56% shooting from the field; 23 FGM on 14 assists; 28 points in the paint and 19 FB points.

2.  Outside of the 3rd Q, the Kings were simply awful in this one.  They shot 39% in the 1st half and went 0-5 from deep.  In the 4th Q they had a 1-11 stretch and shot 3-18 overall.  They also went 7+ minutes without a bucket and committed 6 TOs in the 4th.  All of that garbage amounted to 12 4th Q points — a franchise record for fewest points allowed in a single Q by the Sixers.

3.  As bad as the Kings were in the 4th, the Sixers were nearly as bad in the 3rd Q.  They shot 6-17 at one point.  They committed 6 TOs.  And most importantly they gave a weak effort on the defensive end.  When you combine that with Tyreke’s scoring explosion (13 in Q) and 10 pts. from Isaiah Thomas (Kings made 11 of 20 shots in the 3rd), you can see how the Sixers squandered a 19 point lead.

4.  The Sixers blew a 17-point lead in a loss to Memphis on Monday night and nearly wasted a 19-point cushion against the Kings.  IMO the Sixers inability to close out an opponent when they have them down big occurs so frequently because this squad lacks a nasty streak.  For the most part,this roster is comprised of young, nice kids who don’t have a fierce bone in their bodies.  They lack that killer instinct that pushes a team to “put your foot on the opponent’s throat” as they say when you have a team on the ropes.

5.  Tyreke Evans has been struggling all year with nagging injuries, but after recording his first double-double of the season on Wednesday night (19 & 11) he seems to be getting back on track.  The hometown kid out of American Christian (Aston , PA) put on a show at the WFC last night.  He scored a season high 29, but more importantly Tyreke looked like the player that ripped up the NBA during his rookie season of 2010-11.

6.  The Sixers win consecutive games for the first time since they had a three-game winning streak from Nov. 25-30…The Sixers had two five-game losing streaks since they last won back-to-back games….The Sixers won for only the fifth time in 14 games and eighth in 25.


27 Responses to “GM 45: (B2B Ws) RAPID REACTS”

  1. Geoff
    2. February 2013 at 11:53

    1) Evan Turner is not in a wicked funk. He’s Evan Turner and he’s simply not good and stubborn.

    2) It’s so depressing that the Sixers let Vucevic go and gave Lavoy 3 mil. I was pleading for Doug to play Vuc last season and look what he’s doing for the Magic now. How can I see something that an NBA coach can’t?! That’s the most frustrating thing with Doug I feel like he doesn’t know his players. And where’s Moultrie? He should be playing over Lavoy

  2. Philadunkia
    2. February 2013 at 12:37


    I don’t diagree with you on the Turner front, I was trying to be kind. I think a fresh start for him somewhere else may be the best thing for everyone here.

    As I watched Evans kill Turner last night, I couldn’t help but think that like 3 weeks ago I bet Sacto would have taken Turner for a hurt and struggling Evans straight up. Not now.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

    — C. Smith

  3. Steve Toll
    2. February 2013 at 13:10

    Evan Turner sucks but it varies night to might, FOREVER

    Jrue got outplayed by the other Isaiah Thomas, CLEARLY

    Thad was awesome, EXPECTED

    SwaggyP had put up some good numbers recently and not been horrible, VARIANCE

    Wright > ET > SwaggyP, I don’t understand why he doesn’t player more and neither does DC

    Hawes and Lavoy (like every other big I’m the NBA) will always get the benefit of the doubt against DMC and it showed again last night. DMC is treated like a criminal on the court, never gets a call and his coach does nothing about it. That treatment trickles down to the Kings, who got the short end of the stick big time last night.

  4. FUDD
    2. February 2013 at 13:17

    Somebody pleas tell me why Moultrie is not playing are bigs don’t grab any boards. He young and is 6’10” he should get some minutes because Allen is soft.

  5. Geoff
    2. February 2013 at 13:18

    That’s true a fresh start is probably what he needs. Getting Reke would have been nice! Oh well haha

  6. Philadunkia
    2. February 2013 at 13:22


    The refs wer helpful last night for the Sixers. Except on that one DMC block/foul call on Turner during a FB.

    — C. Smith

  7. Charlie
    2. February 2013 at 13:27


    A kid that could barely play in the D-League should be playing over Lavoy? Come on man, Moultrie is a gifted athlete that has a low Bball IQ and no work ethic. While Lavoy needs a kick in the butt now and again (that’s on Doug), he’s a smart player who usually plays good D.

    That fact that people think we could have switched out Lavoy for Vuc is ridiculous. Orlando wanted Vuc and only Vuc, that’s really the end of story. We traded him to get Bynum. Good trade then, good trade now.

  8. Steve Toll
    2. February 2013 at 14:40

    Moultrie was ~average in the D-League, that’s why. Dude sucks

    Turner needs a change of scenery to another continent to be successful

    C. Smith,
    The body bump was a foul, for sure

  9. Larry Smith
    2. February 2013 at 14:49

    ?Are you Dorrell Wright pappy. You need to stop grading. DW deserve a D. Nick Young deserve A+ Since Nick have started the team is 3/1. But why wast my time with you, you are a true Swaggyp Hater. Give your self a BIG FAT F+

  10. Steve Toll
    2. February 2013 at 15:17


    It was a bad trade then and it is still a bad trade

  11. Charlie
    2. February 2013 at 17:21


    You can’t live in mediocrity forever with Iggy as your best player and an overrated soft big man from Europe who could barely get out Of the cOaches doghouse.

    Sink or swim with the star. At least you won’t be in the middle of the lottery forever. Goo trade. And they will resign him.

  12. Mike
    2. February 2013 at 18:52

    I read this blog all the time and while I believe Jrue is better than Steve Toll thinks he is, it’s time for all the hate on Steve to stop. Just a thought, Steve, is there not something to be said for how the offense as a whole functions when Jrue is at the controls as compared to when anyone else is? While he turns the ball over too much, it is necessary to have guards who can beat defenders off the dribble.

    While there’s nothing wrong with having a little bias towards your hometown team and its young star, Thad is easily the best player on this team. I’ve been begging for him to get starter’s minutes for years and now he’s showing what he can do with them. Nick Young, however, has been impressive recently. Sure, it could be attributed to variance but there’s no denying the man has talent. This team suffers from a lack of dribble penetration and because of that he’s a more viable SG option than a slow J-Rich in my opinion.

  13. Rick
    3. February 2013 at 02:14


    People don’t hate steve, just the way he portrays his self on the site sometimes. When Steve writes an article/post a comment in his opinion and people comment on it, he doesn’t answer individual questions, he will just say “this is the way it is and I don’t understand why people don’t get that.” We take time to read your article/comment and respond to you, and you have an arrogant attitude when we ask questions. He reminds me of Jeff Van Gundy(when he commentates), he is a “know it all”.

    I believe sometimes he is praying Jrue has a bad game and Thad has a good game so that he can get on here and say “I told you so”. Along with the rest of the players on the team he doesn’t like, which is pretty much everybody but Thad, Dorell, and maybe Spencer(in my opinion).


    There is no point in asking him anything about Jrue, he does not like Jrue. So it will be a negative comment.

  14. Sean
    3. February 2013 at 13:13

    We got back to back wins. yay. and a chance for 3 in a row is a real possibility with orlando on monday. this is kinda cool.

  15. Bill
    3. February 2013 at 17:19

    Moultre needs some consistent minutes to gain some confidence even if his offense is very limited now. Maybe the Sixers should set some picks for Evan to either shoot behind or drive from instead of only setting the picks for the point guard. Perhaps, Moultre could set some picks for Turner while Hawes establishes some pick and roll with Drue.

  16. Steve Toll
    4. February 2013 at 02:51


    LOL, last years team was ELITE. DC managed to train wreck the season. Mediocrity is squarely where the 76ers will be with a healthy Bynum.


    Jrue plays a ton of ~average minutes and can defend 2 positions. There is value in that.
    Unfortunately, he doesn’t attack the rim+create enough fouls, doesn’t shoot enough 3s and turns the ball over at an historically high pace.

    SwaggyP totally sucks. Shooting a basketball well and playing good basketball are the same. He will have stretches where he performs well, but on the whole he is a negative player. He has his uses, but they are few n far between.

    I answer questions all the time, sorry you don’t see that. This team was horribly put together, is mismanaged and has no future. What is there to like?


    Cool is not the word.


    Moultrie’s whole game is limited, he sucks

  17. chris
    4. February 2013 at 07:18

    Lavoy would have the same numbers that Vuc has for the lame duck Orlando team.

    Everyone needs to get off the Moultrie train, even if he could grab you a couple rebounds he will get run over on defense by 90% of the PF;s in the league.

    Evan is what he is, in the last 12 drafts there have been only 3 players that lived up to being drafted second in the draft. Durant, Aldridge, and Chandler.
    Lets just be happy we arent stuck with Stromile Swift or Darko Milicic or Marvin Williams or Michael Beasly or Derrick Williams

  18. Charlie
    4. February 2013 at 12:03


    Elite isnt the word for last years team. I think average, like I was saying, would be more accurate. The record (35-31) and overall standing in the league (16th out of 32) also support my theory. Despite the obvious advantages a young team with chemistry (like last years 76ers) would have in a shortened season, they were still just average.


    Agreed on Lavoy v. Vuc. Also agreed on Moultrie. Dudes a stiff, there’s a reason he dropped half a round from where some people thought he’d get drafted.

  19. Rob Y
    4. February 2013 at 12:27

    “Lets just be happy we arent stuck with Stromile Swift or Darko Milicic or Marvin Williams or Michael Beasly or Derrick Williams” – 3 of those 5 players are considerably better or have more potential than ET.

    “LOL, last years team was ELITE. DC managed to train wreck the season. Mediocrity is squarely where the 76ers will be with a healthy Bynum.” – So pretty much you’re saying that trading Lou and Iggy for a healthy Bynum, argubaly one of the greatest Centers in the past decade is the difference between an ELITE team and a Mediocre team.

    “Moultrie’s whole game is limited, he sucks” – same with every single one of our Centers. I’d rather play him 100% rested for 4-5 minutes than a tired Lavoy/Kwame. Also Lavoy wouldn’t get playing time on Orlando.

  20. Rob Y
    4. February 2013 at 12:29

    Steve argues Sixers are worse than Magic. Sixers are -7.5 tonight vs. Orlando. Meaning we are slightly less than 3:1 favorites. Even with Afflalo out, we would still be huge favorites. LMFAO, party rockin’ in the house over here finally proving Steve knows nothing once and for all. Can this comment please be acceptable?

  21. Rob Y
    4. February 2013 at 12:31

    Sixers were 10 point underdogs to Boston in Boston and the Bulls were still huge favorites to beat us last postseason. DC did a terrific job coaching us to as much of championship as we would’ve ever seen that season.

  22. Rick
    4. February 2013 at 16:38


    Since you answer questions, I have a question for you. How were the sixers an elite team last year if we could not score and we did not have a center? And if we were elite what were the Miami heat?

    Another question how did Doug Collins wreck the season last year? He took an average team to the second round, and a game 7 appearance I feel we should have won when pierce fouled out.

    So, we were almost in the Eastern Conference Finals with this average team. There was no way we were going to beat the heat because we could not score like I’ve stated before. With that being the case, I feel Doug Collins did a very good job last year.

  23. Steve Toll
    4. February 2013 at 17:03

    ANYONE who just looks at a teams record, is a clown.

    Last years team was awesome, and if somehow Turner never played, that team wins 43+ games.

    DC was horrid last year as a coach

  24. Jeff McMenamin
    4. February 2013 at 17:21


    The Sixers last year were INCREDIBLY average.

    The Sixers started hot, because teams were still recovering from the lockout. Teams started to get serious about a month into the season and the Sixers slipped from the 2 seed in the East all the way down to the 7 seed a month later. They were on the outside of the playoffs looking in until the last 2 weeks of the season where they slipped in as the 8 seed. They barely got past a Bulls team without Rose, then they lost a series they should’ve won to the Celtics.

    DC was a good coach last year, besides his distribution of minutes to Turner, Vuc, and Lavoy.

    Jodie Meeks should’ve never played more than 15 min a game. Tony Battie should’ve been cut.

    Iguodala wouldn’t have been an All-Star last season if it weren’t for DC. See 2012-13 Andre Iguodala stats….

  25. Rob Y
    4. February 2013 at 17:31

    Ok, Steve, HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAAHHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH……AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH — are you saying..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA….WAIT HOLD ON. Steve, ahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re saying the Sixers last year would be AT WORST 43-23 last year if we didn’t play Turner? AHAHAHAHAHAH. Dear Lord someone fire this guy. So pretty much you’re saying we were almost as good, if not better than the 46-20 Miami Heat?!?!?!!?!? OOOMMGMGMGG…. Dude you’re going purely by +/- differential which is such a lazy way to rank a team. Also, way to dodge the Magic statement you made earlier too. You have yet to be right actually.

  26. Steve Toll
    4. February 2013 at 19:47

    Jeff and RobY,

    You 2 are made for each other. Don’t know assess from elbows.

    My offer I made Jeff on $500 per night against the spread, is extended to you as we’ll RobY, but you must escrow.

    Until you accept, just crawl back into your holes

  27. Rick
    4. February 2013 at 21:33

    ……………….Still no questions answered. Anyone who just looks at stats is a clown.

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