Collins tells John Mitchell of, It’s been the toughest year I’ve ever had as a coach, and the reason is that there are great expectations.” has a host of notes and quotes from after practice on Thursday.

Ian Thomsen on does not believe Allen Iverson will ver play again in the NBA.

Speaking of Iverson, has photos of his mansion that was foreclosed on earlier this week.  It seems Iverson doesn’t have much luck with houses.  If you recall, Iverson took a huge loss a couple years back when he sold his 14,ooo sq. footer out in Villanova.

A quick “76ers” craigslist search turns up this awesome piece of Sixers art.   

John Finger of looks at Turner’s latest slump.  FYI…As we have documented, it ain’t pretty.

Andre Miller is unhappy with his limited minutes in Denver and thinks he’ll be traded.  Anyone think he would be a  nice back-up PG here in Philly?  It’s tough to make a trade for Miller (3 yrs @ $5mil per) work, but I am open to ideas. 

Jrue Holiday will take part in the “Skills Challenge” during All-Star Weekend.  We’re not a fan of this decision as the already over used Holiday could use a day off.

Michael Levin of looks at what J-Rich’s injury means for the 7-6.

A quick check-in on our friend Andre Iguodala shows that his Nuggs have won 8 straight and over that stretch Dre has been good for 14.6 ppg., 4.8 rpg.  & 4.5 rpg

In case you missed it earlier this week, a Sixers fan went online and bought an entire row of tickets for Wednesday night’s game.  The cost — $11 and this story has great pics.

Via Twitter we see that Sixers CEO re-Tweeted a very funny line from Sixers fan commenting on all the injuries.

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