After last night’s loss in Minnesota and DC’s post game comments, the 2012-2013 season is nearly a wrap for the 76ers.  To be honest, outside of Jrue Holiday’s All-Star campaign, this year has been a highly disappointing one for the 7-6. 

That disappointment will continue today as it’s very unlikely that the 76ers are major players at the trade deadline.  Toni Dileo squashed any sliver of hope we had left when he came out and said, “we don’t plan on making any moves”

Why any NBA front office person would make that statement and show his poker hand just before the trade deadline is a mystery to us here at Philadunkia, but that’s another post for another time.

After the jump, Philadunkia scribes Jake Fischer and Steve Toll each propose three deals that the Sixers should make today because the trades potentially make sense for the future of this franchise.  


Steve Toll

Trade #1:  (Trade Machine)

Wright, Hawes, Turner, Lavoy, Moultrie to Detroit


Maggette, Jason Maxiell and Will Bynum 

Why Detroit does this?  Joe Dumars isn’t in love with the free agent class this year and with his team near a playoff spot, decides to make a run at the 14-15 free agent class.  With all but Moultrie, expiring by the end of next year, this gives the Pistons the flexibility for the present and future.  Detroit is now a contender for the last 2 playoff spots in the East with the depth to make a first round series interesting if Drummond makes a healthy return.

Why Philly does this?  Its quite simple.  Clear up some cap space and get a better lottery pick. 

Trade #2(Trade Machine)

Thad, Moultrie, 76ers 2013 2nd rd pick to Utah


Marvin Williams, Raja Bell, Utah + GSWs 2013 1st rd picks (Both Lottery Protected)

Why Utah does this?  Thaddeus Young is better than Marvin Williams, is paid less and is signed for 3 more seasons.  Moultrie won’t be of use this year but he is young and cheap.

Why Philly does this?  The CBA.  Thad is a great young player, but getting 2 draft picks and having a ton of cap space for the 14-15 off-season is the move to make here.  Marvin Williams fills the void at SF next year and then vanishes from the cap.  The two 1st round picks project to be late teen’s-early 20’s and with a bit of luck 1 of the 2 will be a productive NBA player for the 76ers.  This is another move that will help the team but the benefits will not show until 14-15.

Trade #3:

Bynum to Phoenix

Marcin Gortat, Jared Dudley to OKC

Kendrick Perkins, Jeremy Lamb, Markieff Morris, Perry Jones to Philadelphia. 

The 76ers also get Raptors’ 2013 first-round pick (Top 3 protected and 15-30 in 2013, top 2 protected and 15-30 in 2014 and ’15, Top 1 protected and 15-30 in 2016 and ’17, and unprotected in 2018

Why PHX does it?  Gortat wants out, Morris is above replacement level and Dudley while good value isn’t worth holding up a trade for a potential franchise center when the Suns have the best training staff in the NBA

Why OKC does it?  This massively improves the team and makes them title favorites the next 2 years

Why Philly does it?  It improves the 76ers lottery pick this year and the Raptors pick is of value.  Morris, Lamb, Jones all project to become useful NBA players in the next few years.  Kendrick Perkins sucks, but there is hope he could return to ~average.

Wins will be hard to come by this year and next but this trade paves the way for a bright future if the front office can grab some quality players out of the draft and free agency.

Jake Fischer

Trade #1: (Trade Machine)

Andrew Bynum to Utah


Al Jefferson and Enes Kantor

then Spencer Hawes and Moultrie to Charlotte

Ramon Sessions to Utah

Why Utah Does It?   The Jazz are looking to clear up space for their young bigs. With that, why not take two of their front court players off of their hands and give them the *potentially* best young big man in the game, in Bynum?

Why Philly Does Do It?  After this nightmare first season with Andrew Bynum in Philly, there is no guarantee the big man will resign. A front-court rotation of Jefferson, Thad Young, Kantor and Lavoy Allen is definitely capable of wrecking some havoc in a relatively small Eastern Conference. A Jefferson-Thad High low combo could also prove lethal in some half-court sets. People have forgotten how dynamic Big Al could be on the Block

Why Charlotte Does It?  The moves allows the Bobcats to get Ramon Sessions out Kemba Walker’s to develop. There’s no rumor or speculation they want to get rid of Sessions, but it would make sense. In addition, bringing in Hawes and Moultire would add two young bigs with upside as semi-legitimate options down low to a frontcourt currently featured around Byron Mullens. Hawes and Moultrie are probably better options than an overpaid Tyrus Thomas, Desigana Diop’s expiring contract and the skeleton of Brendan Haywood.

Trade #2:   (Trade Machine)

Evan Turner and Arnett Moultire to Sacramento


Tyreke Evans

(Now, Tom Haberstroh wrote this in an column this week. But, in fairness I texted my dad and brother (76ers’ season ticket holders) and Philadunkia Editor, Carey Smith, this idea a few weeks ago, calling Tyreke and Evan the definitions of “scenery change guys”.)

Why Philly Does It?  If Collins schemes his roster the right way AND Bynum was healthy down the stretch (Understandably two BIG if’s) the Sixers could start Jrue, N Young, D Wright, Thad Young and Bynum, with Tyreke coming off the bench.  Tyreke would spearhead the offensive attack in the second unit for 10-15 minutes per game as Jrue is on the bench — way more affectively than Turner is doing now.  He’s also in a contract year and would play out of his mind trying to help will this team to the playoffs and earn some big bucks.

Why Sacramento Does It?  If the Kings deal either Cousins or Evans, it makes sense they would deal both and start fresh to move past their losing persona.  With that, if Cousins is gone from Sac-Town, the Kings could add a former No. 2 pick in Turner –who many outside of Philly believe still has upside –and get a built, rebounding young big who can grow and prosper with playing time as well.

Trade #3:  (Trade Machine)

Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen to Minnesota


Andre Kirilenko

Why Philly Does It?  At this point, it’s pretty illogical to think that Turner will develop the defensive capabilities to consistently stop any Top 10 scorer in the league.  With that, Collins has been forced to use Jrue, Swaggy P or Damien Wilkins to attempt to slow down guys like Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James and Paul George.  That clearly doesn’t work. Dealing for Kirilenko would add a Bruce Bowen-type defender who can knock down wide-open corner threes to a starting lineup that desperately needs to help defensively on the perimeter.  His contract is a little steep, but is only for one more season following this year.  If things work out, maybe the team could restructure AK47’s contract before the 2013-2014 season with a (god-willing) healthy Jrue Holiday, Thad Young, Andrew Bynum, (insert random SG) and Kirilenko starting lineup.

Why Minnesota Does It?  With his relative unhappiness up north, it seems as though Kevin Love may be leaving the North for a warmer and more optimistic location.  Bringing in Turner –again some believe he still has star potential –to replace Love’s star power and Lavoy as another big man could ease the pain of a Love departure in the near future.  Or, if Love stays, a starting lineup of Rubio, Bradon Roy, Evan Turner, Kevin Love and Nikola Pekovic isn’t a terible option to compete for a 6-8 seed in the Western Conference.

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