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Two dozen.

That’s how many games remain in this very disappointing year for the 76ers.

Tonight’s game down at the Wells Fargo Center against Boston tips off the final stretch of the 2012-13 season.  Barring one of the biggest miracle runs in the history of the League, the Sixers will miss the playoffs and are bound for the 2013 NBA Lottery.

Now the question becomes what do the Sixers do with the upcoming games they have to play in March and April?  Many in Philadunkia nation support the notion of tanking.  Others want to play it out in a competitive nature and hope for the best.  Still others have some their own ideas for how the remainder of the 7-6’s season should go.  No matter what idea you support, you need a plan — hopefully a good one — to reach your goals for the last 24 contests.

So that is the challenge we gave to several of the Philadunkia scribes.  If you were in charge of the Sixers, provide us with your detailed plan for the remainder of the 2012-13 season.   

Jake Fischer

If I’m running the Philadelphia 76ers organization, I do three things right now.  1) I have Andrew Bynum come out publicly and officially shut it down for the entire season.  At this point, there is absolutely no reason for him to play IF guys like Bynum and Tony DiLeo are discussing a possible surgery for him.  With that, I make him go to a specialist TODAY and determine if needs surgery TOMORROW.  From there, I start working on contract negotiations with him that would offer a short-term deal with options and incentives for the future if he remains healthy.

2) I tell Doug Collins to make a statement before tonight’s game vs. Boston saying he will retire and return to broadcasting following this season.  That way, it looks like Doug is going out on his own terms, when really a high school varsity player who runs a standard flex-motion offense could design a better offensive scheme than Collins.

3) Lastly, I start Jrue Holiday, Charles Jenkins, Evan Turner, Thad Young and Arnett Moultrie.  Give these young guys some freaking time together on the court and see what you have.  Truly assess the untapped talent o your roster before going out and wasting $3 million on another Kwame Brown this summer.  Oh, and did I mention I’m really excited for Kwame and Spencer “I Slip Every Screen For A Jumper” Hawes to become expiring contracts with some actual trade value next season?

Steve Toll

With the 76ers season headed towards the lottery, it’s time to explore the talents of certain players.

The lineup that I would run the most is ET at PG, Jrue at SG, Thad at SF, Moultrie at PF, Hawes at C.  It’s time to see if ET can run the point with a viable offense around him.  Let Jrue shoot the ball 20x a game while doing some creating and limiting turnovers. Thad is Small Forward, that hasn’t changed and will always be true.  Give him a chance.  Run Moultrie with the first unit and see what he can do.  Try to play that lineup about 24mpg per game together.  Split everything else between Wright, Lavoy, Jenkins, Pargo, Swaggy, Kwame and anyone else who I may have forgotten.

As for Andrew Bynum, one of two things.  Either get him medically cleared and put him on the court or Cut Him.  If he is cleared and refuses to play, the team can file a grievance with the NBA to recoup future paychecks and donate them to charity.  Cutting him is the other option, at this point, it’s time to put the clown shoes on Bynum one way or the other.

Carey Smith

If I was in charge of the 76ers for the last 24 games of the season here is what I would do…First, I would sit Doug Collins down and explain to him that it’s time to change of few of his player rotations.  Hawes and Allen (currently a combined 49 mins. per night) are now to receive no more than 32 mins. of run per night COMBINED.  Divide their tick up how you want DC, but that’s the rule for the bigs rotation. Give the extra minutes to Moultrie as we need to learn if this kid can actually contribute for an NBA team. Next tell Royal Ivey to have a seat.  No disrespect to Ivey as he has done nothing wrong, but we know what his ceiling is in the NBA.  Give Ivey’s minutes to Pargo for the rest of the season.  I need to see if Pargo can be a viable option at back-up PG for this team in 2013-14.  After that, I tell Nick Young to take the rest of the season off and Pargo/D-Wright will divide all of his minutes.  Wright has shown glimpses of being able to help this team in the long run.  I want to discover what happens if I give him extended minutes each night at the SF/SG.

We’re also going to pick up the pace of play for this team — push the rock and attack the rim.  If we are going to lose, we are going to do so in an exciting and attacking fashion.  This ultra-conservative, avoid the dreaded “live-ball” turnover and hit the long two-pointer offense is history here in Philly.  So I might as well use the remainder of this lost season to find out if the parts on this roster which will be back next year can excel in a more aggressive offense. 

Lastly, I am secretly working very, very hard behind the scenes to put the ground work down that will bring free agent Dwight Howard to Philly this summer.      

Jeff McMenamin

At this point in the season, the best thing the organization can do is figure out what pieces fit into the equation for next season. The best way to do that is to evaluate that talent through extended minutes. These are the Arnett Moultrie, Nick Young, Dorell Wright, Jeremy Pargo and Charles Jenkins’s of the team.

If the Sixers plan to extend Andrew Bynum, which Tony Dileo pointed out is still the plan ‘A’ for the team, then the Sixers won’t have much wiggle room in FA to grab too many other pieces for this roster. It doesn’t make any sense that Moultrie isn’t getting 25 minutes every night. The Sixers are basically playing for the lottery now and the best thing for Moultrie is for him to get comfortable playing with Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner and Thaddeus Young for next season. Young, Wright, Pargo and Jenkins are all on one-year deals and Keeping two of the four or at least one of the four would be a good idea for the team moving forward. The only way to decide which of the four deserves a deal is through more playing time.

The main thing the Sixers need to do is to lose enough to get a guy like Shabazz Muhammad, Nerlins Noel or Victor Oladipo in the NBA draft, otherwise this season will be even more of a failure.



19 Responses to “24 TO GO: WHAT’S YOUR PLAN?!?”

  1. Alex
    5. March 2013 at 14:51

    Noel has limited offensive game but I think he fills a major gap. What about Otto Porter? I have seen him and loved his game.
    On free agents, Millsap, Gortat or Pekovic can come here with what Sixers left from letting a few players walk away. I assume Bynum will be signed to some short term deal with contingencies (Stupid).

  2. ken
    5. March 2013 at 18:55

    one offseason/draft option draft either olidipo or muhammed DONT sign Bynum this offseason instead sign jj hickson to be our C and finally have a rebounding big then sign a couple 1 year contracts so we have some cap room for the crazy FA class of 2014-2015

  3. Jeff McMenamin
    5. March 2013 at 19:50

    I like the way you think Ken. Hickson would be a great addition, as well as Gortat or Pekovic.

    I’m done with Bynum. If we can steer Dwight away from LA great…Otherwise save up for 2014 FA class. No way the Heat can keep the Big 3 together. LeBron, Wade and Bosh will all have ETO’s…Money could steer one away to another team.

    Then there’s also Granger, Deng, Gay who will probably want out of Toronto, Possibly Dirk or Gasol at low value, probably Amar’e depending on if he’s looking for a bigger pay day, KG, Varajeo, possibly Monroe or Favors and of course Kwame Brown….

    In the meantime the Sixers have to make the right pick in this years draft. Muhammad, Oladipo, Noel and Porter are all looking like good options right now. I don’t know anything about next years draft, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to gain a solid prospect in that as well and really just gear for a great team in 2014-15 instead of trying to be mediocre next season.

  4. MattSg
    5. March 2013 at 19:56

    Dorrel wright is a scrub . I don get why some people wamt him to play more .We needa get rid of him asap

  5. Steve Toll
    5. March 2013 at 20:04

    Any move other than drafting the best player available in the lottery or signing Dwight Howard (NOT POSSIBLE) that doesn’t involve TANKING next year is a mistake.

    Tanking pretty much the only option next year, unless topping out as a fringe top 10 team is what everyone is interested in.

  6. Fu
    5. March 2013 at 22:33

    How in the world everybody in Philadunkia seems to agree on what the right way to go forward is, and the Sixers management is likely going in a totally different direction?!

    Oh yeah sorry… Moultrie finally got some minutes (20) against the Celts tonight.
    What about the others? Ivey 37 minutes. Pargo 0. Jenkins 0. well done coach!

    Has anybody noticed that Moultrie hasn’t missed a FG for 4 games in a row? Not too bad for a rookie who never knows if he’ll see the floor or get another DNP.

  7. MattSg
    6. March 2013 at 04:18

    Steve, he’s shooting 38% from the field, his ball handling is overrated, he can’t pass, average defender, has hit his cieling, he has NO future with this team . He’s only had one good season in the league and that was on a bad team where almost everybodyyyyy had inflated stats !!

  8. Brennan
    6. March 2013 at 08:42

    Tanking is the only option that seems lofical. Its true that this years draft is not appealing, but guys like otto porter, seth curry, miles plumlee, and tj leslile we,can find diamounds in the rough. As for fa I have loved dejuan blair since his pitt days. A scrappy rebounder would do lovley here in philly.

  9. George
    6. March 2013 at 08:58

    I agree with starting Moultrie at the 4 and Thad at the 3 for the rest of the season to see that line up, but why tank next season? If we can get Dwight (unlikely), or Al Jefferson (I seem to be the only one who likes him), or even Pekovic (my favorite option) we could still play inside out with a post playing big man and shooters. I think with the possible free agent big men we could be respectable and young. I understand that won’t be a championship team, but with the changeover after next season, one more draft, and another free agent period… Why not?

  10. Rob Y
    6. March 2013 at 09:30

    He’s back!

    Funny how unintelligent the discussion has been on this site since.

    Recap of my missed discussion:

    1) From day 1, I said we should give Arnett Moultrie more minutes, yup (Hmmm, Steve, what did you say about Moultrie again?).

    2) ET is still the worst player of all time, yup (Steve you say start ET at PG??? I’ll get to this later, kinda).

    3) Lavoy Allen sucks, yup.

    4) Bynum wasn’t gonna play this year, yup.

    5) I saw one comment as Rob Y that says, “I bow to you Steve Toll or something like that.” HAHAHAH O My God! – Steve you actually wrote that in my name with one of your other e-mails I am assuming. Wow, you truly are a coward.

    6) We were never going to make playoffs, yup.


    1) Jake Fischer’s articles are the most redundant things I’ve ever read in my life.

    2) Jeff M thought we’d made playoffs about 2 weeks ago, wow. AS A 6 SEED OR SOMETHING!!! How are you a functiong human being?

    3) C. Smith – “We’re also going to pick up the pace of play for this team — push the rock and attack the rim. If we are going to lose, we are going to do so in an exciting and attacking fashion. This ultra-conservative, avoid the dreaded “live-ball” turnover and hit the long two-pointer offense is history here in Philly. ” – I couldn’t agree more.

    4) Steve Toll – “The lineup that I would run the most is ET at PG, Jrue at SG, Thad at SF, Moultrie at PF, Hawes at C. It’s time to see if ET can run the point with a viable offense around him.” – I couldn’t disagree more. Do you really think Jrue Holiday will ever play SG and ET will ever play PG? Also why the sudden change of heart on Moultrie? I thought the Heat tricked us, right?

    5) Sixers best case scenario for a draft pick is Otto Porter unless we hit the jackpot (Not saying Otto Porter is bad by any means but his stock will probably rise and we will again end up with a no name). Maybe Trey Burke as a backup PG would be a solid pick too.

    6) To DC’s credit, he simply got screwed. If Bynum comes in 100%, our team is completely different. High hopes led to a hard crash once the plan failed, simply due to injuries.

    7) The Bynum/Iggy trade was a wash at the time. If we kept Iggy, our team could still never compete with the Heat even if we got someone like Al Horford. Iggy is having a solid season in Denver but he is simply a phenomenal defender. His 40% from 3 last year was an anomaly, his shooting stroke simply proves he is not a real scorer without someone to dish it to him.

    See ya next season Philadunkia

  11. Jeff McMenamin
    6. March 2013 at 09:45

    Rob Y,

    Ha nice having you back. You show up more inconsistently to this site than Evan Turner’s mid-range game.

    I had a pipedream that Bynum would return by the end of February…Obviously that wasn’t the case. I want the Sixers to tank as much as the next person now. My 6 seed projection was with Bynum back in the lineup though.

  12. Jon in LA
    6. March 2013 at 11:43

    I would love to see DeJuan Blair in a Sixers uniform. He can be a solid second option or possibly a starter if you had a dominant center. He’d be way better than Lavoy Allen.

  13. Steve Toll
    6. March 2013 at 12:25


    Dorell TS% is 53.1
    Jrue TS% is 51.4

    Dorell has a similar assist % to guys like Lamar Odom, Mike Dunleavy, Tayshuan Prince, Randy Roye, Gary Neal

    Wright has a better than 2:1 Assist:Turnover Ratio

    Wright is a better rebounder than Evan Turner, albeit slightly.

    As a defender, he is at worst a slight negative, which is made up for in his above average offensive production

    If you look from 07-08, Dorell has been ~AVERAGE in production when he has been on the court

    Dejuan Blair is valuable on a very cheap deap, IF, you pair him with an elite defensive Center.

    None of the guys you mentioned are taking a deal less than 4 years. Other teams will improve as well ths offseason and the 76ers could very well miss the playoffs again next year after signing Jefferson/Pekovik and ending up with the 13th pick in the draft. No Mans Land

  14. Mike
    6. March 2013 at 12:28

    I would love to see Jake Fischer coach this team if he thinks a high schooler could do better then Collins. Go ahead and start Charles Jenkins. Would be a great idea…NOT

  15. Jake Fischer
    6. March 2013 at 16:19


    Collins’s scheme has no motion on offense. It’s pathetic. Have you watched this team? Putting in a flex offense that small high schools run would be more effective than what this team does! Why not start Charles Jenkins? What does this team have to play for? See what the hell he can do? Things can’t get any worse. I mean, at this point, worse is better. Hell, start Jenkins, Pargo, Wright, Allen, Kwame for all I care. I just want Otto Porter in the draft and management not to blow their cap space this offseason on someone stupid when there will be a BONANZA of free agents in the summer of 2014.

  16. Kevin
    6. March 2013 at 17:52

    I look at the current sixers roster and only a few guys can start on a championship team (Holiday, Young). To win in this league you need 2 stars and defense inside and shooting. This plan brings defense, shooting, and a potential star in Bennett.

    a few moves i make
    Trade Turner to the Piston for Andre Drummond
    sign Dajuan Blair
    sign Kevin Martin
    draft Anthony Bennett

    My ideal team
    C: Andre Drummond
    PF: Dajuan Blair
    SF: Thad Young
    SG: OJ Mayo
    PG: Jrue Holiday

  17. Steve Toll
    6. March 2013 at 19:32


    Please tell everyone about the “bonanza” that is the 2014 group of free agents……..

    The reason I say that is one word : OVERRATED

    But my mind can be changed, so convince me


    Andre Drummond is more valuable than Jrue+Thad+#1 pick in the 2013 draft.
    Detroit will not be trading him anytime soon.

  18. Crodes
    6. March 2013 at 21:28

    Im sick of this banter about free agency and who can make us better in the next year or two or three. Of all cities Philly should know that the only thing is getting to a ring. And if you are not the lakers or an all time out lier such as the 04 pistons There are 2 ways to get to the finals. Draft a tier 1 hall of famer al a Durant @ okc or get 2 veteran hall of famers to sign at below market value al a lebron and bosh @ miam/ garnet and allen @ bostoni. The first option involves luck boxing a pick in the right draft. This doesn’t have to be a high pick ie Kobe and dirk. The second option involves a creating a team with all the pieces needed to win except the 2 stars.

    Can anyone name me 2 players let alone hall of farmers that would play for the sixers at below market value?

    The law of averages says a trade eventually will work out for the sixers, but im still Tanking and aquiring draft picks as the best bet.

  19. Steve Toll
    7. March 2013 at 10:20


    You are right about everything except your insinuation that there aren’t guys who would play for the 76ers below market value.

    Here is a group of players the 76ers could have had this offseason at below market value: Lou Williams, Jodie Meeks, Matt Barnes, Birdman, Ryan Anderson, Ronnie Brewer

    Tons of players every year sign for under their Market Value, because most NBA GMs don’t have a solid understanding of actual value

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