Outside of Evan “The Enigma” Turner, the 76ers clearly do not understand the fact that tanking for the remainder of this lost season is in the best interest of this franchise.

Instead of going down in flames and looking forward to the 2013 Draft and the upcoming off-season, the 7-6 have refused to give up on their season.  As a result, they have gone out and won 3 of their last 4 games down at the Wells Fargo Center.  Even in their one loss, the 7-6 gave the Miami Heat all the defending champs could handle.

However, we all know the Sixers are horrible on the road (6-23) and 12 of their final 16 contests are away from the WFC.  So there is no way these recent winning ways can continue, right?

That’s the question put to the scribes here at Philadunkia.  Given the Sixers stretch of solid play over the last week or so, “What do forecast will happen with this team over the final 16 games of the 2012-13 season?”  


Jeff McMenamin

At this point in the season, nothing the Sixers do will be a shock to me.  It’s been one of the most brutal seasons for any fan to endure.

I was at last nights game and it’s a weird situation when you’re not sure if you should be cheering or booing a lead.  All I know is that these winning ways need to stop now and hopefully this tough road stretch will put the final nail in the coffin this team needs.

In the final 16 I see the Sixers finishing 5-11.  Luckily the Sixers will be facing a lot of playoff teams down the stretch which will make losses a more frequent occurrence.  Hopefully by seasons end the Sixers will have a top seven pick in the draft, which should give them a chance at one of the four guys on my board (Nerlens Noel, Otto Porter, Shabbaz Muhammad and Victor Oladipo).

Thanks for nothing Andrew Bynum.  Sixers will finish the season 31-51.

Steve Toll

The season of resounding disappointment for everyone involved with the 76ers continues (well not me, I predicted this) as the team heads into the final 16.  Expect the 76ers to pull off 1 upset and generally play at the level we all expect, winning under 40% of games.  Finishing 5-11 and ending the season at 31-51 is where things will shake out.  Unfortunately, when losing is what matters and NOBODY in Philly would blame them for auto-tanking, they’ve gone ahead and won games that have hurt the future of the franchise.  

DC is crazy and will never give up, he is not to be blamed.  ET has done his part in the tanking and should be praised like a returning war hero.  Jrue, Thad, Spencer and Damian Wilkins should be booed mightily as all they have done recently is hurt the teams lottery equity and future championship equity. Good Job, Good Effort for what has quickly become one of the worst franchises in the NBA.

Jake Fischer

Following their win over the Portland Trailblazers last night, the Philadelphia 76ers are back in the 9th spot of the Eastern Conference standings and are just 7.5 games out of the playoffs.  They have 16 games left…THEY CAN DO THIS RIGHT!??  They can make the playoffs!  LeBron will get hurt and they’ll win the 1-8 opening round match-up!  YES!!!!!!!


This team and ownership is ridiculous.  While I understand it’s impossible to sell tanking to your fan base and even your players, you don’t have to use lineups and rotations that will help you win.  Play Jrue and Thad a max of 24 minutes for crying out loud! We know that’s not going to happen at this point, so we know what this team is and will do: They’re gonna fight and ultimately come up short many, many time.  In their final 16 game stretch, I see them pulling out four or five games at the most.  They’re running into 9 playoff teams in that stretch, come on.

Record over last 16: 4-12

Final Record: 30-52

C. Smith

It’s hard to believe,  but the Sixers have played better basketball of late. Spencer Hawes is playing out of his mind recently.   Dorell Wright has finally found his game.  Damien Wilkins continues to contribute nightly.  Thad and Jrue have been consistently good.  The overall offense is improved as the Sixers have been sharing and moving the ball very well in the last 4 games.  

Still, it’s not too late for this team to go down the toilet (or “tank” as some like to call it) here in 2012-13 and I predict that’s exactly what will happen.  This improved level of play will NOT continue against the daunting schedule the Sixers face over the final 16 games of the season.  Spence and Wright will crash back to earth and Wilkins will get worn out.  That will leave Thad and Jrue out there by themselves.  That means the quality ball movement will cease and the offense will return to the stagnant state we have seen all year.  Evan Turner will do a bunch of stupid stuff as well.  As a result the Sixers will win only 4 of the next 16 (@ SAC; vs CHA; @ CHA; vs. CLE) and finish at 30-52.  IMO that’s too many wins for a team that should have gone into full blown “tank” mode two weeks ago and the franchise as well as the fans will regret those hollow W’s in March and April come Lottery time.


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