A PLAN FOR 2013-14

Posted by: Steve Toll
04/03/13 8:33 am EST

With a few games remaining and the making playoffs a reality for Doug Collins only, focus on free agency has most assuredly been on the mind of everyone involved with the 76ers.  The draft lottery is just that this year, a lottery.  Free Agency is a much different animal altogether. 

Everyone has a varying opinion on what the Sixers will do this offseason.  From Andrew Bynum to Al Jefferson to Joel Przybilla, each would have a varying effect on the future of the franchise.  Assuming the 76ers decide that tanking isn’t an option in 2013-14, here is what should transpire during free agency. 

No trades or stretch clause are factored in, otherwise I’d trade the whole roster for Andre Drummond and Ryan Anderson.

So, next year’s team currently consists of Thad, Jrue, Hawes, J-Rich, ET, Lavoy, Moultrie, and Kwameeeee.  Throw in the 76ers projected lottery pick and the team has about $13,000,000 to work with this offseason.  The team needs a bit of everything and will take some smart moves to build a playoff team. 

After the jump, I present the plan for what I’d do this offseason, if tanking in 2013-14 isn’t an option…


Dorell Wright needs to be brought back.  He is a guy who can play +30mpg of ~average ball if necessary, and very cheaply. The only potential roadblock is if another team realizes the true value for a player like Wright, and they likely won’t if his trade to the 76ers this offseason is any indicator.  Looking at his numbers this year and the 76ers putrid overall team, he will be an undervalued commodity.  A 3-year deal paying $2.5 million in year 1, is stealing considering what DW can produce and that he will only turn 28 in December.

The new ownership group makes a reunion with “Slamming” Sammy Dalembert possible.  Since 03-04, Dalembert is 55th in total minutes played in the NBA. While he will be 32 when next year starts, he will only be counted to play ~20mpg and injuries are obviously not a legitimate concern looking at his history.  When you factor in recent playing time of only 16mpg, the 76ers should be able to bring him back into the fold for 2 million a year for 2 years.  If Dalembert can put past feelings aside, he will be a great signing.

Ronnie Brewer, an underappreciated defensive stopper.  A quick look at his B-Ref page

And you must wonder why Brewer only received a veteran’s minimum deal this offseason.  Then you wonder why Mike Woodson didn’t play him more. Further down the rabbit hole, you wonder why Scotty Brooks hasn’t played him for OKC after he was stolen from NYK for a 2nd pick and a few pesos.  Brewer has dealt with injuries and a lack of playing time but that shouldn’t deter the team from getting value from an underappreciated player.  Expect Brewer who just turned 28 to return to previous form as he signs for 3 years and $2 million per year.

That leaves the 76ers with 6.5 million in cap space.  With that money, the team should go after Jose Calderon with every dollar of that, if necessary.  He is a guy who could be a great mentor to Jrue and let him slide over to the SG spot for 18mpg, which I believe is a better spot for him at the moment.  All you’ll get from Jose is ~30mpg, 11pts (57 TS%) with 7+ assists per game and a better than 4:1 assist to turnover ratio.  He’ll be 32 next year and his defense is suspect but Jose is a Maestro with the ball and too valuable to pass up.  Calderon inks a 2yr deal for 5 million a year.

With the final $1.5 million, I make a run at the “Birdman”.  No explanation needed really.  He’s a defensive beast and a guy who will attack the rim like everyday is his birthday.  Yes he’ll be 35 and yes he has had past issues but when he signs here you can bet your bottom dollar that King James will tweet out that he is very disappointed about losing him as a teammate and that’s enough for me.

A quick glance at what these players could produce does create some hope for next year:  

The playoffs and a competitive couple rounds of post-season basketball are certainly within the realm of reason and to be expected.  There is the obvious concern with age, but Calderon, Dalembert and Birdman have shown a remarkable (whatever you call it) in their careers that has kept them relatively healthy.

If the 76ers manage to grab a lottery pick who can help in year 1, that will provide even more help to the franchise next year.  Nothing the team can do will make it a championship contender this offseason.  Fact is, if tanking isn’t in the cards, I can’t find a better way to spend $13,000,000 to build a competitive team.  Here is a final look at what I’d try have the team look like if I was the “non-tank architect”

*Starters, +Rotation Players, ~Reserves

PG: *Calderon, Jrue, ~ET

SG: *Jrue, +Brewer, ~J-Rich, ET

SF: *Wright, Thad, Brewer, ET

PF: *Thad, +Hawes, ~Lavoy, ~Moultrie

C:   *Birdman, +Dalembert, Hawes, ~Kwame

Plus the lottery pick whom I believe will be Alex Len of Maryland or Glenn Robinson III of Michigan.

This “hypothetical” 2013-14 76er team has everything a fan could want in a team that will truly compete on a nightly basis.

Ball Handlers, check

Shooters, check

Perimeter Defenders, check

Interior Defenders, check

NBA players 3 spots deep at each position, check.

Based on everything the 76ers have said, tanking doesn’t seem to be in their plans.  If that is the case, it will be interesting to see how they will go about building a winning team.  Without a homerun lottery pick this year, anything but tanking will just delay the inevitable fate that tanking is the one true option.  

If the 76ers put together a competitive team next year, people will rejoice in some respects.  The question that bares asking, do the powers at be have the ability to put together a winning team with what little resources ($13 mil in cap room and projected middling lottery pick) currently available?


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85 Responses to “A PLAN FOR 2013-14”

  1. Charlie
    3. April 2013 at 10:03

    We signed Lavoy for 3 mill a year. What makes you think we can get Sammy and Dorell cheaper than that, and then a discounted Calderon after that?

    Regardless, that team blows. This years team could probably beat them in 7. I’m selling this article Steve.

    We’re rolling the dice on Bynum with a discounted deal full of incentives, so we might as well get over it. If he’s healthy, we are way better. If not we get to choose between wiggins or Parker. Win/win

  2. freezer
    3. April 2013 at 10:08

    For someone that the last year trashing the sixers personel moves you would think theyre would be something better up your sleave than calderon, brewer, birdman (drug addict, sex offender i dont want on the squad i dont care if has excellent representation) and freaking dalembert.

  3. david james
    3. April 2013 at 10:27

    I think that every sixers fan or anybody who has basketball sense would agree with this. The sixers have 3 draft Picks (one lottery pick and 2 second round picks). The sacremento Kings are more than willing to get rid of Demarcus cousins, but for the right price. I believe that the sixers could give them the 3 picks and also add in Spencer Hawes and Lavoy allen or just Spencer hawes. I also believe that Bynum would resign with the sixers. Here’s the good part. Could you imagine a front court consisting of Bynum and Cousins. Even if bynum gets injures I believe that we would still be good because cousins could slide to the center position.

    Predicting lineup if this happens


    Jrue Holiday
    Evan Turner
    Dorell Wright
    Demarcus Cousins
    Andrew Bynum

    Thad Young
    Justin Holiday
    Damien WILKINS
    Nick Young
    Arnett Moultrie

    Incase Bynum is injured:

    Jrue Holiday
    Evan turner
    Dorell Wright
    Arnett Moultrie/Thad Young
    DeMarcus Cousins

  4. ms. haygood
    3. April 2013 at 10:56

    Of course tanking won’t be in the cards for the 6ers next year, UNFORTUNATELY!!! the 2014 draft class is looking like the class of 2003.

    Sadly I feel they will spend their money on a player like Jefferson and suck for the forseeable future.

  5. Steve Toll
    3. April 2013 at 11:31


    Other than the fact that I spelled it out quite clearly in the article?

    Dalembert: 32 years old and has averaged under 22mpg the last 3 years. He was traded this offseason for non-guaranteed contracts by the Houston Rockets to Milwaukee. If teams though he was of valuable, someone would have traded for him this offseason. It’s possible that Dalembert gets a veterans minimum deal this offseason

    Dorell Wright WAS GIVEN AWAY BY GOLDEN STATE this offseason. Seriously, DW was traded for Edin Bavcic, drafted 2nd rd in 2006, who will likely never set foot on American soil for any reason whatsoever. Why this offseason will a team decide that DW is someone worth paying +3 million?

    How is $5,000,000 a year for Calderon a discount? Yes, he is certainly more valuable than that, but so what? Lou Williams got 5 mil after putting up +20 PER and one of the most unique offensive seasons in NBA history at age 25. OJ Mayo who over 4 years put up 15/3/3 with adequate D got a 2yr 8 million dollar deal at age 25.

    I’ll just assume your comment about this “hypothetical team” losing to the 12-13 76ers as you being facetious

    Your Bynum conjecture is based on what exactly?


    Adding a ball handler (who is better than Jrue), a defensive wing, 2 defensive centers while retaining Dorell Wright, all of whom are above average NBA players AND more importantly, UNDERVALUED is something not up to your expectations?

    David James,
    They would agree with my article or your comment?

    DMC is not getting traded. You really think that the guys who are going to spend $400,000,000 to buy the Kings are really going to be ok with DMC being traded for Hawes (signed for 1 yr), a lottery pick in a bad draft and 2 2nd rd picks? In this scenario, Why do you still have SwaggyP on the team? Do you really think Justin Holiday is going to stick? It’s a completely absurd scenario by any stretch of the imagination.

  6. Wang
    3. April 2013 at 11:46


    In your eyes, NBA only has two kinds of teams, championship contenders and tanking teams. If that would’ve been the case in the real NBA, then there would be no Warriors, Rockets, Grizzlies, Hawks, Nets, Bucks etc…in no particular order…

    I think you need to put yourself more in the shoes of front office and executive body, rather than extrapolating and hypothesizing your theory as a pure fan. You can do better than this.

  7. Adam
    3. April 2013 at 11:57

    Steve, i dont understand how signing a bunch of role players makes this team worthwhile?

    Is the goal to be mediocre for 2 years with bad draft picks and attempt to his FA hard in 2015? That hasnt historically provided teams with chanpionships…. Ever.

    So my real question is…. Whats ur end game?

  8. Steve Toll
    3. April 2013 at 12:31

    ms haygood,

    hopefully for everyones sake, the team doesn’t blow its whole load on Al Jefferson

    You thoughts on my thoughts (lol) are quite a bit off base. I don’t quite understand the point of your 2nd paragraph. This article is me putting on my GM/front office shoes and filling the holes up on this team with what little resources would be at my disposal.


    I point blank write in the article “I will present the plan for what I’d do this offseason, if tanking in 2013-14 isn’t an option”

    Calderon is a better PG than Jrue, unequivocally. Brewer is an ELITE perimeter defender. Birdman and Dalembert are at worst ~average NBA centers who play good defense and rebound the ball. Wright has the highest TS% on the 76ers and is a better rebounder than ET.

    The team won’t have any draft picks the next few years because of trades they made if the 76ers make the playoffs.

    As for this comment by you “Is the goal to be mediocre for 2 years with bad draft picks and attempt to his FA hard in 2015? That hasnt historically provided teams with chanpionships…. Ever.”

    Ummmmm…… The 2009 Miami Heat won 43 games and lost in the 1st rd of the playoffs. The 2010 Miami Heat won 47 games and lost in the 1st rd of the playoffs. That offseason, the team signed Lebron and Bosh….. How did that work out? CHAMPIONSHIP OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  9. Sean
    3. April 2013 at 12:53

    I think they make a move this off season, weather its trade turner or trade pick for cousins/other available good player. Also if they keep pick, we could see them end up starting by next season depending on position they play.

  10. Adam
    3. April 2013 at 12:53

    Im pretty sure that miami team had dwayne wade to lure lebron and bosh to town…. So…. Your point is ridiculous.

  11. Steve Toll
    3. April 2013 at 13:10


    The 76ers can’t give Evan Turner away. This is considered a historically weak draft class, teams won’t be giving up valuable assets for a middling lottery pick.


    You make a point that is wrong, and I point out it out immediately. You then change the parameters of your point to include that having Dwayne Wade already on the Miami Heat makes my point invalid.

    So allow me to retort.

    Jrue Holiday made an All-Star team at age 22, Wade didn’t make his first All-Star team until age 23. In theory, at the start of the 2015 free agency period, Jrue Holiday will be a 24 year old, 3x All-Star who will only be making $10,000,000.

    LOL. Did you really think that I wasn’t prepared for your D-Wade defense?????????? STEP YOUR GAME UP

    So….. Your point is incorrect and as others will attest, “You come at the King, You best not miss”

  12. josh
    3. April 2013 at 13:11

    steve no matter how much you want jrue to be a sg he isn’t going to be a sg for this team unless we can get one of the top 5 pgs in the league(cp3, rondo, westbrook, irving, Williams) somehow but we both know that isn’t going to happen so unless you want to spend that money on calderon as a backup pg then so be it but the sixers organization isn’t going to let calderon start over jrue period. and I love how you say hawes is the best player on this team but on you depth chart he is the third string center and back up pf? and on top of that birdman is your starting c please explain that

  13. Steve Toll
    3. April 2013 at 13:38


    Your point about Jrue is just plain wrong. He is 6’4 with long arms, can defend 2 guards and can shoot the basketball. Holiday doesn’t shoot enough 3s currently, but is a very good 3pt shooter at 37.6%, he shoots over 40% in games when he takes 3+ attempts from 3.

    While Jrue gets alot of assists, he also turns the ball over a massive amount. Calderon is without question a better PG (4.18:1 assist:turnover) and a FAR MORE EFFICIENT SHOOTER. This year Calderon has a TS% that is 11% higher than Holiday at 61.6% while Jrue is at 50.5%. Jose wouldn’t be starting over Jrue anyway as Jrue+Jose would be the starting back court.

    If you are going to tell me I’m wrong about Jose > Jrue…. I’d like an explanation on how PER, WS48, Off:Def Rating, RAPM all show that Jose > Jrue and talk about TS% which I already mentioned and how Calderon has a 4.18 to 1 and Jrue has a 2.2:1 assist:turnover ratio

    FYI Your top 5 point guard list is horrible

    Birdman+Dalembert would play approximately 40mpg at the C position. That leaves 8mpg for Hawes to play at C. Hawes will end up playing ~20mpg at Power Forward. Thad will play ~28 minutes at PF and another 5-8 minutes at SF. Dorell Wright+Brewer will play the other SF minutes. Jrue+Brewer+J-Rich would fill out the SG minutes and Jose+Calderon would play the PG role. This is all on average in a competitive game over the course of the season. Furthermore ET, Lavoy, Moultrie, 13′ Lottery Pick would get playing time in blowouts and injury situations.

  14. Adam
    3. April 2013 at 14:11

    Jrue holiday is not the calibur of player that dwade was…. Calling players all-stars doesnt put said players on equal tiers.

    Dwade was/is a top 5-8 player in the entire league, while jrue holiday is in the 25-30 range… Its not a valid comparison by any stretch of the imagination.

    I didnt change my argument, your just making a false inference to the augment. If u build through FA, odds are that u have hit gold in the draft at some point… The sixers have yet to do that… And if this team u built became reality, it basically takes away any chance the sixers have to built a legit team…. I guess ur happy with 1st round playoff exits and sub .500 basketball.

  15. Matt
    3. April 2013 at 14:41

    I don’t get the hate on this at all. Especially the Jrue-Calderon debate.

    People seem to want to think Jrue is a great pg just because he made the all star team at that position and gets so many assists, but he’s a turnover machine. Whereas Calderon has the best assist to turnover ratio in the NBA.

    No one is suggesting to bench Jrue, but move him off the ball and his turnovers likely go down, assists likely down as well (but who cares Calderon more than picks up the slack) and points likely go up because he’s looking for his own shot more.

    He has the height and the length to defend at the 2, and an increased scoring punch would be exactly what the next to worst scoring team in the NBA needs.

    Not to mention high scoring point guards very rarely win championships. The last by my count to lead his team in scoring was Isiah Thomas in 1990 (for context Jrue was 2 days old when they won that ring).

    Let Calderon set the table and get Jrue and Dorell open shots.

    Add some elite defenders and good rebounders and you have yourself a solid team. Is this proposed team a championship contender? No but that’s not the point of the article. He’s trying to put the best team together with the cap space available.

    Tanking and picking up a strong draft pick in 2014 is probably the quickest way to a championship for this group.

  16. Steve Toll
    3. April 2013 at 14:44


    NO NO NO. You made a point and were wrong, GET OVER IT.

    If you’re argument was “Is the goal to be mediocre for 2 years with bad draft picks and attempt to his FA hard in 2015? That hasnt historically provided teams with chanpionships…. Ever. UNLESS THEY HAD A SUPER ELITE PLAYER ALREADY ON THE TEAM”

    Then yes, you’d be right, but you made your statement and I immediately took you to the woodshed.

    Jrue isn’t a top 25 player in the Eastern Conference, but that is neither here nor there.

    You are also making a false assumption that if D-Wade wasn’t in Miami, the Heat wouldn’t have cap space to replace him with other free agents…

    You did change your argument and if you had any legit ability to comprehend what you read, you’d see this was a “if tanking isnt an option, NO TRADES+ NO STRETCH PROVISION and I was in charge”

    Based on your top 5 PG list and “jrue is a top 25 player”, I’ll go out on a limb and assume my knowledge of the NBA is a tad bit better than yours especially when it comes to things like Grading Production on offense and Defense, Player Curves as they pertain to age, CBA etc etc etc.

    LOL at me being happy with 1st rd playoff exits and sub .500 basketball which for all intensive purposes are mutually exclusive events

  17. Keith
    3. April 2013 at 14:55

    I don’t understand most of these comments. This seems like a well written piece to me. The Sixers have a bunch of holes to fill and not much money to work with. The guys that Steve suggests to sign seem like an upgrade to me. Remember, this is with “no trades or stretch clause are factored in”.

    I really like the thought of bringing in Dalembert. And drafting Len scares me. I sure hope they don’t do that.

  18. Jeff McMenamin
    3. April 2013 at 15:22

    Steve gives a lot of good options in this for the cap room this team has. We might be able to use some of the luxury tax to get a higher quality player than Brewer, such as O.J. Mayo or Tony Allen but other than that…If Bynum isn’t around next year this would be a decent squad that could stay competitive.

    I would like this team to trade Turner and Hawes in the offseason. I’d also like them to lose enough to have a shot at Shabazz or Oladipo instead of Len, but the plan for next season should ultimately be tanking again if the Sixers do decide to part ways with Bynum.

    The pick sent to the Magic was lottery protected for two years..

    Top-11 protected in 2014, Top-8 protected in 2015…If the Magic don’t get the pick in the next 2 than the Magic get two second rounders instead.

    Tank next year for what is being looked at as one of the most talented draft classes ever, get a big name player in the 2014 FA class (which is also star-studded) and the Sixers will have a great team come 2014-15.

    Or…Take a big risk with Bynum and trade Turner and Hawes for the best possible player. I’d even throw in our first-rounder this year if we had the chance to land Cousins.

  19. Steve Toll
    3. April 2013 at 15:41


    Thanks for the support. Your thoughts are clear, concise and on point. Like you said, this is a solid team if tanking isn’t an option. I’d like to hear yours and other people’s thoughts on how to spend the ~$13 mil if you were the GM. I think it will drum up some good discussion.


    As you said, there are alot of holes to fill and short of Dwight Howard, I figured depth was an important factor if tanking isn’t an option and building a competitive team was the goal

    I don’t know why they traded Dalembert in the first place.

    I have only seen a tiny tiny bit of Alex Len but he is only 19 and seems to have good upside. College Basketball isn’t something I enjoy watching my Len and Glenn Rob projections are just kinda throwin it against the wall

  20. Steve Toll
    3. April 2013 at 16:23


    The way the CBA works is that to get into the luxury tax, you either need to trade for a player who makes more than the outgoing salaries (within x%), retaining players through Bird Rights, resigning your own restricted free agents and using certain exception (mid level exception etc)

    Mayo is worth much what he is being paid right now, even if we could circumvent the CBA through *Magic*. I wouldn’t pay him over $4.5 million, dude is a choke artist:
    Scroll to the bottom, lol

    Unless the team Resigns Bynum+Wright or do a sign and trade (which is way less lucrative for a player under the new CBA), there is no way they can get into the luxury tax this offseason.

    I can live with Bynum getting resigned + sitting out next year, that would be some 9th level shit and something I’d seriously consider if I was in charge. Tank City Part 2.

    I really don’t see a way for ET to be traded this offseason except to get a player like Tyrus Thomas (2yr-18 mil). His trade value at this point is in the negative.

    While you hate Hawes, his 6.5 million represents about 27mpg of playing time presuming the salary cap is $60,000,000. A late 1st rd pick can be had for him but the 76ers aren’t exactly in a position of power if they want to trade him. An argument can be made for shipping him out for nothing in return like GSW did with Dorell for added cap space. The issues is that Hawes has shown promise and is still years away from his physical peak as a player.

    Furthermore, The last month Hawes is 15/10/4 with 2 blks, 2 TOs and a TS% of 57 in 32mpg. His PER is +20 along with a +.155 WS48

    I wouldn’t give up in him just yet, but Turner sucks, I hope he goes to Europe next year where he will (likely) dominate, t-Rex arms and all.

    Re-Sign Bynum have him sit out 13-14 > Tank with SwaggyP, Maggette > My Hypothetical Team > Resign Bynum have him play 13-14

  21. CG
    3. April 2013 at 16:48

    Steve wrote it, I do not read it.

  22. Jay
    3. April 2013 at 17:11

    Jrue is better than Calderon and it’s no contest. If you thought Jrue was bad at getting to the line, look at Calderon. He only takes 1 in 30 minutes that’s why his free throw% is so high. Just by looking at the points and assists, you can see Jrue contributes more points to his team by either scoring himself or assisting than Calderon has ever done. Even if the opponent scored a three pointer after every Jrue turnover a game that would be 12 points and if you subtract 12 points from Jrue’s total contribution it would still be higher than Calderon’s total contribution and we know Jrue is better than him on defense. Remember Jrue getting 33 and 13 vs him? Hitting the game tying shot and scoring like 12 points in overtime and just putting the team on his back like calderon could never dream of doing?

  23. Steve Toll
    3. April 2013 at 17:15


    That’s quite a declaration you made, little man

  24. Brennan
    3. April 2013 at 18:11

    My thing.with jrue’s turnovers is youth. People he is only 22. Calm down he will get better with more playing time. Remember brandon jennings was a turnover machine now averages around 2.7 to a game. Jrue just needs time.

  25. Jon in LA
    3. April 2013 at 18:17

    A lot of people are really dissing this year’s draft. While it doesn’t have many big name game changers, it’s pretty deep and I think you’ll be surprised how many solid players might come out of it.

    I mean, look at the 2009 draft, which Bill Simmons wrote that day, “Trust me: It’s the worst draft class since the infamous Kenyon Martin Draft in 2000.”

    Turns out that not only did you get Blake Griffin, James Harden, Steph Curry, Ricky Rubio, and Holiday, you got quite a few other key starters for teams (DeRozan, Jennings, Tyreke Evans, ect.) A pretty solid draft.

    So I wouldn’t count out this year’s draft as a bust. If there is one thing that’s known, it’s that no one knows anything.

    There’s also like ten 7 footers in this draft. So if teams go big early, maybe a guard falls late into our pick. Or we just get another white 7 footer so that we have one combined heart between him and Hawes.

    Or I’d love for us to trade Turner to move a few spots. I doubt this would happen, but you gotta figure any team that is ahead of us is pretty bad, and bad teams love to make bad trades.

  26. LarryM
    3. April 2013 at 18:43

    It’s interesting, Steve makes a post that, while open to criticism, is semi-reasonable, at least by his standards, then goes crazy in the comment section. The thing is, even if Steve was even close to as knowledgeable as he thinks he is, his rudeness and really almost frightening psychosis should be enough to have him banned on this site and everywhere. He’s lucky we only institutionalize the most disturbed individuals these days.

    But in fairness to Steve, really the next off season is going to be a really tough one, and most of the guys he wants to target are decent players. I do think that a better non-tanking strategy is to use most of the available money for a true star. BUT that’s a tall order. And a bunch of solid role players is better than spending a ton of money on an expensive player who isn’t a real difference maker. Really NO ONE can say now what various players are going for. Certainly not psycho Steve with his often bizarre notions of market value. So this entire exercise is sort of silly.

    But IF those guys are available as cheaply as Steve thinks they will be, and IF they can’t get Bynum to sign a team favorable contract (which they might be able to, because of the injury risk), then his proposal is not half bad.

    That said, the notion of giving multi-year contracts to a bunch of mediocre players rubs me the wrong way. If they can’t get a difference maker, I’d rather just use the cap space on one year contracts. But OTOH, that comes close to being a tanking strategy.

    As for the long term, I hate to say it but I don’t know if there IS a plan that works. Hope that Jrue keeps improving, AND this year’s lottery pick develops into a star, AND a couple years from now they manage to find the cap room for another superstar. I guess. It’s asking for a lot.

  27. Steve Toll
    3. April 2013 at 18:59


    Calderon: 11.4pts (61.6 TS%), 7.1 AST, 1.7 TO, +12 Off-Def Rating in 29.6mpg
    JHoliday: 18.4pts (50.5 TS%), 8.5 AST, 3.9 TO, -6 Off-Def Rating in 38.4mpg

    JHoliday numbers on average in 29.6mog: 14.1pts, 6.5AST, 3 TO

    Calderon is a career 87.7% from the Free Throw Line, he is shooting 89.3% this year, that is why his FT% is “so high”

    Hope this cleared things up

  28. Adam
    3. April 2013 at 19:45

    OK, you are right toll, i didnt not say that FA only works when a team already has an elite player on the roster… forgive me for assuming commense sense would imply that. but u cant be that literal man, you had to know what my actual point was, so why get so snarky?

    yeah, if wade wasnt on the heat, the heat would have had cap space… but that is irrelevent since that changes the landscape of EVERYTHING and in that scenario LBJ probably ends up in NY or chicago… or stays in cleveland.

    if tanking for th draft isnt an option, and FA pickups of role players is your only option… then whats even the point? youll never win a winning NBA team that way…. its never EVER been done before. YOU NEED TO STRIKE GOLD IN THE DRAFT TO BUILD A CONTENDER!!! the only team thats ever won a title without drafting a franchise player is the pistons… and thats such a small percentage (1 team in the last what… 30+years) that it cant even be called a reliable formula to winning.

  29. Jon
    3. April 2013 at 19:56

    Sooooo yeah my thoughts on the sixers pretty much are either we sign Bynum and he comes back healthy next year, or were screwed!!! Because while I’m not totally sure if Steve disagrees with this or not but jrue has the potential to be a superstar in this league and appears to be on his way. Couple that with a dominant Bynum and this team is well on it’s way to contending. Jrue alone leaves this team as mediocre. I just can’t wait till Aaron holiday is old enough to declare for the draft and we take him with the #1 pick!!!

  30. Kevin
    3. April 2013 at 20:21

    As for this comment by you “Is the goal to be mediocre for 2 years with bad draft picks and attempt to his FA hard in 2015? That hasnt historically provided teams with chanpionships…. Ever.”

    “Ummmmm…… The 2009 Miami Heat won 43 games and lost in the 1st rd of the playoffs. The 2010 Miami Heat won 47 games and lost in the 1st rd of the playoffs. That offseason, the team signed Lebron and Bosh….. How did that work out? CHAMPIONSHIP OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”


    So tell me Steve, since you use that Heat team as your example, what 2 players are the Sixers going to sign that are on the same talent level as LeBron James and Chris Bosh? Also, what player do they have at this point that is on par with DWade? 2 very important questions for this to even mean anything in this entire debate.

    What happened for the Heat will never happen for the 76ers which is why Adam makes a great point. And how does bringing in multiple players that have been nothing more than journeymen benefit this team or elevate them in any way? None of the players have been proven winners either. Calderon and Dalembert are routinely on terrible teams, and Brewer has never been a vital cog to a championship run. The only player with a ring is Birdman and thats only because of “The Big 3”. This is a good way to retain mediocrity and frustration in the hearts of all 6ers fans.

  31. Kevin
    3. April 2013 at 20:26

    * The only player that will have a ring

  32. Keith
    3. April 2013 at 22:08

    Like I said before, I like Steve’s options, but here are some other names that could come cheap. I am not as well versed in salary caps, but this is what I came up with. Obviously, the Sixers can’t do all of these, but maybe mix and match with some of Steve’s guys.

    Grab Randy Foye for 3.5M per year for 2 or 3 years.

    Pay CJ Watson 2 or 2.5M per year for 2 years. He would have to not take his player option in Brooklyn.

    Sign Jarrett Jack for 6M per year for 2 years.

    I also thought maybe grab Billups (if he was real cheap), AJ Price (again, maybe for only 1M), or even Belinelli (probably in the 3M range).

    And of course, bring back Dalembert.

  33. CG
    3. April 2013 at 22:44

    I’m not living in my parents basement, ‘little man’…

  34. Steve Toll
    3. April 2013 at 23:55

    CP3 has basically had the same Usage and TO% his whole career, as has Steve Nash.

    Jennings slight drop in TO% is directly correlated to a lower usage
    Why so sure about Jrue?

  35. Steve Toll
    4. April 2013 at 00:01

    Jon in LA,

    Bill Simmons is a clown as it pertains to ball knowledge.

    The 76ers can’t give ET away, he is a negative asset.


    Except I have given examples of why I believe there market value is where its at.

    People ahead of the curve, often seem crazy. I don’t sugarcoat things because that doesn’t do anyone any good. Where did all the haters go? The answer is away because I’ve been right since day 1 and my trial by fire has ended without the slightest burn.

    Don’t be mad, be glad that you can bask in my greatness while I’m here

  36. Steve Toll
    4. April 2013 at 00:08


    The point your making in regards to the draft is well known but you made a statement that was true under circumstances that weren’t mentioned and in many ways absurd.


    Making comments and talking is circles isn’t making a point especialy when your wrong. Step your game up

  37. Steve Toll
    4. April 2013 at 00:12


    Randy Four and CJ Watson are atrocious.

    As for Jarrett Jack, a good rule of thumb: NEVER give a raise to a player who will be 30 at the start a season

  38. Steve Toll
    4. April 2013 at 00:42


    Its a nice basement though…

    You come at the King, you best not miss

  39. Adam
    4. April 2013 at 00:56

    Steve, u say youre ahead of the curve, yet the roster you put together isnt a very good team. At best theyre a playoff bubble team for 2 years with little value in terms of trade assets.

    So ill ask again, how do u turn that mediocre roster into an nba championship contender????

  40. Eric
    4. April 2013 at 01:03

    This is one of the most ridiculous articles I’ve read in a while. You suggest the Sixers pick up a bunch of old players on 2 or 3 year deals if tanking isn’t plausible. The only thing these pick ups get us are a first round playoff exit and a lost draft pick. Although I agree that right now Calderon is a better pure point guard then Jrue, Calderon is also almost 10 years older. Giving Calderon the spot at PG would only stunt Jrue’s growth by taking the ball out of his hands. Doug is already hurting young guys’ growth like Moultrie, Jenkins, and Justin Holiday by starting Damien Wilkins and arguably Hawes. Hawes has his days, but for the most part gets man-handled regularly. You suggest these lateral moves and then disrespect everyone that has other opinions? Spare me. I would rather resign Bynum and if he’s hurt we have a shot of Wiggins.

  41. Steve Toll
    4. April 2013 at 01:44

    Let’s go over what you think is ridiculous

    1. Signing quality NBA players who fit needs, if the decision to tank is off the table

    2. I suggest bringing in the guy with the best assist:turnover ratio in the NBA who has an 11% higher TS% than Jrue to run the point for 30mpg and allow Jrue to play off the ball 18mpg, where he will unquestionable be more effective than at PG.

    3. In your opinion bringing in a guy who’d be a great mentor to Jrue would stunt his growth

    4. Moultrie and Justin Holiday, both of whom are terrible, are having their “growth stunted” because of DC playing Wilkins and Hawes. Holiday will be back in the D-League next year. Hawes is only 2 years older than Moultrie and a far better player.
    Don’t compare his situation to Vucevic, they are in no way comparable.

    5. This is a hypothetical article and if you think there is a chance in hell that Bynum is more valuable than Calderon+Brewer+Birdman+Dalembert than LOL buddy

    6. I already made this point “Re-Sign Bynum have him sit out 13-14 > Tank with SwaggyP, Maggette > My Hypothetical Team > Resign Bynum have him play 13-14”

  42. Jon in LA
    4. April 2013 at 02:43


    Bill Simmons wasn’t the only one down on that draft. My point being is that you can’t tell how players are going to play in NBA and which ones will be studs. Why was Damien Lillard drafted 6th then? Everyone said that only Anthony Davis would have an impact in last years draft. No one thought Lillard would be this good.

    And you seem to believe that most NBA GM’s are idiots (which I agree). So why is it hard to believe that one of those idiots wouldn’t want Turner? If we can give Kwame Brown a second year player option, someone could take Turner.

  43. Kevin
    4. April 2013 at 07:34

    Steve, what part of my comment was wrong and what was talking in circles? There will be no combination of talent on the level of Bosh and James for the 76ers to sign and DWade isn’t on the roster. Point Blank. So your Miami Heat case is irrelevant as are the players you want to bring in. They have never won anything or been close to it and Brewer and Calderon have had trouble staying healthy. Add to the fact that Calderon, while being a very efficient PG, is a horrid defender and the opposing guard he faces is constantly more efficient. How does your plan for a team that gets outscored by 3.5 PPG involve bring in a player that constantly gets torched for more than he produces? How about next time explain how you disagree (and why you’re right) instead of making a broad generalized statement without providing any type of information. Bring your A game Steve.

  44. Fu
    4. April 2013 at 09:40

    Thanks Steve, this article has been waited for way too long.

    1. Why Thad on 4 while you re preaching for him playing 3?
    2. Birdman a center? Seriously?
    3. Should your scenario be followed (which is highly unlikely given your differences with 76 management) what would be the plan on the medium run? I don t really get it.

  45. Steve Toll
    4. April 2013 at 10:00

    Jon in LA,

    I admittedly don’t much follow college bball but even I am aware this looks to be a weak one. Any attempt of connecting the 09 draft class with this years draft is a joke. I don’t know who this “everyone” is you are referring to about the ’12 draft. . Players take time to develop, Lillard was the most developed in the entire draft.

    A 2012 redraft goes: Drummond, Davis, MKG, Beal, Lillard

    Why the interest in trading Turner? Not only does he have no value whatsoever, he is a great piece to have in a tanking situation….. He totally sucks (7 out of 8 games)

    I’ve yet to hear a plausible explanation for trading Evan Turner or Spencer Hawes and yet people continue to throw that out there. It’s kinda baffling, unless you think that adding a healthy Bynum makes this a ~50 win team (hint: it don’t) which accomplishes what exactly?

    If Bynum plays 82games this year, here is what comes of it:
    4vs5 dogfight in the 1st rd.
    No draft pick
    13-14 team is Bynum,Jrue,Thad,Hawes,Lavoy,Wright,J-Rich, ET, Moultrie, Kwame, minimum salary player XYZ
    Another 4vs5 dogfight in the 1st rd, best case scenario
    2014 Offseason: Bynum,Jrue,Thad,J-Rich,Moultrie take up almost 46 million in cap room

    That Bynum trade sure was awesome, it’s a good thing Dileo and DC has such an adept understanding of the CBA

  46. freezer
    4. April 2013 at 10:08

    I think Jrue is good off the ball but while I think calderons a good pro, I think hes past his prime and too much a liability on defense, and I dont think he wants to take a back seat to anyone.
    R.Brewer- cannot shoot, cannot get on the floor for good teams.
    D.Wright- i agree, he should come back
    Birdman- for me, him and andray blatche are in a never ending battle for most disgusting human being in the nba.
    Dalembert- Ive always been high on dalembert but hes such a headcase i dont think you could bring him back.

    The guys i think we should go after are as follows:
    Jarret Jack-would fill the lou will 6th man role better than lou will could and could legit backup both gaurd spots with above avg play on both sides of the court. I wouldnt go over 3 years 20 mill.
    Corey Brewer-Legit stopper, excellent on the break, can hit the three and spread the floor alittle bit, and very good intangibles. not over 3 years 14, ideally 2 for 11 mill
    Milsap- for this is the most important signing I think if we could get him on a deal similiar to Thad youngs we would be set. Obviously wed need another center but the way the years playing out were going to be in the back end of the lottery where theres not really going to be alot left outside of project centers. Just signing Jack and Milsap would put us on par with everybody outside of the heat.

  47. freezer
    4. April 2013 at 10:15

    woww buddy, check your tone when talking about simmons, lol, you aint on that level

  48. Brennan
    4. April 2013 at 11:50

    The reason,for my assurance is the fact that doug collins is forcing jrue with the minutes and having the pressure of being the man each and every night. Thats alot for a young man to handle. Having a coach like mckie will do wonders allowing jrue to ease into the role of being the man. Jennings had the luxury of playing under scott skiles who really was on him reguarding his play.

  49. Steve Toll
    4. April 2013 at 12:25



    FYI only 5 points guards in the NBA have a higher PER and WS48 than Jose Calderon

    I was citing the Miami Heat as an example (albeit extreme) of why the comment made by Adam was wrong. You then ask what 2 players the 76ers will sign that are on Lebron+Bosh Level and who is on par with D-Wade
    The issue with that is the 76ers don’t have the cap room that the Heat did BUT may in the future. Also at this time Jrue isn’t close to D-Wade BUT after 2 mediocre seasons by the 76ers, Jrue heading into the 2015 offseason could be close a 3x All-Star and looked at as a top 20 player.
    You comment “I must answer those 2 questions for there to be a debate” which is asinine because of the presumptions that must be made and all I was doing was proving that Adam was wrong.

    You then presume that in the future history of the NBA as long as it is in existence, the 76ers will never have something like what happened with the Heat happen.
    You then ask a question a bunch of stupid questions and make even more absurd assumptions which show a general misunderstanding of very simple concepts that are laid out in this article

    LOL at your point about injuries, please read below:
    Calderon has played AT MINIMUM 83% or more of the games each of the past 5 years. Brewer played 81 games in 2011, 66 games in 2012 and had some injury issues this year and has been far too many DNP-CD’s because his coaches (brooks,woodson) aren’t too sharp

    That enough of an explanation for you?

  50. Steve Toll
    4. April 2013 at 12:35

    Good Questions:

    1. Thad playing ~28mpg at PF is a product of the surrounding team. In this scenario, Thad, Hawes, Dalembert, Birdman are the 4 best available frontcourt players.
    2. Birdman would play both PF/C, it would depend on matchups. I should have listed him under both PF/C
    3. I don’t much understand your question but will happily answer if you could clarify. This is an article on a non-tank scenario what I feel would be the best course of action.

    You are off base on Calderon and Brewer, by a country mile. Correct about D-Wright. Please explain your Birdman comments. Dalembert will likely follow what little money he is offered.
    A good rule of thumb is don’t give a raise to player who will be 30 at the start of a season, so Jarrett Jack gets 5mil a year MAX
    LOL at paying Corey Brewer 5.5 million a year, he won’t get half that.
    Millsap will get a 4yr/48 million, easily.

  51. Steve Toll
    4. April 2013 at 12:41


    Don’t take this the wrong way, but have you had a Cat Scan recently? If not, I know a guy……..

    I just told you that CP3 and Steve Nash have had the same turnovers and usage correlation their whole career. It’s also the same for John Stockton and countless others.
    Scott Skiles is a defensive coach who basically ran a free for all offense in Milwaukee. That is a fact, and not up for debate.

    So after re-reading this, tell me again why you are so sure that Holiday will suddenly not be a high turnover guy.
    Please Please Please don’t use the intangible talk of “pressure, youth, not the right coach”
    Because again it didn’t change for Stockton, CP3 or Nash at any point in their career

  52. Eric
    4. April 2013 at 13:32


    1. Quality NBA players don’t win championships, superstars do

    2. You’re advising starting Calderon at PG, that is the issue. Calderon getting the PG minutes with our starters would stunt Jrue’s growth.

    3. See point 2

    4. Since you’re obviously an analytics guy, how exactly is Moultrie terrible considering he has the third highest PER on the team behind Thad and Jrue, who just so happen to be our two best players? Why start players like Wilkins in a lost season when we could be evaluating our young players to build for the future?

    5. Again, Bynum (when healthy, which is admittedly a big if) is a superstar. Superstars draw other superstars/win championships. Period.

    6. In no way is this hypothetical team a better option than resigning Bynum and having him play in 2013-14. Bynum, Jrue and Thad are 25 and under, allowing them to grow together. As I said previously, this hypothetical team would MAYBE get us a bottom 3 seed in the East and a first round spanking at the hands of Miami/Brooklyn/New York

    P.S. It’s unprofessional to just add LOL’s, call people buddy and other “pet names”, and say “Step your game up”. These things don’t make you look any smarter/professional. Don’t post an article on the internet if you don’t want people to have other opinions.

  53. Steve Toll
    4. April 2013 at 14:34


    1. Teams with Superstars and quality role players win NBA Championships

    2. Why would playing with a good player stunt Jrue as a player? Is it because how well things worked out when Iggy left, and how ET became a stud?

    3. Have you considered that I know far more than you and my conjecture that “jrue is currently best served playing off the ball” is correct?

    4. Eye Test

    5. Tell me about the CBA. You should be the GM of OKC, then they’d still have James Harden. Bynum will be 26 before the start of next year. He also has major injury issues along with being a malcontent except under the right circumstances.

    6. The fact that you think that team would be a bottom 3 playoff team is hilarious. What exactly did you think was gonna happen with the 76ers current roster and $13,000,000 in cap space?> You’re wrong btw, this team is better than BKN, ATL, BOS, MIL and would be hosting a 4vs5 matchup. Think what you want

    7. On a real level, the 76ers have to tank. The Bynum trade was a mistake when it happened AND I was the ONLY person who said it, regardless of how this year turned out. The average fan has a gross misunderstanding of the CBA and how to team build. The 76ers shot themselves in the foot with their decisions the entire offseason, not just the Bynum trade and there is nowhere to go but a likely 1st rd exit and middling lottery picks until the tank mode is in full effect.

    PS I didn’t know writing LOL was unprofessional but it’s certainly not my most egregious act of the many of the list of ‘unprofessional’. I use “buddy” because you are all my bodies. I call it how I see it and letting my people know they should “step there game up” is meant as motivation for people to make stronger more researched arguments AND IT WORKS. If you have read my stuff, you know that I don’t feel the need to make myself look smarter…. I’m the self-proclaimed ‘best 76er writer in the known universe’
    I want people to have opinions, and it fascinates me to hear other peoples points of view which is why I engage people in discussion. IF you think that I am not gonna tell someone they are wrong or muffle my thoughts, well you must be the president of a communist country but this the USA, greatest place on earth that I love dearly.

    TL;DR Version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFgXF0a_Yw4

  54. Brennan
    4. April 2013 at 15:10

    Lol funny steve. Really all I am saying is give jrue more time to develop. All he needs is more expierence in this league.

  55. Brennan
    4. April 2013 at 15:20

    Also steve younger point guards tend to make more head scratching plays. Take javale mcgee, I know not a pg but a young player. In washington he made bone headed plays and even now in denver he still does from time to time but the key is that they are down from what they used to be. Maturation can be the turning point in nba careers. Now I will give it to you that there are there are the kyrie irvings every now and then but really players need all they playing time they can get so that they make mistakes and learn from them. Look at kemba walker, spent three seasins at uconn and gained that expierence needed to help him now. Imagine if he left prematurly and had to deal with being on te bobcats. Expierence is and alwats will be the best teacher steve thats all im saying.

  56. Brennan
    4. April 2013 at 15:42

    Another thing steve you have a hof member in stockto, and two future hof members in nash and paul. Whats so wrong about that again? Look at where there careers went.

  57. freezer
    4. April 2013 at 15:52

    Calderon just wouldnt be a good fit, he needs to play for a contender to accept being a role player. He would also be an even bigger liability on D for the sixers then he has been for the pistons or the raptors this year because we dont have anything close to the interior defenders those teams do. Every point guard in the league could literally walk into the paint and make a simple play. J. Jack is a far superior perimeter Defender and I can easily imagine a Jack, Holiday backcourt being a + on both ends of the floor. Thats mainly why I would overpay JAck, plus that guys going to play forever, hes the most andre miller esque PG I can think of and a perfect mentor for holiday.
    As far Ronnie Brewer I wouldnt mind if the sixers signed him, I just think that even at 5mill a year Corey Brewer would be a way better add. Hes 6’9 plays hard and fast, doesnt need the ball, and hasnt really been given much of a chance yet.
    I love Milsap even at 4/48, he would make us such a tougher team and we could move Thad back to his bench role where hes really effective, obviously I want to D up and run next year.

    Birdman should be kicked out of the league by now, from his seedy drug suspension to when he got kicked off the nuggets for child porn charges, I dont care if he beat it, I cannot root for that guy.

  58. Steve Toll
    4. April 2013 at 16:06

    Your point about Kemba Walker is wrong, he’d of been far better off entering the NBA as soon as possible.

    Access to $, coaching, the best players in the world would only help his maturation process….. not hinder it

    I wasn’t in any way comparing those 3 players to Holiday, I was purely using them as an example for why you should temper certain expectations in regards to Holiday

  59. Datruth4life2.0
    4. April 2013 at 16:32

    A better offseason plan:

    1) Let go of Doogie & T. Dileo (hire GM Kevin Pritchard and coach Nate McMillan instead)

    2) Sign Bynum to a 2-year deal with a team option for a 3rd year (2 years, $32M, team option for $20M the third year)

    3) Sign Sammy D. to a 2-year deal to be Bynum’s backup (2 years, $8M total)

    4) Find the best deal that you can with $19.3M in expirings (ET, Hawes, Krummie, L. Allen) for a player or draft picks. If not altogether, then trade ET for SG Tyreke Evans of the Kings.

    5) Draft Alex Len or Oladipo with your Top 8 lottery pick. Make your 2-second picks count to stock the end of the bench. (Would also look at moving Hawes in a separate deal for a 2013 1st rd pick to select C G. Dieng of Louisville).

    6) Pick up the options for PG C. Jenkins and SG Justin Holiday.

    7) Resign D. Wright to a 2-year deal; bring back D. Wilkins for vet minimum

    8) With these moves, the 76ers have $19.3M in expirings for the summer of 2014 and $30M in expiring contracts for the summer of 2015 with the expirings of Bynum, J. Rich, Sammy D. You have the cap room to add your final pieces to contend in the summer of 2015 or hit the reset button and blow it up if Bynum isn’t healthy.

    Starting: Bynum, Moultrie, Thad, T. Evans, J. Holiday

    Bench: Oladipo or A. Len, Sammy D., Hawes, D. Wright, 2 second-rounders, D. Wilkins, C. Jenkins, Justin Holiday, L. Allen.

  60. Brennan
    4. April 2013 at 16:45

    Kemba as a man would not accept that. I watched him all three years and having the money great players and coaches is all good but he felt as a,man that he needed to mature more. He would not want to go to the nba just to get there, he wanted to make it and be sucessful personally.
    Also I was not comparing jrue to thise greats, I was saying that so what they turned the ball over alot they were still sucessful. If jrue has the motor then anything is possible. Not everything is about numbers steve remember that.

  61. Steve Toll
    4. April 2013 at 16:46


    Calderon is better than Holiday by alot, get over it

    Calderon, Accept being a role player? He’d play 30mpg at PG, but I forget we are in Philly where people use the term “role player” for everything because they don’t know any better

    You couldn’t quantify Calderon’s defensive abilities for all the tea in China and here is an interesting fact: Jrue is an average defender, nothing more

    Jarrett Jack plays nothing like Andre Miller, get that ish outta here. How can you justify overpaying for an aging veteran and using up half the teams cap space?

    Ronnie Brewer > Corey Brewer and paying 5mil to Brewer would be INSANELY TERRIBLE.

    If we signed Millsap, Thad would be our starting SF, Millsap would also be our only free agent move because he’d at up the whole cap.

    What you said about Birdman and child porn is literally untrue and grounds for a libel lawsuit that you would lose considering the topic. The drug part you are right about though

  62. Chris M
    4. April 2013 at 18:18

    I get that Jrue’s AST>TO ratio is horrible this year, but I feel like any PG would have trouble distributing to the mutts we have on this team, half of which can’t even move off the ball and just stand around like they’re mesmerized someone is actually paying them to play in the NBA (altho this has slightly improved lately). Given this, his AST/G average for the lowest scoring team in the NBA is impressive, and his TOs are put into their proper perspective.
    Can’t we build around him at PG by actually giving him viable options to pass to?

  63. Eric
    4. April 2013 at 18:43


    1. Jrue and Thad could be those quality role players, because I don’t believe either of them to be superstars.

    2. Calderon would be taking minutes from Jrue at the position that this organization is convinced to have him play! How are you not understanding that? I love Calderon as a player but if we want Jrue to blossom than we need to give him minutes. If Calderon came off the bench and only cost about $3 mill, I would absolutely do it.

    3. Have you considered that the Sixers front office/coaches know more than YOU do? And that their drafting him to play PG despite being a SG in college is correct?

    4. Rebounding translates from college to the NBA, Moultrie was a double digit rebounder in college so why not give him a shot considering this team is below average at rebounding? And the only reason we are close to average is because we get almost 11/game from Turner & Jrue.

    5. I dislike Bynum just as much as the next guy, but the fact is he will HOPEFULLY be discounted this summer because of being a major risk (although I wanted be surprised to see someone sign him to the max). So take him on a 2 year deal with a team option for a third? Why not

    6. There is no way a Starting 5 of Calderon, Jrue, Wright, Thad, and Anderson is better than Williams, Johnson, Wallace, Evans, and Lopez. And although I hate to admit it, Boston’s lineup of Bradley/Rondo, Lee, Pierce, Bass, and Garnett are better too.

    7. Agreed, the Sixers need to tank. However I don’t think the trade was necessarily a mistake. There were two possible good outcomes, one being that he is healthy and we are a top 3 or 4 seed in the playoffs. The other being that he is hurt and we either sign him short term at a discount or let him walk. Either way there was minimal risk, and it sure beat a low seed in the playoffs year after year. I love Iggy as a player, but he just wasn’t the right for this team right now.

    P.S. I’m not asking that you muffle your thoughts by any means, I think it’s great that you communicate with your readers. The problem is that you don’t “engage in discussion”, you just tell people they are wrong. The fact is that they are opinions and not a single opinion is right or wrong.

  64. Steve Toll
    4. April 2013 at 19:58

    DATruth4life 2.0,

    How are things going in outer space?


    Believe what you want, but NBA players are best served entering the league as soon as possible.

    I never said that CP3, Stockton and Nash turned it over a lot. I said that their TO% and Usage stayed interconnected their whole career and they all basically averaged the same numbers their whole career

  65. Kevin
    4. April 2013 at 20:46

    I understand the Heat comment was extreme and the context it was used in. However, it is still irrelevant if that isn’t part of your plan. Otherwise, your “hypothetical plan” is to remain a bottom of the barrel playoff squad that gets bounced in the first round. I also love seeing you refer to Jrue as a potential top 20 player in the future when as I remember you absolutely hated his team friendly contract. Anyway on to my main points.

    Calderon- Here is an exert from the scouting report/analysis(by John Hollinger I believe on ESPN.com(my cited information) – “But the biggest shortcoming is his defense. Calderon was less visibly awful last season than in previous campaigns, but he remains a speed bump for any guard with speed. Synergy rated him as one of the worst point guards in the game, and opposing point guards blistered him for a 17.8 PER, according to 82games.com. Additionally, Calderon had some of the lowest rates of blocks and steals at his position, and the Raptors gave up 6.9 points per 100 possessions more with him on the court. Any way you slice it, he grades out as a major liability on this end”

    Calderon’s PER is 18.9 this season. His highest since 08-09. Last year it was 16.73 which is less than 17.8 last time I checked.

    As for injuries, Calderon has missed at least 14 games per season since 08-09 which does come out to playing 83% of the games as you pointed out. I don’t look at it as “He played 83% of the games this year”. I choose to look at it like ” Damnit, he missed double digit games again”. This year he could play 72. Either way, he is getting older and the trend of him missing double digit games isn’t likely to change which isn’t good for your plan. It would leave the 6ers without a valid backup PG which would be eerily similar to this season. Combine that with his defensive woes and Calderon makes no sense for this team in my opinion.

    As for Brewer, he has missed a fair amount of time in 09, 11, and now this year because of injuries. He has actually played through a nagging injury this year, the swelling that is occurring in his knees after he tore meniscus in his knee and had surgery that kept him out of preseason.

    Overall, in recent years (3/4), there has been a trend of Brewer missing numerous games due to injury and probably toughed out more that he could have missed which I give him credit for and admire as a fan. Still, the 6ers need talent that will stay on the floor.

  66. Brennan
    4. April 2013 at 22:10

    That is the most unheard of thing I have ever heard. You mean to tell me that michael kidd gilchrest is best served by leaving after one year? His game is way too raw to even determine what his skill set is. Anthony davis the preseason runaway for ROY is not polished offense wise. In fact the starting five of kentucky is really under achieving. Marquis teage is a benchwarmer even with derrick roses’ injury. Doran lamb is a benchwarmer for the hornets, and terrence jones has flip flopped with the d league more times.that brett favre decidung wheather or not to retire or not. You mean to tell me that if they could they would not go back? And the best part is that damuen lilard is the runaway ROY, HE SPENT THREE YEARS AT WEBER STATE POLISHING HIS GAME!

  67. Steve Toll
    4. April 2013 at 22:33

    Chris M,

    In time, a nice team can be assembled. Fact of the matter is that Jrue in an inefficient offensive player and ~average on defense right now. His 1st priority should be attempting more 3pt shots but he has stated in interviews “I don’t feel like I need to shoot 3s, that’s my teammates job”

    Jrue can one day develop into a very good NBA player but he isn’t one right now. Team building is luck, making the right moves, coaching, avoiding injuries and its often made hard by head scratching front office moves and/or by almost every team.

    It will be interesting to see how Jrue is thought of in a few years as it seems the team will have approximately 0 playoff success during that time

  68. Steve Toll
    4. April 2013 at 22:57


    1. I agree somewhat. Holiday making the All-Star will have a negative effect on him going forward as it was an aberration in many ways and the teams success will now be linked with him like it was Iguodala.

    2. The organization is wrong about what is best for Jrue, at least right now. Calderon would be a great teacher, take the pressure off of him and he fits a position of need.
    http://philadunkia.com/?p=7692 I still believe this to be true

    3. LOL No, I’ll certainly admit they will do a better job than me evaluating college talent as I dont even watch it because my eyes bleed but when it comes to NBA, it’s not even close. Jrue played SG in college because the guy playing PG was better + Jrue was bigger

    4. Thad at 4 is the biggest rebounding issue the team has on average

    5. Calderon+Brewer+Birdman+Dalembert > Bynum
    If people understood the new CBA, they’d of been up in arms about the Bynum trade when it happened.

    6. Then I guess it’s a good thing the same 5 guys don’t play 48 minutes each…

    7. Bynum being healthy was a possibility, Rose+Rondo+NeNe+Wall+Granger+Lou+countless others all could have been healthy too. Injuries are a part of the game and people massively overrate the effect that Bynum would have on the 76ers. As it is the team has a -3.4 point differential, if you think that Bynum is good enough to turn this team into a 3/4 seed then you are saying that Bynum is ~Lebron

    PS I disagree. My opinions have shown to be right more often than not. If that wasn’t true, all of my haters would still be around but most have disappeared because they are so upset about being wrong while I’ve been spot on for the most part.
    I am how I am because I want people to see the truth, sugarcoating is of no help to anyone

  69. Steve Toll
    4. April 2013 at 23:32


    Sort by Hollinger, know everything. If you were trying to make a point, you have failed.

    Please build a better team, hypothetically, with $13,000,000 than I did.


    Let me explain this in as simple terms as possible:

    Would the NBA be better if every guy in the League was sent to a NBA run basketball school from near infancy where they are fed, trained and live a basketball life….just like the Barcelona Youth Team/School of Soccer or as they grew up?

    If you can’t understand why that makes sense, you are either lying or daft

  70. Brennan
    4. April 2013 at 23:54


    I agree with that some nba players should leave ahead of time like kevin durant, kyrie irving. However it doesnt mean that every player has the same make up. If mkg was still in kentuky he might have developed into a more well rounded player. Do you agree steve?

  71. Steve Toll
    5. April 2013 at 01:59


    Are you on bath salts? How does being in the NBA somehow stop MKG from developing but college will only help!!!!

    Seriously, imagine a parallel universe where MKG is a college sophomore who will be in the lottery this summer. Do you think there is even a 1% chance that that MKG in the parallel universe will be better next year than the MKG who is currently a rookie on the bobcats.

    Hint: There isn’t

    13-14 MKG 2nd Year on Bobcats > 13-14 Parellel Uni MKG who stayed at Kentucky

  72. JJ
    5. April 2013 at 08:01

    What’s the end game for that roster?

  73. Steve Toll
    5. April 2013 at 10:03


    The 76ers end game involves tanking and miracles. In lieu of that, and with the state of the current roster; this is about as good as it gets if winning bball games next year is the priority.

    The new CBA changes things dramatically as fans of the 76ers are going to find out going forward.

    The team needs a ball handler, wing defender, defensive minded front court players and to retain Dorell Wright.

    I think the team should tank, I wrote at least 1 unpublished piece as soon as the first Bynum injury happened that full blown tanking was the teams best option.

  74. freezer
    5. April 2013 at 11:20

    -You cant possibly believe Calderon is better then Holiday, and that hed push Holiday off the ball for 30 mins a game, you crazy. I think calderon is a far superior basketball mind, but in terms of production and talent Holiday is way better. Holiday is a five pitch starter, calderon is a two pitch closer.
    -Jarret Jack is better than Calderon as well and hes younger. When I compared him to andre Miller I meant in terms of size and how they both control tempo and play at a slow pace. Jacks style of play will enable him to play at a high level for another contract.
    -I didnt check the numbers with the cap, sucks if your right. I would still love to get Milsap though.
    -look the less said about birdman the better but since you accused me of libel im gonna set the record stright.Google this stuff if you dont believe me. What I said about birdman is about 100% true he was charged in connection in a childporn case, he house was searched he was charged and his lawyer got the charges dropped on the basis that he was being setup by an overzealous fan. I never said he was convicted I said he was charged and I dont care that he beat the charges, and his excuse is absurd. If hes so innocent how did the nuggets find grounds to terminate a 10million$ contract and why did the union do nothing. Furthermore why did it take him like two years to find a job?

  75. Rob Y
    5. April 2013 at 11:52


    1) I agree with you that Birdman, Sammy D, and Jose Calderon are all very solid players and could work well together. Calderon could definitely help the Sixers offensively and would create more open 3s for players like Wright and Jrue. Sixers would also have strong safety net with some of the better interior defenders in the league with Birdman and Sammy D, who I assume would split 48 minutes at Center(Pistons are now a significantly stronger team with Drummond back). Eyeballing it, your hypothetical team below seems pretty solid on paper, but I think you may be missing some reasons why your team, below, could struggle:

    Starters: Calderon, Jrue, Wright, Thad, Birdman/Sammy D
    Bench: ET, Brewer, J-Rich, Moultrie, Lavoy, Hawes

    2) My first reaction is that this team’s starting 5 looks eerily similar to the Detroit Pistons. You have Calderon, a small 2 in Jrue (similar to Brandon Knight), a good PF (Thad/Monroe), and strong defensive centers (Birdman + Sammy/Drummond). Jrue and Wright are obviously better than Knight and Singler but Thad + Birdman/Sammy D are not necessarily as good as Monroe + Drummond. Personally, I do not believe that the Sixers should be striving for mediocrity, which the Pistons currently are at best. The Sixers are still better off taking a gamble with what we have in Bynum (although I too believed it was a bad trade at the time. In my previous post I argued that the Sixers should have fought after James Harden for last season [2012-2013], not for the 2013-2014 season which I believe you misinterpreted). That said, I still believe Jrue would not only best serve as a PG in this league, but is also a potentially solid 3rd or 4th option on a championship team.

    3) Jrue should eventually learn that he will become much more effecient by taking more 3s, taking less midrange jumpers, and trying to draw more contact in the paint. Let’s keep in mind he is only 22 years old and still developing. Although Jrue may have said that his job is not to shoot 3s, a better coach than DC will immediately show him why he was incorrect in his thinking. Currently, Jrue does not have the luxury to take these 3s or have a easy lane to the paint because the rest of his team is so mediocre. You could argue that players like Kyrie Irving are able to maintain their scoring efficiency at a high rate by taking more 3s and getting to the rim without a strong supporting cast as well. Although I would agree that Jrue will never be in the same category as Kyrie, I believe he still has much to learn and I have confidence he will become a smarter shooter under a new coach and that he will get to the line more if he toughens up a bit (His lefty dunks are one of the more tenacious dunks in the league right now). I think putting Jrue at 2 would only lower his ceiling as a player for the future although it may be a good short-term solution. Undersized Shooting Guards such as Monta Ellis, Eric Gordon, Brandon Knight, Devin Harris, and Brad Beal can all be solid assets but none are must have, franchise players that you can really win a championship with as a starter, with the exception of Brad Beal because there is still much to be seen from him.

    4) You list our bench as ET, Brewer, J-Rich, Moultrie, Lavoy, Hawes. I know we may be stuck with some of these players, but I find it somewhat pointless to have 6 average to above average bench players. In the playoffs you really only need to run an 8-9 man lineup and it would be in the Sixers best interest, as hard as it may be to rearrange, to try to swap many of these guys for potential draft picks where we could maybe end up with a slightly stronger first 3 off the bench as well. Again, I know that my previous statement is much easier said than done and I do not want to get into hypothetical arguments, but I still believe with a better GM, we would be able to make such moves. In addition, I think you may be overrating Ronnie Brewer. He is a 6’7″ guard who has shot 26% from 3 and 68% from the FT line in his career. It is becoming harder and harder to make it in this league if you are unable to hit an open 3 point shot and much of his DRTG can be attributed to the fact that he played under Tom Thibideou and one of the stingiest defenses of the past decade in the Chicago Bulls (they beat the Heat and Nets last night even without their best player, Joakim Noah, now that Rose is out. Nevertheless, I would also not be that unhappy to have Ronnie Brewer as a 7th or 8th man.

    5) I think for next year, given what we have, it is best for the Sixers to resign Bynum. Obviously, myself, fans, Sixer’s management, and even Bynum all really have no idea how healthy he can be. Given this, if there is even a 20-30% chance that he can play more than 3/4 of games for a few NBA seasons, he still may be worth the risk. Coming into Philly, Bynum was most likely overrated and overhyped as the Lakers probably would have won their 2 championships without him at all and he still shows extreme signs of immaturity (We all have talked a lot about how good of a player he really is so I don’t want to analyze this too much). I also believe that people severely underestimate how many good big men there are in the league. Marc Gasol, Noah, Chandler, Howard, Lopez, Horford, Hibbert, Larry Sanders, KG, Drummond, Valanciunas, Vucevic, Duncan/Splitter, Ibaka, etc, etc, and I know I am missing a lot more in no particular order. The Eastern Conference is also in one of the most unique positions in NBA history all because of the Miami Heat. The Heat are currently trading at 55% to win the Championship in Vegas. Any discussion about who to sign will always be clouded by the fact that LeBron is by far and away the NBA’s best player, and is currently (arguably) the most dominant, best, greatest, amazing, astounding, etc, etc player in the league today and possibly of all-time. KD is a distant 2nd and CP3 and co. are a distant 3rd. I’m getting tired, but in my opinion the best possible way to build a team and win a championship if you’re the Sixers right now is not to sign 3 30+ year olds in Calderon, Sammy, and Birdman. I am not very familiar and have not done much research on the new CBA, which I am very interested, Steve, to hear more about, but next year it looks like we have $46mm tied up in Starters: Jrue, ET, Thad, Hawes + Bench: Kwame, Lavoy, JRich, and Moultrie. I would be completely fine if everyone else on our team walked except I would not mind signing Dorrel Wright to lets say a $5mm contract. This gives the Sixers $51mm. If we re-sign Bynum for lets say 3 years, $10mm/yr, (I am not really sure what the chances of this are but it seems extreme that Bynum would still be asking for $15mm or could get this anywhere in the league after all that has gone on this season) then the Sixers have $61mm with Starters: Jrue, ET, Thad, Hawes, Bynum + the bench. Personally, I would prefer JRich over ET but that probably isn’t going to happen.

    6) For 2014/2015, if Bynum can stay healthy we can hopefully let go of Hawes amd amnesty or throw away ET/JRich. This would leave the Sixers with Starters of : Jrue, Wright, Thad, Bynum and roughly a $35mm payroll with a lot of room to maybe get lucky and sign a 20 PER + type player for $10mm. We would then (again I may be wrong about salary with the new CBA but…) have another $10mm or so for 5 bench guys, averaging a little less than $2mm each and pick up minimum contract 11th and 12th men. The Sixers can get a 20 PER + SG or PF where if we signed an SG our starting 5 would be Jrue, SG?, Wright, Thad, Bynum. If we got a PF, we would have Jrue, Wright, Thad, PF, Bynum. By the market, it appears it would be easier to get a PF but some names that come to mind for the SG/PF (IDEAS WANTED, BE CREATIVE!!!!!!!!! are player skill levels like, not these guys exactly, Tyreke Evans, Harden [a reach], Aldridge, Millsap, Josh Smith, Asik, Lee, West, Ilyasova, Nene, Amir Johnson, etc.)

    7) Putting most of these guys in the lineup would give the Sixers a strong chance to make it out of the East should Dwayne Wade start to decline, making the unstoppable Heat, stoppable. Personally, I would prefer a PF where our starting 5 lineup would be: with $10-15mm left to spend on a bench.

    PG- Jrue
    SG- Wright
    SF- Thad
    PF- Smith, Amir Johnson, Millsap, Lee, Ilyasova
    C- Bynum

    This starting 5 is way way better than the Pacers, by far the second best team in the East, who also have a weak bench, which we too would probably have. Moultrie is our only guy for sure for 2014/2015.

    Let me know what you guys think and thanks for reading through this.

  76. Datruth4life2.0
    5. April 2013 at 12:06


    With my roster, if Bynum is healthy, the 76ers can contend for the Eastern Conference title for two years. If his injuries persist, then you can blow it all up with $30M coming off the books in the summer of 2015. So, over the next two years, you can strive to be very good and if all doesn’t go according to plan, you hit the reset button and start over. Please expand your argument for player personnel other than Jrue isn’t this and Jrue isn’t that. You sound like you asked him out on a date and he turned you down. Get over it, lol.

  77. Steve Toll
    5. April 2013 at 15:37



    Calderon > Jack > Holiday

    I don’t really care to argue, my track record speaks for itself.

    As for the cap, do you think there is any chance that I am not right?

    Please provide a link to Birdman being CHARGED or recant your statement.

    Birdman was Amnestied: http://www.cbssports.com/nba/blog/eye-on-basketball/19605330/denver-nuggets-use-amnesty-clause-on-chris-birdman-andersen

    Don’t you get tired of coming on here and being wrong 100% of the time???

  78. Steve Toll
    5. April 2013 at 16:01



    Jrue is bigger, stronger, quicker and a farbetter player than Knight.

    Calderon is better than guys like OJ Mayo, JR Smith, Randy Foye, Jarrett Jack and Jrue can handle the 2 spot better than those above guys except Jack. Jrue has shown when he shoots the 3 ball and plays aggressively, he can be a very good off the ball player or create his own shot. He has also shown to be a turnover machine with the ball and while he may improve, it will mostly only change with a lower usage.

    In this scenario Jrue is splitting his time 50/50 at PG/SG

    There is 0 reason to believe that Bynum is more valuable going forward than Cald+Bird+Brewer+Dalembert, whom are ALL above average NBA players.

    The depth will get the 76ers through the regular season and fighting for a home playoff matchup. A championship is impossible, but playing the Heat in rd 2 and being able to throw Brewer, Thad, Wright, ET at Lebron along with 6 other guys will certainly make it an interesting series.

    Again, this is about putting together THE BEST team going forward, not what is best in the long run which is Tanking

    Your salary cap numbers are spot on and Yes, Calderon+Bird+Dalembert aren’t going to help win a championship. You’d have better luck with SwaggyP, Maggette and Darko being signed next year aka Tanking but this is just a hypothetical about building a competitive team

    Here is an article I wrote about player value (not perfect but readable as I wasn’t going to give up a bunch of secret stats
    ) And Here is my favorite part from that article: “even Nik Vucevic is more valuable than Bynum”

    The team is screwed for the next 5 years as it looks right now, regardless if Bynum plays a healthy 82 games the next 5 years. Seriously, and I tried to tell everyone that.
    The best thing that happened for the front office was that Bynum sat out this year becasue A. We get a lottery pick that is sorely needed and B. the fans don’t see how mediocre this team was gonna be

    2014 offseason right now: Jrue+Thad+J-Rich+Moultrie+2013 Lottery Pick and 30 million in cap space, that’s not nearly enough to build a contender with that free agent class. Like I said, this team is screwed for the foreseeable future unless a change of GM is made.

  79. Steve Toll
    5. April 2013 at 16:07


    Ughhhhhhhhh. In your scenario Bynum eats up EVERY BIT OF CAP SPACE THIS SUMMER, except for retaining Dorell Wright.

    I sounds like I always do, correct and you sound like someone with no idea about what your talking about.

    Learn the CBA and get back to me from your outpost in Space

  80. Kevin
    6. April 2013 at 12:48

    I believe the 76ers have Bynum’s “Bird” rights and therefore can go over the cap to retain him. In essence, they could sign every player you want and then go over the cap to retain Bynum and even Dorell Wright. They would just have to be willing to pay the luxury tax.

    I would like to see the 76ers try and make an attempt to be more than average. An attempt at mediocrity will keep the stands empty because that is not something the fans of this city accept, especially when talking about the 76ers. The new owners are trying to fill the stands so I struggle to believe that is the approach they take. Bringing in a player like Calderon improves the functionality of the offense but hurts the defense, especially when there is nobody to protect the basket. In order for Calderon to work for this team, it would require a healthy Andrew Bynum or similar force behind him because he cannot stop quicker guards. Without that, he would help the team score more but also give up more.

    The PER is an effective way to discuss Calderon because it combines all offensive categories and blocks and steals. I do not live and die by Hollinger by any means, but he is a respected individual in basketball and is VP of basketball operations in Memphis I believe. You don’t get that job knowing nothing.

    I also like Holiday playing some 2 guard, but don’t believe that him playing PG primarily is a bad thing. He has pressed a ton this year and was still extremely productive. This after he hasn’t really held sole PG duties since High School. When he went to UCLA, Collison was a Senior and they threw Jrue at the 2 guard because he was too good not to be on the court. When he arrived here and was able to get playing time, Iguodala essentially controlled the ball while Evan/Lou also got their fair share. This year the responsibility has been laid on him almost entirely.

    I have no problem admitting that I have no idea what they are going to do this offseason. This past offseason I thought it was an easy decision to bring Lou back but that obviously wasn’t the case. They opted to rent Nick Young for a year instead. I wouldn’t mind them trying to bring someone in like a Paul Millsap. He causes mismatch problems and is a very effective player. He scores, rebounds, passes and is an efficient scorer. He is also on the court over 95% of the time. However, he would cost about 9-10 million per season and I agree with you when you say the team has many holes and signing someone to that contract would prevent the team from filling them all. It would require them to go into the luxury tax bringing back Bynum and Wright, and could hinder their future barring development and health.

    All of this being said, despite my disagreeing with you about who you would like to bring in, I will acknowledge that the roster is filled and barring injuries the holes are filled to an extent. I would like to see them try and bring in a player like Gary Neal though(although he is a RFA and San Antonio would likely match a reasonable offer) because he can create his own shot and has a nice stroke. He struggles to cover quicker PG’s but can guard the 2 position. He can also can play the 1 or 2. He would be a valuable bench player. I would also rather them try and bring Bynum back with a protected contract as opposed to seeing Slamming Sammy D back in town or Chris Andersen. They are both players that are nothing more than stop gaps or for a team that needs depth off the bench for a run. At that rate, I’d rather see Moultrie get those extra minutes to see if he can somehow become a similar/ slightly better player.

    Right now they are in a terrible position and need to make all of the right moves. It isn’t the most attractive of destinations at this point and they are good enough that they most likely will not improve drastically through the draft yet not good enough to make any type of noise. It is a bad predicament to be in. Staying middle of the pack will not help that.

  81. Steve Toll
    6. April 2013 at 13:43


    No, the 76ers can’t sign Bynum+Wright all those players. Bynum by himself has a 17.7 million dollar cap hold this offseason, which essentially counts towards the cap until he is resigned, signs with another team or the 76ers denounce his Bird Rights.

    You say mediocre, I say that Calderon+Jrue+Brewer+Wright+Thad+Birdman+Hawes+Dalembert rotation with ET, J-Rich, Lavoy, Moultrie, 2013 Lottety Pick is better than mediocre.

    I will also say that the 76ers 11-12 team was only viewed as “mediocre” because the average fan is borderline clueless and DC trainwrecked the team by not benching ET against Boston

    Calderon is far far more positive on offense than he is negative on D.

    QUICK FACT: Most PGs are negative on D

    Please cite proof that Jrue Holidas has been “extremely productive” on offense this season.

    QUICK HINT: He has been quite bad

    Again, I’d like to sign Millsap but if he is signed, that will essentially be the only move of the offseason. The team can’t have Bynum+Millsap. Bird Rights only mean you can sign your own player to go over the cap.

    I’m not saying Birdman+Dalembert > Bynum but if you add Calderon+R. Brewer than yea…

    Gary Neal is almost 29 and mehhh playing for the best regular season team in the NBA the past 3 years with the best bball coach of all time. If he was signed here, prepare to be disappointed.

    The 76ers are in a bad spot which I pointed out during and after this absurd offseason. The team is %#}^%# because of the new CBA. If the team wants to compete the next couple years, this is a better option than retaining Bynum.

    If the team wants to tank (and they should) the move is resign SwaggyP, Sign Corey Maggette, Sign Darko/Johan Petro/Chris Kaman

    Moultrie Sucks

  82. mike
    8. April 2013 at 13:12

    Steve, your analysis is spot on but your tone is insufferable. Please stop being so cocky so that those of us who agree with your basketball insight can truly enjoy your articles.

  83. Steve Toll
    9. April 2013 at 17:35


    Thanks for the constructive criticism

  84. Jon
    10. April 2013 at 12:45


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