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04/15/13 11:57 am EST

In addition to winning back-to-back games and further damaging the franchise’s 2013 NBA Draft Lottery position, the Sixers also stirred up a bunch of drama over the weekend.

First their were the reports based on “sources” that the 76ers ownership group was eager to have head coach Doug Collins simply walk away at the end of this season.  Of course those rumors / reports were later denied and discounted by other reports from “sources” within the Sixers organization.  Adam Aron stated that the Sixers wanted Collins back in 2013-14.  Collins himself refused to comment on any of the reports when pressed on the topic on Friday night in Washington, DC.

Then late last night, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports “broke” the worst kept secret in Philadelphia when he reported that Doug has informed Sixers ownership that he in fact intends to resign at the end of this season.  Yahoo is also noting that the Sixers ownership group and Doug’s lawyers are working on a buyout for the final year of DC’s contract.

So, DC  is out of here.  Which is something we said weeks ago would happen at the end of this season.

Our opinions on the decision after the jump.

Steve Toll

The news of DC’s impending resignation has me thinking to myself about the damage done to this team in his time here.  From the drafting of Evan Turner to the ink drying on the Bynum trade, this is too little too late.   The 76ers are now in basketball hell, assuming the role of Sisyphus in Greek mythology.  He was a King, whose immense Hubris led to a punishment after death of forever pushing a boulder up a hill, only for it to roll back down once at the top.  Like 76ers fans, Sisyphus felt unending frustration with no real end in sight.  Though in the end, Bynum being hurt all season was the best case scenario.  While few would have understood, the public backlash of an 8th seed with a healthy Andrew Bynum isn’t something that DC deserved to endure, even though that is exactly what he deserved to endure.

C. Smith

The news of DC’s resignation only confirmed for me what we have known for years — Collins was out of here after this season.  When he took the job, we knew based on his coaching career that he likely would not last more than 3 years here in Philadunkia nation.  As this disastorous season progressed it became very evident that he was exhausted and annoyed with this roster.  When began throwing his players under the bus in March, the writing was on the wall — Collins wasn’t coming back. 

To be honest I am relieved that DC will be gone.  The thought of living through another season under DC’s conservative “avoid the live ball turnover” and settle for the mid-range jumper offense was not acceptable to me.  Additionally, I think this roster needs a young presence at the helm in the mold of Mark Jackson (GSW).  So this change IMO is great.  Still, a small and bitter part of me wishes that DC would stay on so that he suffers right along side us next year (and in 2014-15).  After all he had a major hand in creating this train wreck that is and will be the 76ers.  But now he just gets to walk away and go play golf.  Seems unfair to me.

Jeff McMenamin

Doug Collins has always been a class guy during his tenure as a Sixers coach. I’ve always respected him as a person and wish the very best for him in his retirement. Whether or not he goes back into broadcasting remains to be seen, but I don’t blame Dougie for taking his chips off the table before things potentially get even worse for this Sixers franchise.

In my opinion, Doug was a solid coach. Yes, his rotations drove me nuts as well as his favoritism towards veterans, but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks as they say. When Doug got his players to play in the way he envisioned they found success. His ideal playbook involved suffocating defense, no turnovers and good shots. However, when your two best defenders (Andre Iguodala and Elton Brand) and best offensive player (Lou Williams) all depart in the same offseason and you can’t replace that production, can you really blame Doug for the teams record this year? He got the most he could out of his players the past three seasons.

Andrew Bynum played zero games, Jason Richardson played 33 and the ownership sat on their hands when it came down to making a move that would make this team better this season. In December I preached trading for a big that would help this team out as the status of Bynum’s knees became more and more unknown — it didn’t happen.

Doug coached two playoff teams, the first playoff series win since the Iverson days in 2003, two NBA All-Stars (Andre Iguodala and Jrue Holiday), a sixth man candidate (Lou Williams) and continuously had his teams competing. I don’t blame Doug this season. The Sixers collectively took a risk with their trades and signings. At the end of the day, it wasn’t Doug’s money signing the checks.

Jake Fischer

Doug Collins will not be back next year and it seems it was will completely his decision.  Look at the way he trolls the sidelines and more commonly sits on the bench with his arms folded.  He looks exhausted.  He looks depressed.  The man is 61 years old.  He’s made for color commentary on TNT.  Collins is an incredible basketball mind, but he’s not the young soul and charismatic spirit that this particular roster needs as its leader, so I am happy to see him go.  I’d like to see someone in their early 40s, coach this team. I’d also like to see someone wear a tie as the coach as well. 



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  1. Alex Hootan
    15. April 2013 at 12:21

    Ok, Now what??
    We get a new driver, but the car is sill a junk!!!!

  2. Rob h
    15. April 2013 at 13:52

    Steve, who would you have drafted at the time over turner, everyone bashes the kid but he was the right pick at right time.

  3. Philadunkia
    15. April 2013 at 13:52


    Now what includes a complete rebuilding of this franchise. We need a new GM, head coach and numerous changes to the roster. And that’s if we want to make the playoffs in 2013-14. The dilemma is that tanking in 2013-14 may be the best option for the long term rebuilding process. A high lottery pick in 2014 to go with Thad, Jrue and Moultrie (if he develops) would certainly help get this franchise turned around.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

    C. Smith

  4. Steve Toll
    15. April 2013 at 15:14

    Ship Jrue to Minnesota for Luke Ridnour+Brandon Roy (both expiring), Minnesota’s 2013 Lottery pick and Memphis’ 1st rd pick

    Ship Thad+Moultrie to Utah for Marvin Williams and Utah’s 1st rd pick and GSW’s 1st rd pick

    76ers end up with 3 Lottery Picks (ours+MIN+UTA), 2 Late 1st rd picks (GSW+MEM) and 2 2nd rd picks (ours+NO’s)

    Roy, Ridnour, Marvin all expire after next year. Sign SwaggyP, NAZR Mohammad, Randy Foya all to 1 year deals this offseason.

    Enter the 2014 offseason with 5 1st rd picks from 2013, a 25% shot at Andrew Wiggins, 40,000,000 in cap space, the full Mid Level Exception and Jason Richardson, who will certainly be picking up his player option

  5. Steve Toll
    15. April 2013 at 16:30

    Rob H,


  6. EPMD
    15. April 2013 at 19:53

    Dear Steve.
    If you look at the Turner draft year, when you look at it as a whole, a dud. So the idea of getting rid of Thad or Arnette is like throwing away young talent for the unknown and 8 out of 10 times a waste. We just did that for Andrew, losing talent and athleticism for the unknown.

    We should evaluate out talent, get whatever we can for Evan, and throw huge money at Jefferson or Smith. Or wait a year and see whose available for a max deal.

    We live in a throw away society I know, but it can be done better…

  7. Wang
    15. April 2013 at 20:53

    Four teams, never stayed for long. I think the conclusion is there: Doug Collins is not a good NBA coach. Plain and simple.

    But his stint with the Sixers is worth revisiting and evaluating. He almost turned the franchise around from the post-Iverson era plagued by mediocrity, or inferiority.

    If the team let him walk simply because of this season’s record without their best player. I would say DC might have been used as a scapegoat for someone else’ fault. However, if he is one of the brains behind Bynum’s acquisition, or at least the one who pushed for it, he very much deserves to be let go, so does any body else who made the costly decision on Bynum.

  8. Mickey
    15. April 2013 at 21:01

    First of all Doug was amazing as a sixer (player and coach) so nobody should be happy to see him go… He did the best he could with what he had… If I remember right you were bashing on Igi and prizing the trade getting him out of Phily… now he’s a contender with the Nuggets… if only you people would stand behind your words and be able to support them with facts… you know like real journalists do… Instead of thinking up crazy scenarios that would never happen… I mean Really Steve ???

    PS There isn’t a team in the NBA that wouldn’t have signed ET with a second pick…

  9. Mickey
    15. April 2013 at 21:26

    Steve that insane scenario is the difference between you a columnist (not a good one) and a Head Coach or a GM

  10. Steve Toll
    15. April 2013 at 23:34


    Throw money at Al or Josh Smith? We can afford them.

    ET is literally worth less than nothing.


    Doug did more damage as coach than good and its not even close

  11. Steve Toll
    15. April 2013 at 23:37


    You must be new around here. I view Iggy as a Hall of Fame lock and HATED THE TRADE.

    DC was an awful coach.

    Most NBA GMs are total idiots.

    Explain why that scenario is insane and then come up with a better one.

  12. Mickey
    16. April 2013 at 09:05

    It is insane just because of the fact the sixers will never trade Jrue or Thad… Especially both of them…
    Maybe you didn’t write a part in this article, but your colleagues were all aboard for this trade…
    and any way my comment about you was the crazy scenario… and if all gm and coaches and everybody included in the nba are idiots, maybe you should stop watching it…
    anyway i have read so many bad things about Igi on here its hard to say you guys “loved” him… If Buynum comes back next season and has a career season, you should probably stop making new articles…
    a little tip: instead of proposing scenarios like that without any inside knowledge, a better artcile would be which player would compliment the game of the sixers or will click good with Jrue/ET/Thad… or which coach would be ideal for the sixers…

  13. Jon in LA
    16. April 2013 at 12:10


    In your scenario, you are making two teams on the fringe of the playoffs into playoff teams in return for their first round picks (Which won’t be good picks and maybe not even lottery picks. Min with Jrue and a healthy Love is twice as good as they are now). In exchange you get rid of an All-Star point guard and who you consider our best player in Thad (either way, our two young best players).

    Do you really think giving up Jrue and Thad, two quality starters, is smart thing to trade in hopes of what? Getting two late first round picks and hope you hit the lottery and get guys as good as Jrue and Thad? Why trade away the only two young bright spots on this team for future draft picks?

  14. Adam S
    16. April 2013 at 12:38

    I heard rumors that Steve Toll will be walking away at the end of the season as well. Please substantiate and confirm.

  15. ms. haygood
    16. April 2013 at 13:50

    Bring in a young coach.
    Go get some young athletic assets, by any means neccesary.
    Pass on this year’s free agent crop.
    Aim for Andrew Wiggins in 2014.

  16. Jon
    16. April 2013 at 19:06

    Utah would never give us two first round picks and Marvin Williams for Thad and moultrie…

  17. Jon
    16. April 2013 at 19:13

    This is a question for any of the philadunkia writers, I’m just wondering what iwould it take for us to trade up and get oladipo outside of trading jrue?

  18. Steve Toll
    17. April 2013 at 00:58


    In the article that you linked, I point blank say in the comment section the “76ers came out a distant 3rd in the Bynum Trade”

    Here is my Iggy post that will assure you of my man crush on him;

    Does that clear things up about your misconception of my views on the Bynum trade and Iguodala?

    I like the NBA, why would I stop watching because I have a low opinion of alot of the decision makers and coaches? That is part of the fun.

    If Bynum comes back and has a career next year, the 76ers will still end up getting smoked in the 1st rd. People were telling me to stop writing articles early this year because I’m apparently an idiot who doesn’t know anything about basketball. Interestingly enough most of those people have slanked into the abyss. In the words of Rick Ross, “these haters won’t hold me back”

    Here is my plan for 13-14; and everyone knows that Stan Van Gundy is my brother from another mother

    Jon in LA,

    The 76ers are in one of the worst spots of any team in the NBA. Drastic measures need to be taken. In that scenario, the 76ers get 4 first rd picks (UTAH, MIN, GSW, MEM)

    It’s very easy to understand, just read below.
    The 76ers would enter the 2014 offseason with 5 1st rd picks(2potential 2nd rd picks) from 2013, a 25% shot at Andrew Wiggins, 40,000,000 in cap space, the full Mid Level Exception and Jason Richardson, who will certainly be picking up his player option.

    There is no other scenario within the realm of reason that gives the 76ers a better chance to WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP within the next 5 years. That is the goal, right?

    Adam S.
    Substantiate and Confirm are synonyms, bro. Why would I stop writing? I dominated this year, I’m not gonna retire early like Barry Sanders

  19. Steve Toll
    17. April 2013 at 01:05


    You still think that Utah wouldn’t give up Marvin Williams, along with what projects to be the 14th and 20th pick for Thaddeus Young and Moultrie?

  20. Jon
    17. April 2013 at 13:19

    No I don’t, but now that I know that, why in the world would we want the 14th and 20th draft picks for Thad and moultrie. I don’t even care about Marvin Williams. The chances of the 14th and 20th picks being better than Thad and moultrie are slim to none.

  21. Jon in LA
    17. April 2013 at 21:21


    I agree, drastic measures need to be taken. But name a draft where there were four quality guys selected outside the lottery? (Which is most likely where UT, Min, GSW, and Mem’s picks would be.)

    And to top that off, the only two guys that we have that can even be mentioned in a championship team are Jrue and Thad. Not saying they are the best players on a championship team, but either of them could be if their roles fit.

    We need to hope we get lucky and get a solid player in the lottery. Then I think we need to use our two second round picks and straight up scorers off the bench. I’d go after Khalid Wyatt out of temple. He averaged 20 points a game and also put up some 30pt games in the tournament. Have him come off the bench and just shoot. Sorta what Lou did for us.

  22. Steve Toll
    17. April 2013 at 22:48

    And what? The point of the whole thing is quite simple, read my response to ‘Jon in LA’

    Jon in LA,

    Those 4 picks look to be 9,14,21,25. Here are the guys picked in those spots the last 5 years.

    2008: DJ Augustin, Anthony Randolph, Ryan Anderson, Nicolas Batum

    2009: Demar Derozan, Earl Clark, Darren Collison, Rodriguez Beabouis

    2010: Gordon Hayward, Patrick Patterson, Craig Brackings, Dominique Jones

    2011: Kemba Walker, Marcus Morris, Nolan Smith, Marshon Brooks

    2012: Andre Drummond, John Henson, Jared Sullinger, Tony Wroten

    Plus the 76ers will likely have the 12th pick in the draft. Neither Jrue or Thad are going to help the 76ers sniff an NBA title without a miracle and even that might not be enough.

    The move is Tank+Young-Cheap Players+25% chance at Wiggins and $40,000,000 in cap space in the 2014 offseason

  23. Jon in LA
    18. April 2013 at 01:07


    So a Minnesota with a healthy Love with Jrue as their two guard is going to be the 9th worst team? Highly doubt that.

    And which of those years is winning a title any time soon? Because in your scenario, that’s basically you’re team. And that’s only if the Sixers front office nails each pick, which you seem to think that they are incompetent (which I may agree). Are you trading Tony Wroten for Thad? John Henson for Jrue?

    And are we going to be as bad as Charlotte, Orlando, Cleveland or Phoenix to be in position to get Wiggins? (All teams that could get an impact player in this year’s draft.) We’d have to lose 1/3 more of the games we did this year. I’m not sure if that’s going to happen.

    And who knows is Wiggins will be any good in college. What if he doesn’t enter the draft after his freshman year? What if he’s another Dejaun Wagner?

    Also, Cleveland had Lebron James and couldn’t make it work. It took having Wade to get him to Miami before he could win. So having something to attract free agents is important. And in your scenario, you are getting rid of the one attractive piece we have, Jrue. Which top five player is going to come and play with Gordon Hayward, Patrick Patterson, Craig Brackings, and Dominique Jones? Also, that team would need a few years to develop, which we’ve been doing with Jrue and Thad already.

    You’re scenario is bad. Admit it.

    You thought you were the King but the Ace is back.

  24. Jon
    18. April 2013 at 09:51

    Jon in LA,THANK YOU. This is exactly what I’m trying to say, we already have players in Thad moultrie and jrue that you could maybe get from those picks, why simply start over?

    The way to win in this league is through superstars, our only shot at that is with jrue and Bynum, we might as well roll the dice.

  25. Steve Toll
    18. April 2013 at 10:53

    Jon in LA,


    Minnesota has their own pick + Memphis’ 1st rd pick
    Utah has their own pick+ GSW 1st rd pick

    Tank 2013-2014. Have 5 1st rd picks, a 25% chance at Andrew Wiggins, $40,000,000 in cap room in the 2014 offseason and J-Rich’s expiring contract.

    You are not sure if the 76ers would have the worst record in the NBA if they trade Jrue+Thad for 4 1st rd picks and sign a bunch of clowns like SwaggyP, Randy Foye, Chris Kaman?

    There is a huge difference between Andrew Wiggins and Dejuan Wagner. Most notably, the scouting+recruiting services are far more advanced than when Wagner was in high school.

    Lebron suffered through bad coaching, a terrible front office, mental blocks and variance in his days with Cleveland.
    That is the free agent list for 2014

    Jrue Holiday is the only attractive piece? Thad is better by every metric available.

    Hayward+Patterson are legit NBA players AND SUPER CHEAP

    Throw in the 76ers own 2013 lottery pick, a 25% chance at Wiggins and $40,000,000 in cap space and the team actually has a chance to be something in the near future

    You are not an Ace, you’re 2-7 offsuit.

  26. Jeff McMenamin
    18. April 2013 at 13:35

  27. Jon
    18. April 2013 at 14:44

    Hahahahahahaaaaaaa Jeff that was really funny

  28. Steve Toll
    18. April 2013 at 16:52


    Jrue a superstar? LOL

    The move is to ship out assets for young+cheap guys who guarantee at least 1 year of being the worst team in basketball, which ends up as a 25% chance at Andrew Wiggins and $40,000,000 in cap space.

    What part is confusing you?

  29. Jon in LA
    18. April 2013 at 17:51


    Jeff pretty much summed up my thoughts about your weak rebuttal. There are so many holes in it I chose not to respond.

  30. Jon
    19. April 2013 at 12:46

    Steve, I do not think jrue is a superstar, I think he has the potential to be one. Andrew wiggins does as well, the difference is that there’s a 75% chance according to your plan that he won’t even be a sixer. And while it’s unlikely, he could some day be a bust. Andrew Bynum Is a proven superstar when he’s healthy. Look pretty much The bottom line is the sixers are screwed no matter what they do and there’s only a slim chance of success through either of these plans.

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