Posted by: C. Smith
04/17/13 10:27 am EST

On Monday night after the 76ers had lost their 48th game of the year, Spencer “Double-Double” Hawes was asked by the Sixers beat media about the final game of the season tonight in Indianapolis.

Hawes said, “It is just going to be good to get it over with.  With all the expectations we had coming in and then the way the season has gone it will be nice to take the positives going forward and flush the rest of it.  It was a tough year on everybody; us; the fans, anyone involved with the organization.”

Here at Philadunkia, we couldn’t agree more with Spence’s words and after the jump I compiled a list of items from the 2012-13 season that I am happy to see coming to an end.


Tonight will be the last time I ever have to see that weary and exhausted look on DC’s face as he throws himself back in his chair in disgust and mumbles something to assistant coach Brian James.

Tonight will be the last time that I ever have to see Kwame Brown in a fancy suit  on the Sixers bench (I assume the Sixers will cut him/buy him out or he retires this summer). 

Tonight will be that last time I ever have to worry about Nick Young entering the game and chucking up ill advised 3PAs.

Tonight will be the last time that I ever have to watch a Sixers offense that lives and dies by the long 2-ball and is allergic to taking the ball to the rim.

Tonight will be the last time I ever have to watch insert NBA journeyman guard’s name here (Currently Royal Ivey/Charles Jenkins/Justin Holiday) check into the game as the Sixers back-up point guard.

Tonight will be the last time I ever have to wonder why DC hates rookies so much and refuses to play Nik Vucevic or Arnett Moultrie (even at the end of a lost season).

Tonight will be the last time I ever wonder how a game would have gone “If Andrew Bynum was healthy.”

Tonight could be the last time I see Evan Turner in a Sixers uniform.  I am not sure who would be stupid enough to take him off our hands via a trade, but it could happen.  Right?  At minimum, after tonight  it will be several months before I have to watch “The Enigma” dribble the air out of the ball before forcing up a 9-footer — miss —  and then whine feverishly to the refs that he was fouled.

Tonight is the end of the 2012-13 season my friend and for the reasons above, I couldn’t be happier.



  1. Alex Hootan
    17. April 2013 at 11:49

    I bet ET is not going anywhere. Why, as you said, nobody will take him for a good, established player. Also Sixers front office still thinks he will improve under somebody else (which is not a bad assumption). There are some possibilities that Sixers can move up in the draft using him.
    Here is what I think. Haws will stay. He is not bad at all just needs to be in the right situation.
    They will bring Bynum back if they get some positive inductions fro his Drs that he may be playing next season (bad mistake).
    They will go after Paul Millsap, (you can bet on it), Mozgov, and Corey Brewer.
    They will bring back Pat Croce to run the team. And they will retire Iverson Number!!
    Finally, DC will occasionally show up in Sixers games smiling. After all he is Sixers for life and that is not a Joke.

  2. Larry Smith
    17. April 2013 at 12:10

    A&& O every body on that team shoot more 3s Then NICK YOUNG. And you must be talking about the Holidays brothers. And what give u peoples the right to to keep lying, picking on this kid. Trust me Nick Young will have the last laugh. Basher never win. AND NICK YOUNG IS A SHOOTING GUARD. THEY MUST SHOOT TO FIND THERE SHOT. SO WRITER, COACHED GET THE F… OUT THE WAY OFF NICK YOUNG AND LET HIM, NOT U DO HIS JOB.

  3. Jeff McMenamin
    17. April 2013 at 13:01

    Well said Carey…It’s funny how the new Sixers ownership so far has been known for doing more quality buyouts (Elton Brand, Doug Collins and now most likely Kwame Brown) than signings.

    Agree with everything you said, except I’m still not too sure the Sixers don’t keep Bynum. Too much potential to let walk.

    As a former Turner lover, I’ll escort him to his flight outta town.

  4. rzzzzz
    17. April 2013 at 14:06

    Tied with two other teams. We would do ourselves a big favor by playing all the guys who don’t normally come off the bench just like the Pacers are going to do (cause they all deserve it). But I fear that a miniscule difference in the win/loss percentage will take precedent over getting that big kid from Maryland.

  5. Mickey
    17. April 2013 at 14:30

    If ET changes teams, it might turn out to be the best for him too. He seems happy in Philly even though he is underperforming. I still think he will be staying together with Buynum, Thad, Jrue and Hawes.
    Larry Nick Young was the worst signing for the sixers this season… at least we knew Kwame would not get any minutes just millions… I look forward to this off season… after that i will know if I am looking forward to 20013/14…

  6. Jay
    17. April 2013 at 14:37

    also insert jeremy pargo and maalik wayns

  7. RYN_JAY
    17. April 2013 at 20:43

    I’m all for completely tanking next season to get the number one pick and draft Andrew Wiggins. Did you guys see this kid?? At the very least, trade Turner to move up in this years draft.

  8. Steve Toll
    17. April 2013 at 22:53


  9. Steve Toll
    18. April 2013 at 02:56

    I was hoping that this was Steve Toll’s resignation article, however prior to even beginning to read I noticed the title ended with ‘FRIEND’ and then I knew, no, this was not the end of Steve Toll’s articles for Philadunkia…

  10. Steve Toll
    18. April 2013 at 10:56

    Fake Steve Toll,

    Why would I stop writing about the 76ers? I’m the ish’

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