Here at Philadunkia it seems to be a consensus that the first item on the “Honey Do List” for Josh Harris and Adam Aron this off-season should be to find a new General Manager for this franchise.

It’s not that Tony DiLeo has done anything wrong, but it’s apparent that he was hand picked for the job by Doug Collins  last year and it’s time to wipe the slate clean from the DC era.  Removing DiLeo is especially important  if DC is going to have an active “consulting” role in the Sixers front office going forward as we will need a strong willed and independent thinker who can sift through Doug’s input and only use the sensible thoughts.

If the Sixers decide to look for a new general manager, the Philadunkia scribes have some suggestions for Harris and Aron as to who should receive job interviews.

After the jump are a few suggestions for a new 76ers General Manager.


Jake Fischer

As I wrote yesterday, Tony DiLeo is not the man to be the General Manager of the Philadelphia 76ers organization. Here’s a short list of guys that DiLeo learned under while working in Sixers management over the past 15 years: Bill King, Ed Stefanski and Rod Thorn.  Billy King drafted well and did make some great moves (see Webber, Chris), but he ultimately failed to max out the prime of Allen Iverson’s career.  Ed Stefanski killed the Sixers cap with the gargantuan contracts of Andre Iguodala and Elton Brand in the summer of 2008.  Rod Thorn help construct the 2012-2013 catastrophe.  We also were exposed to plenty of DiLeo during pressers when he coached the team after Mo Cheeks was fired.  He’s not a fiery guy.  He’s not someone that truly commands the respect of the room.  That’s the kind of GM that  builds perennial championship contenders.  To me, finding a gem within the front office of a proven juggernaut like San Antonio, LA, or Oklahoma City.  Find the next Sam Presti, Adam Aron. 

Michael Kaskey-Blomain

GM options: Bryan Colangelo or Steve Kerr

This summer the Sixers could follow in the Phoenix footsteps and make one of the Suns’ former GM’s their own.  Rumors are circulating that Bryan Colangelo, the man who built the mid-2000’s Suns, may be out of the Raptors front office this summer.  Aside from his success with the Suns, Colangelo was named 2007 NBA Executive of the Year with Toronto, and was able to make moves to improve the franchise going forward, including trading for Rudy Gay this past season. Colangelo’s basketball IQ and ability to pair players together would be extremely beneficial to the 76ers, as the organizations owners are not known for their basketball knowledge.  If Colangelo is unavailable then his successor with the Suns, Steve Kerr, would be an alternative option.  Kerr, who continued Colangelo’s run of success with the Suns, showed during his brief stint as GM that he was unafraid to make the big, albeit questionable, moves.  He, like Colangelo, has a high level of basketball intelligence and may be able to help fortify the franchise.

C. Smith

The problem the 76ers will have in their search for a new general manager is that the job (as it currently stands) is not that attractive.  This ownership group has little to zero basketball experience and Doug Collins apparently will still have a role (of some sort) in the front office.  Additionally, the team on the court is a mess.  So, I am not sure who would want this job.  But ignoring those thoughts for a few minutes,  my dream is that the “Gordon Gekko” ownership group that is running the Sixers will back up the Brinks truck and pry Kevin Pritchard away from the Pacers.  However that seems like a long, long shot for the 7-6. 

So if Pritchard isn’t an option, I would turn my attention to  Pete D’Alessandro of the Nuggets.  In Denver D’Alessandro has been working under Massai Ujiri, one of the most respected basketball minds in the League,  for the last three years.  From what i have been told and read, he was a key role in building the Nuggs into the 57 win team they were this year in the brutally tough West.  He was just promoted to vice president of basketball operations this past year and is an up and comer.  D’Alessandro has a wealth of experience at the Association level — trade and free agent strategies and negotiations, salary cap management as well as collective bargaining agreement rules.  So, he may need to hire someone to handle college scouting and advise him on the NBA Draft, but I’m okay with that idea.  He should also retain the services of Aaron Barzilai.  

If that doesn’t work I would go after Sam Hinkie one of Daryl Morey’s right hand guys in Houston.

Steve Toll

While some people disagree, there in no better way to judge analytical ability in regards to basketball than by beating the spread.  So for all intensive purposes, the most obvious (and out of the box) pick for GM is Haralabos Voulgaris or “Bob”.  He is widely acknowledged as one of successful NBA bettors in the world.  He has poured millions of dollars into his analytical models which is more than be said than nearly every NBA team.  If you’re not already following him on Twitter, you should be now.

To put his success into perspective, he bought into a $1,000,000 buy-in poker tournament this summer after admitting only play a few poker tournaments the last couple years because he thought it was a +EV spot and would do it again.  Of the 40 something guys who played, he was the only non-pro poker player or über (9 figure net worth) rich businessman to enter the field.  Here are some links about “Bob” for anyone interested

Haralabos’ Blog Business insider ProfileGrantland PodcastsSloan Sports Analytics VideoESPN Profile


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