After the 76ers announced their acquisition of a new D-League affiliate, the Delaware 87ers (a.k.a. “the Sevens” — insert laughter here), the Philadelphia Inquirer’s John Mitchell crafted an interesting story based off a discussion with team owner Joshua Harris while the two were down in Newark, Delaware for the “big” 87ers press conference.

In the article, Mitchell discusses a general theme that the Sixers will approach their head-coaching search diligently and steadily. However, the Inquirer columnist said that Harris and current GM Tony DiLeo will be the two men conducting the process.

“Harris, who doesn’t talk publicly about contract extensions, said that he and general manager Tony DiLeo, who has an expiring deal on June 30, are running the search.  And he noted that while they have yet to interview anyone, they have several candidates in mind.  In fact, Dei Lynam of is reporting that the Sixers have already reached out to Pacers’ assistant coach Brian Shaw.

Whether DiLeo remains the general manager will be resolved in time.  But right now DiLeo is the basketball mind that Harris, who inherited Collins from the previous owners, is leaning on to fill the franchise’s most vital position.”

Now, it’s important to remember that the last time the Sixers hired a head coach, Ed Stefanski and Ed Snider were running the front office and spearheaded that job search.


Thus, with this coaching vacancy likely having a huge impact on the future of the organization, Philadunkia’s hopes for a solid and sufficient coach lies in the hands of two individuals that have never hired a coach before?

Yes, DiLeo was in the front office with Stefanski when Doug Collins was brought in.  But, that’s the same group that hired Eddie Jordan.  Yes, DiLeo has been in the 76ers organization for decades, but he’s never been the man to have THE SAY and THE DECISION on big hirings such as this.

With that in mind, wouldn’t it make sense for the Sixers to bring in a special adviser to this “task force” who has actually hired a coach? I’m not talking about a Rod Thorn type figure from the NBA’s good-ol’-boy network or Doug Collins, who apparently will remain within the franchise in an advisory role.

The Sixers should bring in somebody who has had success in hiring coaches.  Maybe they should bring in someone who was a very successful coach and still has a wise basketball mind — a Hubie Brown-like figure if you will.  

Or maybe they should just let DiLeo go and hire a GM who can handle this candidate search on his own. 

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