Few could have imagined the season turned out the way it did.  The 76ers were supposed to be this, that and the other thing.  What came to pass was the realization that this past summer was one of the uglier summers in NBA history.  

Now the Sixers are a team left with holes larger than just the void in the middle cause by Andrew Bynum’s knees.  As I have mentioned ad nauseum, the 76ers are in a very bad place going forward with no clear path to anything.  

After the jump, are some trade possibilities that can be a change for the better next year or the long run.  The premise is to do all of these trades or none at all.  Part 1 will be for the future, “Hello, 25% shot at Andrew Wiggins and the return of the Anti-Gravity Treadmill”.  Part 2 will assume the future is now

On last note, while the ESPN.com trade machine says the salaries don’t work, once Jrue’s $9.2 million salary kicks in, these trades would work.


1.  Jrue Holiday+Lavoy for Rajon Rondo+Boston’s 2013 1st rd pick.

Boston isn’t ready to tear up the Celtics and both teams benefit from this trade.  Rondo will be sitting out the 13-14 season and come back fully healthy to start 14-15.  If someone can get Lavoy Allen to play with some JAM (hello my first ever hockey reference), KG is the guy to do so.  While it will be sad for 99.9% of 76ers fans for Jrue to go to the hated Celtics, this is a chess move and a necessary one for the future.

2.  Thaddeus Young for Danilo Gallinari.

Danilo Gallinari will also be sitting out 13-14.  While the non-3pt shooting Thad isn’t a great fit with Denver, that isn’t a concern since DC won’t be following him to Mile High.  The West is too competitive for the Nuggets to spend an entire year with Gallo and Thad makes too much sense for them to say no.  There is a concern that Denver might find a better deal for Gallo, but it’s really nothing to worry about.  The 76ers are in a unique spot where the team can afford to give up a player of ~equal value to Gallo even though he is injured.

 3.  Spencer Hawes for Linas Kleiza and Aaron Gray; LK and AG have player option for 13-14 which they will certainly be picking up.

Fans can all rejoice as Hawes gets shipped to ANOTHER COUNTRY.  The only negative is the subsequent seizures that will ensue from watching Kleiza and Gray do anything basketball related.  There is no way that Toronto declines this trade.

4.  J-Rich+$3 Million Cash + Boston’s 2013 1st rd pick to Minnesota for Brandon Roy, Minnesota has a player option for Roy which would need to be picked up for this trade to happen.

J-Rich is a perfectish fit to play in Minnesota.  Rubio, Ridnour, Barea, Shved, J-Rich will give the Wolves lots of options in the back-court and he can really take Shved under his wing.  Make no mistake, without the Cash and 1st rd pick, this trade wouldn’t happen.  Minnesota was the worst 3pt shooting team in the NBA last year and Jason Richardson can shoot 3s.

5.  Evan Turner + 2 2013 2nd picks (Ours+NO’s) to Utah for NOTHING

Evan Turner has worn out his welcome and worth the risk for Utah.  If he works out at PG, great.  If not, they got a couple 2nd picks and can be done with him after this year.  At this point, his trade value is zero and he puts the 76ers over the salary cap under this proposed scenario which would limit the teams Mid Level Exception for the 2014 off-season.  If Utah doesn’t want him, maybe Detroit, Portland or Dallas will.

The elephant in the room is that by doing this, the 76ers must resign Bynum.  Give him the 5 year max deal but only guarantee the first 2 seasons.  Year 3 is based on the 76ers making the playoffs in year 2, and it’s the same thing for year 4 and 5.  While it isn’t a foolproof plan, it gives the 76ers the most reasonable chance at a championship without a modern day miracle.

Here would be the 76ers 13-14 Roster, plus some minimum salary players yet to be named.

Bynum: 17.3 Million, 19 mil in 14-15

Rondo:  12 million, 13 mil in 14-15

Gallo:    10.2 million, 10.8 mil in 14-15

Arnett:   1.1 million, 1.1 mil in 14-15

B-Roy:   5.3 million, expiring

Kleiza:   4.6 million, expiring

Kwame: 3 million, expiring

Gray:     2.6 million, expiring

If we assume that the 76ers don’t end up with a top 3 pick in the ’13 Draft, the Lottery pick this year will cost 2.6 million in 14-15.  If the 76ers get a top 3 pick in the 14-15 draft, the cap hold will be somewhere between 4.4 million and 5.7 million for that pick.  Being the eternal optimist, let’s assume 5.7 million and the services of Andrew Wiggins.

Bynum, Rondo, Gallo, Arnett will make 43.8 million in 14-15 plus the 8.3 million from Andrew Wiggins and the 2013 Lottery pick, taking the 76ers cap number to 52.1 million.  That will give the 76ers approximately $8,000,000 to fill out the roster plus the $5,000,000 Mid Level Exception which can be used on 1 player or split among a few.

There is a lot that can go wrong with this scenario but it’s something to consider.  In my opinion, this is an all or nothing scenario.  So my question is this, if you could hit the fast forward button to the start of free agency in 2014, do you take Bynum+Rondo+Gallo+Wiggins+Moultrie+2013 Lottery pick and $13,000,000 to spend on free agents?  

For those who say no, stay tuned to part 2.

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