Yahoo Sports is reporting via Twitter that the Sixers have reached an agreement to hire Houston Rockets assistant GM / executive VP Sam Hinkie to a multi-year deal to be their new president and GM.

This means that Tony DiLeo who was hand picked by Doug Collins last year for the nearly same position, is officially out.

Hinkie was Daryl Morey’s right hand man in Houston and was involved in all decision-making on Rockets personnel moves.   Hinkie was a finalist for the position with the Sixers last summer before the Sixers (read Collins) chose to promote from within, selecting DiLeo for the position.

Apparently Adam Aron and Josh Harris never lost interest in Hinkie and according to other online reports, talks between the sides recently picked up again since the Rockets were eliminated from the post-season last week.

Hinkie has been with the Rockets for eight seasons, working with former general manager Carroll Dawson for two seasons before becoming the NBA’s youngest vice president under Morey.  Hinkie has been a major part of the Rockets’ efforts to use analytics in decision-making (Which we all know Collins chose to ignore.) and in working through salary cap issues.

An official announcement from the Sixers organization is expected early next week.

One Western Conference front office executive I exchanged texts with on the Sixers hiring wrote, “Interesting (move).  Nice guy.  Never worn sneakers, let alone a jock strap.  Hasn’t worked the way its been (in Philly).   Since ’01 (-’02) they r 40+ games under .500 with 8 diff coaches.  New direction (analytics expert) could be good.”

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