On Friday Yahoo Sports reported via Twitter that the Sixers have reached an agreement to hire Houston Rockets assistant GM / executive VP Sam Hinkie to a multi-year deal to be their new president and GM.

Although the 76ers organization has yet to comment on the rumors, it seems certain that Tony DiLeo is officially out and Hinkie will be the new man in charge of the 7-6.

As you probably know by now, Hinkie was Daryl Morey’s right hand man in Houston and was involved in all decision-making on Rockets personnel moves.  Now he’ll be charged with rebuilding the 76ers — which will be a big challenge.

After the jump, the Philadunkia scribes express their opinions on the Hinkie hiring. Jake Fischer If you’re not absolutely thrilled with the Sixers hiring of Sam Hinkie as the team’s new GM, then you are either in one of two camps.  One being, “I hate stat guys!  What the hell do they know about the actual game of basketball!?”  The other being, “I wanted that guy with the really long last name from Denver or someone within the Spurs organization.  Well, the defining argument for a stat guy should be this: Most stat guys know the game of basketball far more than any basketball guys knows the world of analytics.  And, with Houston, Hinkie was one of the leaders of the unit that has selected the likes of Chandler Parsons, Carl Landry and Steve Novak in the second round of past NBA Drafts — all players who played or are still playing significant roles in the current NBA Playoffs. Lastly, if you consider the pieces the Sixers have in place, an analytical mind is the perfect mind to construct the 76ers team of the future.  They have a dynamic not-so-stat-sexy point guard in Jrue Holiday and downright hustlers in Thad Young and Arnett Moultrie.  With an analytical mind running the show, this team will be built with consistent direction that includes adding efficient players that fill necessary voids within Jrue and Thad’s games.  At the end of the day, this franchise just took an enormous step in a unified direction instead of just trying to randomly plug the holes in a sinking ship like they have been doing since 2003.

Jeff McMenamin

I admittedly don’t know too much about new Sixers GM Sam Hinkie, but what I do know is that he’s 100 times better than Tony Dileo would’ve been as the team’s GM for another season.  Daryl Morey has brought the Houston Rockets back to relevance again with the additions of James Harden and Jeremy Lin in the offseason, hopefully Hinkie (Morey’s former right hand man) will be able to shake things up a bit and make some calculated risks in the future to better the Sixers franchise.

What I’d like to see is how Hinkie handles Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes in the offseason.  Outside of Jrue Holiday and Thaddeus Young, Turner and Hawes are sadly the Sixers’ only other trade assets. After a down year from each of them this past season, I’d like to see what offers Hinkie can come up with.

He’s the analytics guy Steve Toll has been dreaming about for the past year.  Hopefully the Sixers can bring in someone who knows how to evaluate talent to help with his statistical observations and bring the best cheap talent to Philly that’s available.  Stephen Jackson anyone?

Steve Toll

To understand the immediate future of the 76ers, the most relevant piece of information on Sam Hinkie is the Omer Asik press conference from this past offseason.  The first minute of this clip makes it very clear the 76ers will be retaining both Andrew Bynum and Dorell Wright this offseason.

Which leaves a few more questions left to be answered this off-season. Can Hinkie grab a talented player with the 11th pick?  Possibly

Will he “stretch” Jason Richardson?  NO

Trade, Extend or leave be Evan Turner?  Leave be

How will he handle Hawes whom immediately took a shot (and then back tracked) at Hinkie on Twitter?

Without being privy to the marching orders of Joshua Harris, it’s safe to assume that Hinkie’s off-season will be go just as stated above.  His tenure as the GM won’t truly begin in my opinion until next off-season when the 76ers will have Bynum, Thad, Jrue, Wright, Moultrie, 2013 Lottery Pick and $20 million in cap space to work with.

C. Smith

As you may recall, I wanted Pete D’Alessandro from the Nuggets as the Sixers new GM, but Sam Hinkie was a close second for me.  Thus, overall I am very pleased with this hiring.  When the rumors of the hiring broke, I contacted a number of NBA front office executives for feedback and I heard a lot of positive comments.  ‘Very Smart guy.”  “Genius move.”  “Great get for the Sixers”.   “The Sixers are now headed in the right direction.”

However, all of the executives I contacted also voiced the same concern…All of them said something along the lines of, “Hinkie is strictly a numbers guy”. That was followed by something to the affect of “He’ll need to hire a solid basketball mind as his right hand man”.

So, Hinke’s first hire (head coach or front office spot) could be the most important move for the future of this franchise and advanced analytics can’t really help him with that decision.

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