Posted by: Jake Fischer
05/29/13 1:30 pm EST

With the news that the Atlanta Hawks hired longtime San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Mike Budenholzer yesterday, there have now been three coaching hires in the NBA since the 76ers parted ways with Doug Collins.

The soon-to-be Charlotte Hornets have hired former Lakers assistant Steve Clifford and the Phoenix Suns have moved on from the Alvin Gentry era by hiring former Jazz assistant Jeff Hornacek.  Further, the Milwaukee Bucks met with Michael Curry and the Nets requested and were denied an opportunity to meet with Doc Rivers.

But, outside of a small Dei Lynam blurb last week that the Sixers talked to Brian Shaw during the NBA Draft Lottery, Sam Hinkie and company have made no news and generated zero rumors in terms of their search for a new sideline general.

So, is it time to start panicking in Philadunkia nation?   


One could argue that Sixers fans should relax because Sam Hinkie knows what he is doing.  He was Robin to Daryl Morey’s batman during the meticulous reconstruction of the Houston Rockets.  With regards to the 7-6’s head coaching search, Hinkie is simply taking his time and doing his due diligence.

A more concerned and competitive fan could also argue that Hinkie is screwing this up.  He, like Joshua Harris, has never been in charge of hiring a coach before and very well could be stumbling along in this process.

And worst of all, is the idea that maybe there’s no news because no NBA coaching candidate even wants the Sixers job.

Now, if you’re expecting Hinkie to move fast and drop bombs along the process, you clearly did not pay attention to how the Houston front office has operated over the last several years.  Hinkie clearly will view building the Sixers as if he’s physically building them: slow and steady.

To those who are complaining about the quiet off-season since the Hinkie hiring, remember that the last time the Sixers’ front office acted quickly when they needed a new coach and had cap room, they set the organization back five years.  The impatience that many fans are expressing via Twitter and in the comments on this site have been forged from the misery that quick and uninformed decisions of the past created in Philadelphia.

Be patient.  Relax.  Enjoy the Playoffs!  Hey, maybe Hinkie is waiting to interview an assistant in Indiana or Miami and he hasn’t received permission to speak with that individual yet.  

Hinkie is going to take his sweet, well researched time in making his first big decision for this organization.  That is the smartest way to go about this process.  Don’t be surprised if Hinkie doesn’t make a coaching choice until after the June 27th NBA Draft.

The Sixers organization is going to look completely different from top to bottom when they open up camp for the 2013-2014 season this fall.  That’s roughly five months away.

So, Sam Hinkie still has a lot of time to make a smart decision on who will be the next head coach of the 76ers.



  1. Steve Toll
    29. May 2013 at 14:27

    Hinkie hasn’t interviewed 1 coach, he also spent Memorial Day in Houston.

    Houston over the past X years has been an average team from a trade/draft/free agency perspective….. Can’t wait for the Hinkie+Jrue hate that gets spilled over the next couple years

  2. Bill
    29. May 2013 at 18:23

    Should be Top Candidates for 76er’s Head Coach

    1)Brian Shaw
    2)Alvin Gentry
    3)Nate McMillan
    4)Michael Curry
    5)Kevin Sampson

    Would make sense if Hinkie was waiting for Shaw to get done the playoffs to try for his number 1 candidate. Alvin while has interest in the Clippers job but he is a solid coach who be a good signing. Nate McMillan did well I think with the Blazers especially with limited/hurt talent. Michael Curry would be the team favorite signing but only one year coaching under his belt. Kevin Sampson the assistant head coach at Houston would be a familiar face for Hinkie but he has limited NBA level coaching yet he did very well in the NCAA.

  3. George
    29. May 2013 at 22:42

    Did Malone sign with anyone? I honestly don’t care if Hinkie trades for Royce White at his point… I just need one positive thing to happen for this team that doesn’t involve me playing 2k

  4. Rob h
    30. May 2013 at 00:58

    How do you see the jrue bashing coming? No one thinks he’s a superstar, he’s a piece on a good team the main option on a team with bad ball handlers. You make it seem like everyone thinks he’s god. He was the lone bright spot in a miserable year. We only argue that he’s not as bad as you seem to think he is. Will he make another all star team, maybe not the east is loaded with guards. But he can compete with any 1 or small 2 in the league. Not to mention he’s only 23 which you count for everyone but himself. He has been solid in the playoffs, I can’t ask for anything more than that. Is he a guy that can carry you deep in the playoffs no he’s not but to say he’s below average. The fact that you can’t admit that is beyond absurd.
    And as for hinkie all you preach is advanced statistics and now he doesn’t measure up. Who the hell does in your mind?

  5. Steve Toll
    30. May 2013 at 11:32



  6. charlie
    30. May 2013 at 23:51

    Hey Thomas Robinson is available. We should get him. They’re trading him no matter what, so maybe we can throw some loose change at them (cheap contract and one of the second rounders, maybe both) should do it.

  7. Rob h
    31. May 2013 at 12:03

    Don’t u find it interesting that wright is just a corner specialist and golden state gave him up for literally nothing, I do. Not to mention the fact that he’s never made significant money in a league where guys clean up if they can contribute everyday.

  8. Steve Toll
    31. May 2013 at 15:08


    Houston wants future 1st red picks And Philly is in short supply of that.


    GSW traded him for Jarrett Jack, New Orleans was the team who traded an asset for nothing. GSW doesn’t make that trade without getting Jarrett Jack.

    Wright has been an average SF the last 4 years, which was the extent of his last contract and he was superb value. He’ll get screwed this off season thanks to DC and company but whomever signs him will be ecstatic to have him at under $~4 million a year

  9. Rob h
    31. May 2013 at 22:26

    That’s my point an average shooter specialist the league is littered with guys like him. If he’s such a value why won’t a contender sign him? He’s not good enough for stars to recruit him at the minimum for a chip and these guys try and lure anyone slightly capable of helping them in a playoff run.

  10. Steve Toll
    2. June 2013 at 11:56


    Wright will go to the highest bidder.

    Not good enough for stars to recruit him? The average NBA player (star or not) is useless when it comes to player evaluation

  11. Bob
    3. June 2013 at 20:52

    Best candidate is Philly’s own Bo Kimble. We need something new and exciting like the Eagles are doing with Chip Kelly. Bo will bring a new system and get the young players motivated. It’s time for a change of heart.

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