91022348JG014_Sixers_MediaFor the last 9 months or so, has displayed a thirty-second promotional spot in the header at the top of our homepage.   The spot was a comical look at some of the misfortunes experienced by the 76ers organization over the years.

Well, a new NBA season is under way and obviously the 76ers have a lot of new things happening in 2009-10.  So we figured it was time for a new Philadunkia promo spot. 

For now were sticking with the NBA’s popular “Where…happens.” theme.  It works and folks seem to enjoy it.  You should know that for the new spot we remained positive and in a mind frame that despite what we have seen so far this year, 2009-10 will be a reasonably succesful season for the Sixers.

Without further delay, here is the new promo spot


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