Posted by: Steve Toll
06/24/13 1:46 pm EST


Now that the Clippers have made the colossal error of picking Doc Rivers over Kevin Garnett, the time to strike is now.

The above dollar amount is the minimum in salary the 76ers need to ship to Boston to get Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.  The NBA is about luck and the 76ers happen to be in the right place at the right time.

Think about how many teams (A) Have quality assets to trade, and  (B) Can (if healthy) give Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett a punchers chance at an NBA title.  The list is very short, and Philadelphia sits at the top as the lone dog.

After the jump, let’s look at how this trade actually comes to fruition.


First and foremost, KG has a No-Trade Clause.  If he isn’t willing to give that up, this trade doesn’t happen.  Secondly, Andrew Bynum is going to have to be Hinkie’s right hand man on this one.  He’ll need to reach out to KG and Pierce and make it clear he wants to win another NBA championship.  The front office are going to need the best knee people in the world to vouch for Bynum and his ability to stay healthy.  Assuming that happens, the 76ers should be trotting out a starting lineup of Jrue, Wright, Pierce, KG and Bynum in 14-15.

Pierce and KG make 125% +$100,000 of $21,592,641.  Again, that is the minimum that the 76ers could send in salary to make this deal a possibility.

Spencer Hawes: $6,500,000
Evan Turner:      $6,679,866
Jason Richardson: $6,204,250
Kwame Brown:  $3,090,000
Arnett Moultrie: $1,089,240

The sum of those 5 salaries is $23,563,356.  Now I know what you’re thinking, “TROLL, that combination of players is worth less than nothing.  Your boy Hawes is awful.  Evan Turner makes Iguodala look like Lebron.  J-Rich has a quarter sized hole in his knee and makes $12 million the next 2 years.  Plus he has a $6 million player for 2014-15.  Kwame Brown literally wieghs 400 lbs.  Arnett Moultrie is probably going to turn into Nik Vucevic 2.0 or NOT”

Luckily for Philadelphia, Danny Ainge has backed himself into a corner.  Pierce and KG are as good as gone.  It’s now up to Ainge to try to accumulate as many assets as possible for those 2 players.  When the 76ers throw in the 3 picks from the 2013 draft, our package seems very enticing.  Boston is going to need to rebuild and this package essentially does that for them.  No other team in the NBA can beat Arnett Moultrie, 3 draft picks, a former #2 pick (who will finally get to play his natural position for a season) and all but guarantees a high draft pick in 2014 as well.

It all comes down to meetings between Hinkie, Bynum, Doctors, Pierce and KG.  Can these guys all walk out of a room and be on the same page.  Is there a coach out there that Pierce and KG want and Hinkie will sign?  What is the status on Bynum?  If things go right, this can happen.

These 2 guys are there for the taking, if Sam Hinkie has the vision.  He needs Bynum to make this work, but it will work both ways.  What better way to motivate Andrew then to dangle trotting out a starting lineup of Jrue, Wright, Pierce, KG alongside him?  What better way to sell KG and “The Truth” on the 76ers than an All-Star PG and a 25 year old who is a year removed from being All-NBA at center?

Hinkie will need to convince all of them to come here.  Once again, fans of the 76ers will need to rely upon the unreliable Andrew Bynum and the newly unknown Sam Hinkie to make dreams come true.

Here is to hoping that Bynum and Hinkie do just that.



  1. Ron
    24. June 2013 at 14:41

    I feel you on this. The problem then becomes, what do the sixers do in 2014 when they got bounced in the second round and both Pierce and Garnett decide to retire? Not to mention, what happens when Moultrie gets minutes and proves that his small window of reference is exactly what you are getting and then some? He was a steal for the Sixers and we should start to consider youth as our friend because if Bynum is here this year and we have a healthy front court consisting of Arnette, Bynum, and maybe Iggy again…and draft smart…taking the center from PITT and in the second go for James Ennis and and maybe Caanan for Murray st. That would bring thad and a bunch of really athletic scorers off the bench and provide a def spark in the middle of the game. I think thats better than giving in for two guys that may only have 1-2 yrs left…

  2. EJ
    24. June 2013 at 16:01

    Gotta say no to this proposal,although I wouldn’t mind seeing the expiring contracts of Spencer Hawes and Kwame dealt on draft night along with their 35pick to acqiure the Mavericks 13th overall pick.

  3. Yeah! No.
    24. June 2013 at 16:15

    Yeah, the idea of basically flushing the current roster out a jettison tube would be nice but Pp and Kg are far from prime, Bynum has proved nothing besides he has bad knees and can cash huge checks.

    Other thoughts.
    I’d love a nic 2.0, I liked nic 1.0. He was 7 foot, offensively skilled, athletic, and stronger than given credit for. Ah well, don’t get me started on Moe…

    JRich is just another reminder of what taking a swing at the fences looks like.

    Hawes gets crazy attention, I don’t understand? It’s not like he’s getting superstar money, he’s still young and he plays hard. I wish he could offensive rebound or block a shot now and again but he’s serviceable; until something better comes along, then he can plays solid min off the bench…

    ET well, I think he hasn’t benefited playing 2 or 3. But I dunno if it matters when u are so inconsistent. He needsto do mental calisthenics or something..

    Ok, I said my peace. Oh, can we have a coach please mr. Hinke? unless ur thinking upping McKie to the post since no one else will take the freaking job?

  4. ken
    24. June 2013 at 16:24

    so lemme get this straight we have to give up all 5 of those players up there and our 3 draft picks this year to get pierce and garnett for 1-2 years? if I read something wrong please someone correct me or help me out here bc this seems crazy to me

  5. Fu
    24. June 2013 at 16:53

    Thanks Steve for always coming up with unexpected new ideas. But how does Jrue suddenly become to you (after you wrote last season) a genuine all star pg and Bynum a possible legitimate season long c???

  6. Bearsfriend
    24. June 2013 at 17:33

    Rivers is in LA because he doesn’t want to be around for rebuilding, he’s not into the upempo tslent Danny Ainge is eager to acquire, and simply cares about his legacy/career won-loss record..He’s in LA because he passes as a quality nanny to Chris Paul, who assumes the role of spoiled child to the clueless parent in charge,Mr Sterling….The ideas of using cash to get either Pau Pierce of KG is absurd. They are on their last legs. Athletic big (preferebly the gazelle who can run as a 4 in Zeller), Canaan (two for one need as a backup PG, and a Lou like scorer off the bench,creating ff the dribble and serious range on his shot, and wither a draft and stash….or Ryan Kelly of Duke,or James Southerland of Syracuse… more snipers at a sliver of the cost of what they spent last Summer.

  7. Jon
    24. June 2013 at 18:44

    Agreed, minus drafting adams but that’s no biggie

  8. George
    24. June 2013 at 20:58

    There isn’t a player in the league I despise more than Garnett. At this point in his career I wouldn’t take him over Evan Turner, Arnett Moultrie, or a 1 hour lecture from Spencer Hawes on his views on politics. I can honestly say I would root more for getting testicular cancer myself than having to trade for watching that douche collect a paycheck after retiring. Chris Webber? Jamal Mashburn? Is Philly now where careers go to die?

  9. George
    24. June 2013 at 21:17

    I would rather sign Josh Smith to a max contract than have Garnett on the sixers. I would rather Doug Collins coach another 3 years and trade every draft pick until 2020. Maybe we could also sign kwame to the front office

  10. Macrofracture
    24. June 2013 at 22:58

    I agree with George’s comments, plus Stern would never approve this trade anyway. Having Kwame in the front office, though, might improve upon last year’s situation.

  11. Sean
    25. June 2013 at 00:15

    Absolutely ABSURD in everyway possible!!! Thank GOD u are not running the team.

  12. Steve Toll
    25. June 2013 at 02:14


    A couple years of playoffs+winning a few series then tanking is the optimal move at this point. The draft is a crapshoot the further you go, don’t plan on getting anything but hope for the best.


    Not as crazy as shipping Iggy+Vuc+Mo+1st rd pick for Bynum+JRich


    If Jrue increases his 3s, lowers his longs 2s and generally does less on offense, his efficiency should dramatically increase across the board. Defensively, his concentration (lack thereof) is what got the best of him last season and he didn’t exactly have the best support. I don’t see him as a top 10 point guard, but he doesn’t need to be.

    PS I envision the team using the Mid Level Exception on Jose Calderon, who will play ~30mpg at the point

    Bears friend,

    Doc is in LA because the decision makers are so dumb they believe Doc>KG as it pertains to championship equity. I’m not sure what the final point your making is but PP and KG are still very good;


    Your thoughts on KG are irrational and immature. He is far better than those 2 were when they came to Philadelphia….. I bet you thought the Bynum trade was good too…

  13. Chris H.
    25. June 2013 at 09:01

    Wow…for once Steve you have truly intrigued me. I have always liked KG (the man has more heart than MOST of the current Sixers roster) and revisionist history would have the Sixers picking Pierce instead of “the flight brother” Larry Hughes. Anyway, at this point I feel as though Sixer fans need something, anything to get excited about. I know that this trade wouldn’t happen, but a healthy Bynum (trying not to laugh), KG PP and Jrue. This team could actually be scary.

  14. freezer
    25. June 2013 at 12:09

    I dont like it just because I still dont think well be good enough to get past indiana, miami, or chicago. I also dont think those guys would come here.
    I came up with this idea alittle while ago and thought it was brilliant if we plan to bring back bynum.
    Thad young and Evan turner for Eric Gordon and possibly a 2nd rd pic.

    It would tie up the cap but if Gordon and Bynum are somewhat healthy that team is scary good. Next resign D. Wright, use the mid level on 1 year deal for a vet pg and roll with moultire, lavoy and spence as a our backup bigman. Then Add wing depth with our draft picks.

  15. George
    25. June 2013 at 12:53

    Agreed on the irrational, I despise him. Only player comparable in my irrational hate is Vick, but that’s a different debate. I actually liked Iggy and the youth so I was wrong in that I didn’t like the trade. That being said taking on all that salary to mortgage the future is short sighted, and trading draft picks more so. I enjoy your articles ST and hope to read the one after the draft with a bigger grin

  16. Steve Toll
    25. June 2013 at 15:03

    Macro fracture,

    Stern would have 0 power to veto this trade.


    That is your opinion.


    Scary is the perfect word to describe what that team could be

  17. Steve Toll
    25. June 2013 at 17:06


    You can’t be a real person, every single thought you have is ill conceived. The Bynum trade wasn’t going to get us past those teams you mentioned, but you loved it at the time…..

    Eric Gordon is chronically injured and makes a ton of money. THAD > Eric Gordon. So your brilliant plan was to trade the best player on the best contract, LOL for Eric ALBATROSS Gordon. The 76ers own the Hornets 2013 2nd rd pick, FYI

    But I’m sure Michelle Levin and the other Liberty Blowers, think your the best….


    What future are we mortgaging?

  18. George
    25. June 2013 at 19:08

    I personally believe an investment of that much money in two players that won’t finish their contracts out combined with giving away young players will give us less leverage than we have now. Houston accumulated young talent through the draft and gave themselves plenty of room to go after the big names. I simply agree with that plan going forward. I can also deal with under 500 seasons when at least you can see player progression and an actual goal. Signing older big names is exactly what is complained about in your 4 on 4

  19. Jon
    25. June 2013 at 20:23

    Why does anyone want to draft zeller, olynyk, plumlee… This team isn’t good enough to draft for need, we need to draft for best player available, and none of those guys are

  20. Rob h
    26. June 2013 at 03:15

    The clippers didn’t choose doc over kg, kg wouldn’t waive his no trade clause without doc. Amazing what a little research can do isn’t that your line troll.

  21. Joe
    26. June 2013 at 08:35

    Steve Toll,

    I like this trade. It’s the only way the Sixers become relevant any time soon and it gives Boston all the tools they need to win about 10 games next season so they get a high pick in the 14 draft. For the Sixers, Pierce is only on the books for one year and Garnett becomes $12m in expiring contract in 14-15.

    Might as well roll the dice, worst case scenario is it postpones a rebuild by one season.

  22. Matt
    26. June 2013 at 13:27

    I love this. The Sixers aren’t giving up much, and the return could be huge. Could Moultrie be good? Yes. Could ET finally live up to potential? Yes (not likely). Will this team have any chance at anything with major reconstructive surgery? Hell no.

    The Sixers will need to rebuild at some point. There is no getting around it. This current team sucks. Period.

    Look at what they are giving up aside from the two mentioned above. The worst contract on the team and the second worst contract on the team (take your pick whether JRich or Kwame is worse) and everyone’s favorite punching bag Spencer Hawes.

    This proposed team is good — Really good. If you sign Calderon, as mentioned above, it’s close to elite.

    They would need serious luck (Bynum staying healthy, top teams falling off a bit or having injury problems, etc.), but it might have an outside punchers chance at a title. That’s more than any Sixers fan could ever hope for.

    And if it doesn’t work, KG and Pierce retire and come off the books and you rebuild (exactly what you would have to do anyway).

    Also I wanna thank the guy who suggested Thad and ET for Eric Gordon. Haven’t laughed like that in awhile

  23. freezer
    26. June 2013 at 15:31

    lol nah everyone at libertyballers hates me too, lol. Im to hard for dem bols. But cmon Eric Gordon was a top 5 2gaurd a year ago, and played for a team he hates and a coach who hates him. I wouldnt do it unless we resign Bynum but if were going to we mine as well go all in, and put the best talent around him for whats surely going to be a very short prime. The celts trade will never happen mine could though.

  24. Steve Toll
    26. June 2013 at 16:12


    I just don’t understand what point you’re trying to make. The 76ers are in a totally different situation than Houston.


    Whom do you suggest we draft?

    please link to a report where KG says,”I WON’T WAIVE MY NO-TRADE CLAUSE without DOC”

    Fact is,the league wasn’t allowing a Doc+KG trade to the Clippers. Part of the Doc deal is that Boston and LAC can’t exchange players until next offseason.
    Here is what should have happened…,,,.KG is traded to the Clips. Doc is mutually let out of his deal and Doc signs with the Clippers.

    Keep trying bro

    Joe and Matt,

    Those are great thoughts and spot on

  25. Steve Toll
    26. June 2013 at 20:55


    Something that you fail to understand is that HEALTH MATTERS.
    Eric Gordon has played 247 of 394 or 62.7% of possible regular season games in his first 5 years.
    Thad has played 437 of 476 or 91.8% possible regular season games in his first 6 years.

    Thad makes $18.25 million the next 2 seasons, EG makes $29.18 the next 2 years.
    After that, THAD will be opting out of his deal while EG will be picking up his $15.5 million dollar player option for 2015-2016

    Finally, here are their cumulative NBA stats where Thad is clearly the better player;

    Thad is healthier, has a better contract and is a better player.

    Of course that trade could happen, New Orleans would say Yes 100% of the time and Hinkie would like like the village idiot
    Anymore questions?

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