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06/26/13 1:14 pm EST

What could Sam Hinkie possibly have up his sleeve for Draft Night 2013?  That’s the question everyone following the Sixers has been asking themselves for the past month.  Of course it’s hard to have any clue what Hinkie is considering for tomorrow evening as he hasn’t made any public statements or comments since his introduction as GM back in the middle of May.

Hinkie has adopted an omerta approach when it comes to the media/fans and the Sixers plans for the future.  On the other hand, we here at Philadunkia decided to to assemble a few blockbuster ideas for the 76ers in the 2013 Draft and share them with you.  Hopefully the new General Manager takes one or two of these ideas into consideration.

For this post, we asked the Philadunkia scribes to take over Hinkie’s seat in the war room  and submit an original idea for “a move” the Sixers should make on Thursday night.  There was only one guideline for this exercise — the idea could not involve the Sixers simply standing pat at #11 and making a pick.

After the jump, some Draft Night ideas for the Sixers that could change the face and fortunes of this franchise.


Steve Toll:  Controlling the war room is my ultimate fantasy and I have a plan that works majestically:

Trade Jrue and Thad to Cleveland for the #1 pick.  Call up Dallas and take Shawn Marion + #13th pick for the #35th, #42nd pick and 2014 2nd pick.  Trade Spencer Hawes+ Lavoy Allen+ Arnett Moultrie and $3 million for Kendrick Perkins + 12th + 29th picks this year.  The Sixers end up with the 1st, 11th, 12th, 13th, 29th pick in the draft and is the odds on favorite to to get Andrew Wiggins in the 2014 NBA Draft.

C. Smith:  If I am moving up in this weak 2013 Draft, then I believe Hinkie & Co need to be in the Top 5 to get a player that will have any type of impact next season.  So I target Phoenix at #5 and offer them Evan Turner, the #11 pick and the 35th pick to move into their spot.  I’d even throw in Lavoy Allen if necessary.  Hopefully at #5 the Sixers can select Alex Len, Victor Oladipo or Ben McLemore.

However, given the weak nature of this Draft class and the fact that the Sixers are at least two years away from contending for 2nd place in the East (Unless they make a major move or two via a trade and/or free agency), I think the best move for the Sixers is to trade out, acquire more assets and select a “upside” guy in the late teens.

I’d look to send the 11th pick to Atlanta for their two 1st round selections (#17 & #18).  Hopefully a big with potential (Bullock; Nogueira; Gobert; Plumlee) and a legit scorer (Hardaway Jr.; Muhammad) are both available in that pick range.  The suddenly turmoil filled Celtics (at #16) also should be looking to move up and could be an interesting trade partner.

Jeff McMenamin:  For me, I see Sacramento’s pick at No. 7 being ripe for the picking and the Sixers would have to be idiots to not make an offer come draft day.  Rumors have swirled that DeMarcus Cousins wants a max-contract extension with the Kings and if he’s not given one will demand a trade.  The Kings have had their problems with Cousins’ attitude since Day 1 and seem to have had it with the big man, let alone want to invest their future in the stubborn/immature star. Here’s where Hinkie must make this offer.

Sixers trade:  Thaddeus Young and the No. 11 pick/No. 42 pick if necessary

Sixers receive:  DeMarcus Cousins and the No. 7 pick

It gives the Kings a star who works hard and does everything right at a cheap price tag along with a slightly lower lottery pick, while the Sixers receive one of the best big men in the game when his head’s on straight and a pick that’s currently a wild card.  Nobody knows who’s going to slip just yet and the Sixers could find a guy like Victor Oladipo, Otto Porter or Alex Len to fall just far enough to be taken at No. 7.  Far-fetched yes, but the time for the offer is now and Hinkie knows this as well as anyone.

Jake Fischer:  If I’m in charge of the Sixes war room on Thursday night, the following dialogue occurs:

Me:  Ok team, the Draft is now underway! But, uh, Adam, I need you to get the hell off Twitter and delete your account. It’s annoying everyone.

Adam Aron:  But, but—

Me:  Okayyyy, next order of business! We need to get rid of Evan Turner while he still has any legitimate amount of trade value and I desperately want C.J. McCollum to put a shooter and someone who can create off the dribble next to Jrue in the starting backcourt.  He also can play backup point.

Doug Collins:  (In his best consultant voice) Well, Evan was supposed to do that last year—

Me:  But your offense sucked, Dougie. So, we’re going to package Evan Turner and the No. 11 pick to Detroit for the No. 8 pick and Will Bynum and I don’t give a damn what you all think. The Pistons are rumored to want to give up Bynum and he can’t be any worse than Royal Ivey! Any questions?

(Sam Hinkie and Joshua Harris share a nervous silent look)

Me:  Good.  Hey Preston!  Get Dumars on the line!

Michael Kaskey-Blomain:  Based on recent reports that Bynum likely won’t return to the Sixers’ sideline next season, the team really needs to fortify the frontcourt for the future.  There are a couple great frontcourt prospects, but they will be long gone by the time the Sixers select at 11th overall.  The team should trade up into the top 5 in order to secure a potentially franchise-changing big; ideally Alex Len out of Maryland.  Nerlens Noel or Anthony Bennet would be solid selections as well.

To get into the top 5 they could try to trade their 11th pick, one of their second rounders and either Turner or Thad Young, depending on the involved team’s interest.  The Sixers would struggle again next season and likely land in the stacked 2014 lottery.  With Holiday, a big like Len, and a 2014 lottery selection, the franchise would be moving in the right direction.


Post your idea for a “move” the Sixers can make on Draft Night in the comments section.

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15 Responses to “DRAFT13: IT’S YOUR MOVE”

  1. Jon
    26. June 2013 at 13:51

    Jeff, While I’d love to pick up DMC I don’t see how Sacramento would give up both the best player and draft pick. Maybe if we added In Evan Turner or another asset.
    Steve, that would be entertaining. I would actually enjoy that. Minus the Jrue trade because I don’t think the first pick in this draft is more valuable than Holiday. If we could trade say Thad and Turner and 11 for #1 then possibly. But I don’t think Cleveland would take it. I don’t think they’d take your trade either simply because they already have two young, talented guards in Waiters and Irving.

  2. George
    26. June 2013 at 14:26

    Does hugging my knees and rocking while crying count as a plan? No? I love the idea of going after Cousins. The fact that the Knicks and Lakers are so salary capped that they are desperate makes me wonder if a three team trade with Sacramento, Charlotte or someone else with salary cap room. Some sort of trade where Gasol goes to Charlotte, we get Cousins and the Lakers get draft picks and some expiring contracts as an example. The hardest part of all this is the salary balancing…

  3. Greg
    26. June 2013 at 14:40

    Trade Holiday for Vasquez and #6. Draft Burke.

    No need to deal turner. Cap friendly contract with team option next summer. Same
    goes for Hawes (exp contract next summer). Holiday’a recent contract extension will haunt this team for the next 4 years, no cap flexability.

  4. EJ
    26. June 2013 at 14:55

    Just draft the BPA at 11.

  5. T. Martin
    26. June 2013 at 15:32

    I LOVE the idea of trading down with Atlanta for their two picks. Or unloading Turner or Hawes for a late round first. I’d take Nogueira and Glen Rice Jr. at 17 and 18.
    Next tier would be Dieng, Hardaway Jr, Crabbe & Franklin.
    I’m probably taking Rice higher than most but to me he seems like the guy most ready to chip in with 12-15 pts a night off the bench.

    Second round I’d target Withey, Andre Roberson and Erick Green.

    FA targets: OJ Mayo, Danny Granger (assuming he gets amnestied) and Aaron Brooks as the backup PG.

    PG – Holiday, Brooks
    SG – Mayo, Green
    SF – Granger, GRice Jr, Roberson
    PF – Thad, Moultrie
    C – Hawes, Nogueira, Withey

  6. freezer
    26. June 2013 at 16:28

    I wish we could do that trade, Boogie will eventually dominate the league its just a matter of time. I think they have a pretty good year if they can get some complimentary pieces around him next year.

    Jrue would be the #1 pick if he were in this draft why would you trade him and Thad, secondly why would clevland want Jrue???? Your not the real person dawg. And Id be pissed as shit if i had to watch the team your trying to put together that would be ten years from contending. Your an awful war room director.

  7. Steve Toll
    26. June 2013 at 18:15

    I agree that SAC would be giving up best player and pick, it’s not happening.
    Waiters sucks and Jrue can play both guard spots, CLE has 96 minutes to fill at PG+SG. The goal is tank a couple years and get better. I’d take Nerlens Noel > Jrue in a heartbeat for the future.


    http://bkref.com/tiny/y3sUN and that is why New Orleans wouldn’t do that trade. Though I’d be quite happy with trading #11 for Vasquez



  8. ken
    26. June 2013 at 21:52

    best thing the sixers can do is keep an eye on the player that falls down the board. there is always that top 3-5 pick that falls down the draft board and we should keep in contact with each team and be ready for when that person drops low enough jump in and make a trade and take them and with this draft there may be more than one of that person. that’s the best thing the sixers can do with this draft besides trading back for multiple picks

  9. Sixers Balls: Hinkie’s Era begins. | PhillyTugger
    27. June 2013 at 01:14

    […] and 42nd picks overall). The Sixers have been linked to moving up and down in the draft. They have been linked to DeMarcus Cousins as well. You thought Evan Turner was a head case; this dude might even a bigger one.  He is talented as […]

  10. Bill
    27. June 2013 at 02:57

    1) Trade the 11th/42nd pick to Atlanta for 17th and 18th pick. Pick Up either Shabazz/Sergey and/or Gobert/Nogueira. 35th pick Jeff Withey/Mike Muscala.

    2) Just announce Michael Curry as the next head coach before the draft already.

  11. buddha
    27. June 2013 at 10:06

    Due to the weakness of this draft, a trade only makes more sense.
    I’m still hoping for something like:

    to Toronto
    Thad= at best competes with Amir Johnson to start, at worst
    Spence= still young center, starting to flash some value,
    also better passing big on team with plenty of scorers
    #11= they could further flip this and Bargnani to Cha for
    Tyrus Thomas and #4 and maybe take Bennett or Zeller
    to Sixers
    Terrence Ross= at least as good as anything we could get at
    Landry Fields= decent back-up or possible stop gap starter
    Jonas Valaciunas= young big who has started to flash
    Noah-esque potential

    Follow up with a trade:

    to Memphis
    Evan= young and arguably better than Tayshaun at this point
    in careers, expiring contract also
    Levoy= decent backup when focused and short contract
    to Sixers
    Tayshaun Prince= stop gap and possible future mentor
    Ed Davis= young, athletic, good rebounder/ defense and
    familiar with Valaciunas (should shorten learning curve)

    Finally trade both 2nd’s for a late first and try to land Guorgie Dieng for our back-up C.

    The added value is that with all this youth plus Prince’s deteriorating skills, we should suck enough to lock in an early pick in next years draft.

    Then pick one of Curry, Fizdale or Hunt for HC. See if another of them is willing to become an associate HC/ lead assistant and fill out with assistants like John Welch, Sydney Moncrief, Ed Pinkney.

  12. RYN_JAY
    27. June 2013 at 10:35

    We can’t stay at 11. We either got to trade up or down.

  13. Dave Long
    27. June 2013 at 11:10

    It’s time to cut and run on Evan Turner. Yeah, he might one day put his head on right and become a star, but it seems unlikely. Move him while people still know who he is and you can get some actual value.

  14. Doug
    27. June 2013 at 12:41

    After a year of raising my temper….

    Yo Steve Toll!

    I officially sign the petition to put him in charge of the draft tonight.

    Now who do you take at No. 1?

  15. Steve Toll
    27. June 2013 at 18:16


    I’d trade the whole team + every pick this year for Jonas+Ed Davis


    Evan Turner is horrible, he is worth less than nothing


    Nerlens Noel, TANK FOR WIGGINS

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