The 2013 NBA Draft is just hours away and unless you have been living under The Commodore Barry Bridge, you know the 76ers have numerous holes they will be looking to fill tonight.  We have discussed in detail here at Philadunkia the Sixers’ ills — shooting guard, power forward and center.  Our hope is that tonight our new leader, Sam Hinkie, finds several players via the Draft (11th, 35th & 42nd picks) and/or trades that will solve some of these issues.

We have already showed you what all the “experts” and NBA scouts think of the players that should be available when the Sixers are put on the clock tonight.  Now it’s time for the scribes here at Philadunkia to predict what the 7-6 will do with the 11th pick in the 2013 NBA Draft.

Will it be a SG with a smooth stroke?  Or an athletic power forward?  Has one of the “upside” 7-footers caught Hinkie’s eye and registered on his analytics? Maybe it’s another athletic ‘tweener that has impressed the Sixers?

Really, only Hinkie knows what is going to happen in Brooklyn tonight, but after the jump Philadunkia’s own take a stab at predicting who the 76ers will pick at No. 11.


Jeff McMenamin:  At #11 the Sixers select…Shabazz Muhammad. None of the second tier big men in this draft have impressed me and assuming the Sixers stay at the No. 11 pick, I don’t see them being able to nab Nerlens Noel, Alex Len or Cody Zeller. Go with the best available scoring option with the most size instead of taking a risk on a guy like Steven Adams, Kelly Olynyk or Mason Plumlee. Even with the best trainers, these guys aren’t going anywhere on the NBA level.  I’m fine with the Sixers taking C.J. McCollum if he’s available as well, but at 6’3″, 197 pounds it’ll be tough for him to thrive as a scorer in the NBA. Coming out of Lehigh, it remains to be seen if he’d be able to produce against much stiffer competition.

Muhammad has the size at 6’6″, 222 pounds to be an NBA shooting guard, he’s been known throughout his life as a top-tier scorer and if he continues to work on his game could develop into a Tyreke Evans-type player for the Sixers. Outside of a big man last season, the Sixers’ biggest problem was another scorer to compliment Jrue Holiday.  Muhammad can help solve that problem and with the right trainers and people around him can grow into a special player.

C. Smith:  (In my best David Stern voice here) With the 11th pick in the 2013 NBA Draft the Philadelphia 76ers select…Kentavious Caldwell-Pope from the University of Georgia.  Today’s NBA is a guard/wing dominated League and Caldwell-Pope will be the best perimeter player available at #11. One scout told SI.com that Caldwell-Pope scored “really high in our analytical projections”. We all know how Sam Hinkie & company love their analytics.

I still pray that they trade back with Atlanta and grab the Hawks’ two 1st round picks, but if Hinkie doesn’t make that move, then pairing a 6-6, 205-pound shooting guard who can create his own shot and hit the jumper with Jrue Holiday makes the Sixers a much better team than if the draft a raw center or ‘tweener big who needs time to develop.

Jake Fischer:  At #11 the Sixers Select… Steven Adams from Pittsburgh. Cody Zeller or Kelly Olynyk will probably have more instant impacts in the League, but only if they can play 20-25 minutes per game on a contender. That’s why it’s ideal for either of those two guys to get picked by Oklahoma City at No. 12. Adams has the bigger body, he’s younger and has the best chance to become a legitimate starting center in this league. If the Sixers are drafting at No. 11 that means that they didn’t trade up for a guard and will try to bolster their frontcourt and move on from the Andrew Bynum fiasco. If that’s the case, Adams is your best bet to have Philadunkia eventually forgive Bynum and the front office for last season.

Steve Toll:  At #11 the 76ers select CJ McCollum from Lehigh University.  It’s a rare thing for the 11th pick to win Rookie of the Year, but I think he is the guy to do it.  CJ reminds me a lot of Damian Lillard and he seems NBA ready.  CJ can spend some time at the point, and a 2 guard.  Sam Hinkie gets a major steal in his first draft, if CJ is there at #11.

Michael Kaskey-Blomain:  Assuming the Sixers stay at #11, there are only a couple guys I see them selecting.  C.J. McCollum would be an excellent choice, as the Sixers desperately need some scoring, but he may be unavailable at that point.  The logical selection then would be Cody Zeller, who could come in and contribute right away.  The team is intrigued by him as he could play a couple positions, and is extremely athletic.

Pairing him with a strong post presence at the center spot could be extremely effective as he would be able to effectively stretch the defense.  Zeller’s stock has been rising however, and if he is also unavailable, then Steven Adams out of Pittsburgh may be the pick, as the team was impressed with his workouts.



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