Posted by: Jake Fischer
06/28/13 10:20 am EST

Sam Hinkie has arrived.  

According to sources, the new General Manager of the Philadelphia 76ers was patrolling the team’s war room at PCOM last night like a general on the front lines of battle.  In fact, one Western Conference front office executive described Hinkie and the Sixers as “crazy active” last night. 

It’s not going to be pretty next season, but the Sixers organization took a monumental step in the right direction towards building a legitimate contender — several years down the road.

Yes, losing Jrue Holiday, a 23-year-old All-Star point guard is devastating.  Yes, if Hinkie’s Draft night went completely to plan, he would have dealt Thaddeus Young, Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes out of the City of Brotherly Love.  And yes, the Sixers are going SUCK next season.

But sometimes you have to tear everything down before you can build it back up.

The Sixers were very close to sending a package with a nucleus of Thad and the No. 11 pick to Sacramento for a package in return with a nucleus of DeMarcus Cousins and the No. 7 pick in last night’s Draft.  Hinkie and Co. also worked extensively and “like hell,” according to a source, to deal Turner in order to get into the mid to back end of the first round.  Golden State and Denver are possible teams that could have been trading partners.

Even though none of that happened, Hinkie has made his point: nobody is safe and this roster is about to be demolished.

With Nerlens Noel, Michael Carter-Williams and Arsalan Kazemi and Rodney Williams — the team inked Williams as an undrafted free agent according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports — now headed to Philly, the direction is clear.  The Sixers have a legitimate shot at having two lottery picks in a loaded 2014 NBA Draft class and possibly four second rounders in next year’s Draft as well through their series of second round trades.

Depending on where New Orleans finishes next season, the Sixers will likely have the Pelicans’ first round pick as it’s at best only Top-5 protected, as reported.  A team with Holiday, Anthony Davis, Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon probably won’t be a bottom-five team in the League.

The future is certainly not now, but it definitely is on the horizon.  If Nerlens can come back for the second half of the regular season and show legitimate flashes, the Sixers and their two first round picks from both ’13 and ’14 could even potentially be a destination for some free agents in the loaded class that will be on the market in the Summer of 2014.

Like it or not, the Sixers are finally going into a concentrated direction.  They have an action plan and won’t just be throwing together players and putting them on the court with the next coach they can find (like they did for the past five years).  We all used to know the Sixers as a team that just hoped for the best each season.  Now it’s time to sit back, relax and trust what Hinkie is cooking up in Philly.

 He’s arrived, and I bet he slept pretty damn well last night. 


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13 Responses to “DRAFT13: HINKIE-PALOOZA”

  1. Jon
    28. June 2013 at 10:50


  2. Andrew
    28. June 2013 at 11:28

    I couldn’t be happier. You can’t just be mediocre every year. Hinkie comes in and makes big changes right away. I am happy that the future of this team is in the hands of Hinkie.

  3. NBA Genuine Draft
    28. June 2013 at 11:35

    Seriously, all the action was like a bomb going off last night. As soon as Jrue was shown the door, I knew that everyone else on the roster was expendable. If Hinkie could’ve gotten anything at all usable for Turner, I’m sure he would’ve done it.

    Anyone who buys Sixers jerseys this season is wasting their money. The team we have on paper today will be very different than the one we have a year from now.

  4. ms. haygood
    28. June 2013 at 11:57

    Wow!!!…if the 6ers could’ve pulled off that trade with Sactown, Cousins, Holiday, McLemore?…that would’ve been impessive…but I like the deal with NO, at least we have hope, and that hope will not come to fruition until the 2014 lottery draft show on espn…until then fingers crossed

  5. Chris
    28. June 2013 at 11:58

    It’s certainly bittersweet, but it had to be done. I really like how Hinkie has taken the reigns and has taken “ownership” over the team. It’s the first time in a while it seems like the front office actually has a clue.

  6. Rafi
    28. June 2013 at 12:03

    So how likely do you think we either get no. 1 or trade, say Turner+a pick for no. 1 next year?
    In other words, what are our Ender chances?

  7. Steve Rob
    28. June 2013 at 13:25

    @Jake- Hate it. I do not like any situation that we keep Turner and deal Holiday away. What we got for Jrue did not make up for the loss of a 23 year old all star. If you want to build for the future you get a McLemore, not a poor man’s Dwight Howard. Poor is being generous. Noel has a third of the strength and half the shoulder length. He may even have less offensive skills than Howard when he came into the league. Now if you wanted to try to get the lottery pick, ok, get rid of Jrue. Also, get rid of Thad or Hawes to give Moultrie or Allen more minutes to develop. Moultrie is the definitely should get these minutes. I think he now has the biggest upside on the team if we are talking two way players. But hey, I just a fan that watched almost every game last season. I have no other credentials except for the eye test. We fell from a Eastern Semifinals appearance only a season ago to the bottom of the division under the last regime. Therefore, Hinkie can’t do worst than that rebuilding. Let us just criticize him until he shows us any evidence we are moving in the right direction.

  8. Jon
    29. June 2013 at 01:56

    @Steve Rob, I’m not saying Noel is going to be Olajuwon, but Hakeem came into the league with a similar body and skill set and well you know how that ended up. Noel is more likely to be a decent offensive player, but a guy to anchor the defense. MCW also projects to be a tremendous defender due to his size. In addition the Sixers now have five draft picks in next years draft which some are saying could be the most talented of all time. Not to mention more than likely two lottery picks, one of which should be in the top three.

    Jrue is a great player but he actually shares something in Iguodala that he’ll never be the Batman, he’s the Robin. And with the situation i Philly he was never gonna lead the Sixers to a championship. This was a great trade for both sides.

  9. Deana Pickett
    29. June 2013 at 04:29

    The outlook for next season may not be the brightest, I thought to myself as I wound my way back from Brooklyn, but at least Sam Hinkie exists, and he may know what he is doing after all.

  10. buddha
    30. June 2013 at 14:46

    The trade was fine, but if we are truly aiming for 2014, I wish we had taken Schroeder instead of MCW. Younger, take longer to develop (helps tanking) and kind of looks like a young Tony Parker.
    Though it will not happen, I would love to see something like:

    Thad, Nerlens and DeAndre Jordan to Toronto
    Spence and MCW to Clippers
    Eric Bledsoe, Terrence Ross, Landry Fields and Jonas Valaciunas to Sixers

    Toronto as front court to rival their backcourt, Clippers save approx. 4 mil to go after a SG or Howard and we get way young, but form the beginnings of a core team. Add a trade of Evan and Levoy to Memphis for Tayshaun Prince and Ed Davis, and after next years draft, we could have an insanely talented albeit incredibly young team. Image Bledsoe, Ross, Wiggins, Davis and Valaciunas as our team in a division where the current top dogs aren’t getting any younger and/ or have serious holes in their teams.

  11. ken
    1. July 2013 at 18:47

    as much as that sac trade would have been awesome I like the pelicans deal more because with the sac deal we would have def been in the playoffs which takes us out of the lottery but now we have a chance to have not 1 but 2 lottery picks next year

  12. Reed H. Benson
    4. July 2013 at 05:07

    They also added a second first round pick next season for what is widely considered to be a stacked draft class. A lot of things need to break the Sixers way, but if they do a celebration could be coming to Broad Street in a few years.

  13. Patty Chang
    8. July 2013 at 09:10

    That’s because with the Boston Celtics’ hiring of Brad Stevens on Wednesday, the Sixers are the lone NBA team without a head coach. Part of that has to do with the draft and the Orlando Pro Summer League taking precedence over looking for a coach.

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