Posted by: C. Smith
09/04/13 11:09 am EST

RoyceWhitevipersOutside of a fairly active Twitter account and the word on the street that he was played very well in the Howard Pulley Pro City Summer League in Minneapolis, it’s been a pretty quiet summer for Royce White.

That was until early this morning when TMZ posted a report that White, “is at the center of a criminal investigation in Texas after allegedly beating up his then-girlfriend” — Tania Mehra — a Maxim model.

According to law enforcement documents obtained by TMZ, the incident in question occurred on June 22, 2013 when someone called 911 to report a laceration above Tania’s right eye.  Police officers responding to the call noted in their report that Tania claimed she suffered the injury from an “accidental fall” and no charges were filed.

Tania is now claiming she “lied” to police back on June 22nd and has filed an incident report.


Tania-Mehra-16Now, we must stress that no charges have been filed against White…

Still, TMZ is reporting that White is part of a police investigation after Tania (pic at left) filed a report on August 30 claiming that she did not tell the truth about the events that occurred on June 22nd and that White is responsible for the damage to her eye area.

Cops tell TMZ, “The victim said she had lied earlier because the suspect played for the NBA and did not want the incident to damage his career.”

Law enforcement also tells TMZ, “The victim stated that White had assaulted her after she became angered by his advances toward her friend.”

Sources connected to the investigation also tell TMZ that…Tania claims Royce also grabbed a candleholder and threw it at her during the altercation … but it missed, instead smashing into a mirror and causing it to shatter. 

You can read the full TMZ piece and check out pics of Tania’s laceration and broken mirror here.

Hinkie & Co. are looking to tank the upcoming season by using a team filled with high character players, so I can’t imagine this drama will help White’s chances of making the 76ers or 87ers (Depends on your opinion of White’s skill set).

However, maybe White’s addition to the Sixers roster is the type of distraction we need to guarantee Brett Brown’s squad is flat out terrible and thus garners the most ping pong balls in the 2014 Draft Lottery.


3 Responses to “ROYCE WHITE DRAMA”

  1. Slap Dog Hoops (SDH)
    8. September 2013 at 15:50

    That guy is unhinged an will find himself either hospitalized or incarcerated. Such a shame though. If you saw him in college, he could have been a star in the NBA if his head were screwed on right.

  2. Adam
    9. September 2013 at 15:26

    eh – Could care less if he ever plays. Pretty rough looking Maxim model.

  3. Alex Hootan
    12. September 2013 at 15:10

    He needs help. But… Is he willing to accept it?
    And you guys really think his only value proposition is distraction? If that is the case , they should have brought Iverson back. At least he would have sold some tickets.

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