mcw-draftwithjerseyAccording to numerous online reports (We believe Tim Reynolds of the AP had the story first.), some members of the Miami Heat have been told the NBA is considering having them and the Brooklyn Nets wear ”nickname jerseys” in at least one of their match-ups this season.

The NBA has not officially announced any plans for a “nickname jersey” game, but it seems to be the worst kept secret in the NBA right now as players from both Miami and Brooklyn apparently have been aware of the idea for several weeks.

So we started to wonder, if the 76ers were ever included in such a unique promotion, what would be written on the back of their “nickname jerseys”?


The Heat and Nets will provide for some excellent ”nickname jerseys” that I am sure will be top sellers for the NBA.  “King James”; “The Big Ticket”; “D-Wade”; “The Truth” and “D-Will” are just a few of the ”nickname jerseys” that will be in big demand after the promotional game between the Heat and Nets.  Ray Allen has said that he plans to have “Shuttlesworth” on the back of his ”nickname jersey” as a tribute to the legendary character he played in the film “He Got Game”.

On the other hand the Sixers potential ”nickname jerseys” aren’t so obvious and there’s no doubt the merchandise won’t sell as well as those worn by the Heat and Nets.  So, despite the fact that this promotion will most likely never happen in Philadelphia, below are several ideas for what could be written and what should be written on the back of the 7-6’s ”nickname jerseys”.


Lavoy Allen

What he would want:  chef VOY ardee

What we would want: Tin Man or Broken Motor

James Anderson

What he would want:  Gunslinger

What we would want:  40% from 3

Kwame Brown

What he would want:  #1 in ‘01

What we would want:  DNP-CD

Michael Carter-Williams

What he would want:  MCW1

What we would want:  Ridiculous Upside?

Spencer Hawes

What he would want:  SEA-Spence

What we would want:  Mr. Softee

Arnett Moultrie

What he would want:  A-Dog

What we would want:  Free from DC

Nerlens Noel

What he would want:  Fresh Prince or Kid-n-Play

What we would want: Fletch (see video below)



Jason Richardson

What he would want:  J-Rich

What we would want:  Cap Killer or The Check Collector

Evan Turner

What he would want:  Thekidet or The Villain

What we would want:  The Enigma

Royce White

What he would want:  #BeWell

What we would want: No Xcuses…Just Produce or Mr. 500

Tony Wroten

What he would want:  T-Wrot

What we would want:  T-Starter

Khalif Wyatt

What he would want:  Leafbuck

What we would want:  LocalKidDoneGood

Thad Young

What he would want:  Yungsmoove

What we would want:  Send Help Please

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