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Embiid Was the Right Choice

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

embiiddraftespneditEven though Joel Embiid had a second “successful” surgery on his right foot today (still no official comment from the 76ers organization, just Embiid’s Instagram account) and his basketball future is extremely uncertain, I  maintain that Embiid was still the correct selection for the 76ers at the 2014 NBA Draft.

If the team had passed on some high-level perimeter production in the form of Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker, then that would not be the case.  However, as the highly-hyped 2014 Draft played out, only three players looked to have the making of a surefire superstar, and out those three, Embiid was touted by everyone he came across as a generational talent; a guy that could single-handedly transform a franchise.


Draft15: Backup Plan at No. 3

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

russellLast week Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach Byron Scott made the following comment on the Jim Rome show,  “Obviously in this draft, you got two great bigs and you got a great point guard in Russell, as well. We got to wait and see what Minnesota does.  So we are going to do our due diligence to bring them in and work them out and go from there.”

That one little quote regarding our favorite 2015 Draft prospect nearly gave all of Philadunkia nation a heart attack and of course set the Internet on fire with ‘The Lakers like Russell’ rumors.  It also got the scribes at Philadunkia thinking, what if Lakers do in fact decide to solve their point guard issues through the Draft (Russell) instead of free agency?

What is the Sixers move if Russell is gone when Sam Hinkie is on the clock?


The History of No. 3

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

052014-sixers-three-600Next month, the 76ers have the number three overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft.  All of us here at Philadunkia are hoping and praying, just like all of you, that Sam Hinkie will select a player that has a huge impact on this franchise for years to come (cough…D’Angelo Russell..cough) and one would think that type of player would be very easy to find and draft at No. 3.

However, when we reviewed the list of No. 3 selections from the last twenty-four years of the NBA Draft, we found plenty of evidence that the Sixers (or any team for that matter) are just as likely to misfire badly with the No. 3 overall pick as they are to get it right. 

To be honest, this Draft history crash course made our stomachs a little queasy, so of course we thought we’d share it with our readers.


Young’s Trade Haul is a Clear Miss by Hinkie

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

10520210_746239618765943_364556449_nI’ve had the privilege of covering Thaddeus Young’s rise in the NBA for the past seven seasons. During this time, Young has impressed me a great deal as both a player and a person.  He’s served as an example to the NBA of someone who’s not only dedicated his all to his craft on the court, but to everything that the NBA tries to stand for off of it as well.

Looking through the NBA’s values statement, it instills a few main points – to grow through teamwork, innovation, integrity and respect. Young is the epitome of those values.


Sam Hinkie Revisited

Friday, August 1st, 2014

samA year ago, I penned the story In Hinkie I Question which examined every aspect of Sam Hinkie’s rebuilding plan up to that point and what needed to be done for Hinkie to gain my stamp of approval.

I broke down the story into four parts; the teams draft picks, the teams tanking ability, the organizations draw to free agents and the teams tradable assets. Based on the information I had at the time, I made an educated verdict on Hinkie’s plan and found that he was taking a lot of risks which had me skeptical that he’d be able to turn this franchise into a winner once again.

Now a year into his plan, you’ve seen the wheels on Hinkie’s long-term goals start to move. Good or bad, there is a definite direction that the team is now headed­­. With this in mind, I’ll re-examine Hinkie’s plan based on the same model of my past story. Has Hinkie gained my stamp of approval? Find out after the jump…


DRAFT14: Hinkie’s 2nd Round Gems

Monday, June 30th, 2014

2014sixers-pickseditedPhiladunkia nation fan there is very good chance that we won’t see our first round talents from the 2014 NBA Draft suit up for the team this year.  With Embiid nursing his broken foot for the next six to eight months and Saric playing in Turkey for at least the next two years, the only prospects from Draft14 we’ll see on the court next season will be those Sam Hinkie selected in the second round.

When all the wheeling and dealing was done last Thursday night, Hinkie ended up bringing home four 2nd round selections, and with the double tank…I mean…another rebuilding year coming up 2014-15, it’s highly likely that this group of second round picks will make the Sixers’ roster and one or two of them may even play significant minutes for Brett Brown this coming season.


DRAFT14: Hinkiepalooza II = Mixed Emotions

Friday, June 27th, 2014

samhinkiepressereditedHere’s the way I look at Sam Hinkie and the 76ers 2014 NBA Draft:

You have been dating a woman for a significant period of time — let’s say 9 months.   She has some issues that need work, but overall the gal is cool.  There have been some bumps in the road along the way.  However, as a whole things have gone fairly well and you really like the long term potential of the relationship.

As you approach the relationship’s one year anniversary (June 2013 to June 2014) you plan a special night for the two of you.  It has been communicated to you (although not verbally) that she too is excited about this big happening (Draft night 2014) and that your loyalty and time over the last year will be greatly rewarded.

The night goes perfectly and as you arrive back at your place, she heads into the bedroom to change into something “more comfortable”.  When she returns your gal has on flannel pajamas.  Next she heads to the fridge and grabs a pint of ice cream.  Then she plops on the couch and puts on a chic flick.



DRAFT14: Last Man in the Green Room

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Shabazz+NapierThe 2014 NBA Draft is finally here.  After a stellar collegiate career and enduring grueling workouts for numerous NBA teams, you’re in the Big Apple on the brink of learning which city your professional basketball career will start in.

Adding to the excitement of draft night is that you are a projected mid to late 1st round pick, so the NBA has decided to invite you to the green room.  That’s right, teams in the Association think highly enough of your draft stock that League office has invited you to share the waiting area with the elite prospects in your class.

From your fresh new haircut, to your fly suit, to your expensive shoes, you’re finally ready to get the night started.

Then the drama starts.


DRAFT14: No. 3 – Stay Put or Trade?

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

052014-sixers-three-600We have reached the “sources say” portion of NBA Draft week, which means right now there are more lies and misdirections floating around the rumor mill than Swaggy P photos on Instagram.

Even though Hinkie is the most tight lipped GM is the League, he isn’t immune to the sources syndrome that has kicked into hyperdrive in the last 24 hours.  Multiple reports have the 76ers sticking at No. 3 and drafting either Dante Exum or Joel Embiid.  A number of other reports claim the Sixers are desperate to move up and are working hard to make that happen on Thursday night. One thing is for sure, the 76ers and their front office people will be in the spotlight at the 2014 NBA Draft.

So, we asked our scribes to assume Sam Hinkie’s role for a minute and submit ideas for both scenarios.

Answers and ideas after the jump.


DRAFT14: To Embiid or Not to Embiid?

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Joel-EmbiidWith yesterday’s breaking news, that is the question.

As you know by now, Joel Embiid, the projected 1st pick in the 2014 NBA Draft has a foot fracture and will have surgery today to repair the injury.  Thursday’s headlines sent every team with a Lottery pick this year scrambling to reconstruct their Draft plans and asking, “Is Embiid worth taking a gamble on with a Top 12 pick?”

Embiid’s injury presents a very interesting dilemma for Sam Hinkie the 76ers, who as we all know have two Lottery selections next Thursday night (No. 3 & No. 10) and thus will likely have two opportunities to draft or pass on the athletic, but injury prone, 7-foot center from Kansas.

So we put two questions to the scribes here at Philadunkia…

If he is available, would you draft Embiid at No. 3?…and…If he is available, would you draft Embiid at No. 10?

Answers and ideas after the jump.