Posted by: Michael Kaskey-Blomain
08/18/09 9:06 am EST


“I can’t help imagining, Vick, McNabb, Rollins and Iverson all playing in the City of Brotherly Love……..Picture That!”

            — A recent Allen Iverson Twitter entry 

If Allen Iverson can ponder his return to Philadelphia publicly, then why can’t I?

After all, very few players were as closely associated with their team as Allen Iverson was with the 76ers during his turbulent and terrific tenure there.  He was the teams’ most consistent and outstanding player, and it was nearly impossible to hold a relevant conversation about the team without mentioning Allen.  He single-handily rescued the team from mediocrity for a decade, taking the fans on a wild ride that included stops at All-Star games, playoff series, and a long-awaited stop at the NBA Finals (a destination that the team has yet to even approach since Allen’s departure).  Allen was a bona fide superstar, and his tremendous triumphs on the court consistently made me happy to be a Sixers fan.  And then something happened.  Allen was traded.  I will never forget the moment.  I was shopping in Best Buy, re-upping on the latest rap albums, when my phone rang and I was informed by my friend on the other line that Allen, along with my dreams of his bringing a title to Philadelphia, had been shipped to Denver. 

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