Posted by: Philadunkia
07/10/09 12:34 pm EST

rip_hamiltonIn the wake of General manger Ed Stefanski’s rather transparent quotes regarding the status of contract negotiations with Andre Miller’s agent, it’s almost a lock that Andre Miller will NOT be in a Sixers uniform next year. In the short term, that will definitely hurt the Sixers as Miller is a hell of a floor general who frequently carried the Sixers offensively last season. However, what is the value of an extremely skilled point man who turns 33 years old next season and is also a defensive liability to a middle of the pack NBA franchise? Well that’s a subject that can be debated all day and should be left for another post.

What isn’t debatable is that with Miller’s apparent departure, the Sixers backcourt is now a scary mess. On paper right now Eddie Jordan’s backcourt rotation will include unproven combo-guard Louis Williams, rookie Jrue Holiday, specialist Jason Kapono and Willie Green who is labeled as a shooting guard, but that is also up for debate as well. If you listen to Stefanski, a TBD wily veteran will be added at a later date this summer (Anyone want to bet it’s Kevin Ollie?).  That backcourt scenario should give Jordan nightmares. We know it keeps us here at Philadunkia up at night. 

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Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
06/11/09 2:36 pm EST

NBA Draft 76ers BasketballThis Afternoon Ed Stefanski took some time off to answer some questions from fans as well as the media on Sixers.com. I was there to cue in on some issues as well as both Depressedfan and reclinergm. Most of the questions asked were adequate, yet one towards the end asking Ed who his favorite player was could have been left out. Here is the transcription.


Ed Stefanski:  Welcome everybody – let’s get started!

[Comment From Steve] 
Do you view Andre Iguodala as the starting sg next season? If not does that mean Thaddeus will be the 6th man?


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05/06/09 1:10 pm EST

averyAt this point we’re not even sure if Tony DiLeo is going to lose his job. You can easily make a case for both sides of that argument. We’d lean more toward the side of the argument that says the late season collapse and the dreadful Game 6 effort are evidence that it’s time for him to go, but we would not be furious if DiLeo was patrolling the Sixers sideline again next year. Still even though he technically is still the 76ers head coach, there has been a lot of talk about who should replace DeLio.

When / if DiLeo gets relieved of his coaching duties, the one name we keep hearing mentioned as a possible replacement for DiLeo is former Dallas head coach and current ESPN analyst Avery Johnson. There seems to be a good deal of momentum building for Avery in print, or the radio and on the streets. here in Philly. We believe that Eddie Jordan is a more logical choice given Stefanski’s and Jordan’s ties to the Nets organization, but Johnson suddenly seems like real a possibility.
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