Posted by: Philadunkia
05/11/10 9:01 am EST

As you may have read, on Sunday the 76ers head coach search committee met with former Detroit Piston “Bad Boy” and current Minnesota Timberwolves assistant coach Bill Laimbeer.  The Sixers interview count has now reached six candidates and it appears it will continue to grow.  Here at Philadunkia we are evenly divided over who should be the next Sixers head coach — Larry Brown or Celtics assistant Tom Thibodeau.  Yet both sides here at the Philadunkia offices agree that Laimbeer is a very intriguing candidate who could be a good fit as the Sixers next head coach.

After the interview with Laimbeer, Sixers GM Ed Stefanski released the following statement: “…Bill Laimbeer’s credentials as a player and success as a coach – including three championships in six seasons in the WNBA – speaks for itself.  We want to thank Bill for meeting with us.”  That’s not exactly a glowing review by Stefanski.  In fact that quote registered somewhere below the typical, scripted “sensitive topic” quote generated by the PR department.  However we’d like to provide Stefanski with a few reasons why he should give Laimbeer serious consideration for the Sixers head coaching job.

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