Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
07/23/10 2:50 pm EST

On Wednesday TNT analyst David Aldridge reported that the Los Angeles Clippers, who are on the market for a veteran small forward, have set their sights on the Sixers own Andre Iguodala.  According to Aldridge’s report there is no indication on whether or not the Clippers will seriously pursue Iguodala, but there is at least an interest in the five year veteran out of Arizona.

Even though there is just the slimmest chance of a deal getting done at this time between the two parties, it is an interesting topic to think about.  Iguodala is guaranteed over 40 million dollars in the next three seasons and if this trade were to be completed, the Clippers would have to give away a pricey contract of their own.  The contract that works from a salary cap standpoint when compared to Iguodala’s, while also giving the Sixers an immediate missing piece to their puzzle, is the contract belonging to Chris Kaman.  Kaman is due 23 million dollars over the next two seasons and would serve as the starting center for the Sixers, which they desperately need at this time.  Please don’t throw Spencer Hawes at me either.  Hawes is a solid, developing prospect but plays nowhere near to the skill level of Chris Kaman.

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