Posted by: Philadunkia
01/28/11 10:42 am EST

Two days ago Charles Barkley’s took some time off from playing “turrable” golf and then put down his Taco Bell five buck box for a second in order to utter some apparently well thought out comments on the state of the Philadelphia 76ers.  Chuck’s comments produced very spirited debate here in Philly as many Sixers fans were enraged while others among the faithful were left nodding their heads in approval. 

Here at Philadunkia we’re just as divided on Chuck’s comments as the rest of 76ers nation, so we have decided to look at both sides of the spectrum.

In case you missed it, below are Chuck’s words of wisdom:  

“Why is Doug Collins trying to win games?” Barkley told Bob Ford of The Philadelphia Inquirer. “That’s stupid. They should develop the young guys and try to get a better draft pick.”

“Doug’s a great coach.  Don’t get me wrong,” Barkley added.  “But sometimes coaches get carried away with their own egos.  But in a situation like this, it’s not about them.”

After the jump, Philadunkia scribes Nabeel Ahmadieh (pro) and Kevin Jones (anti) “debate” Sir Charles’ comments.

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