Posted by: Philadunkia
05/18/10 1:38 pm EST

As everyone in Philadunkia nation knows, tonight up in Secaucus, New Jersey the NBA will hold it’s annual Draft Lottery selection show.  The 76ers will have 53 chances out of the 1,001 possible combinations in tonight’s Draft Lottery.  They  can move up to one of the top three slots, remain sixth or slip as low as ninth, but that’s as far as they can fall on the 2010 NBA Draft lottery board. 

The Sixers have a 5.3% chance of winning the Lottery and grabbing the #1 spot which will give them the right to select Kentucky’s John Wall.  They stand a 6% chance at jumping up the board to the #2 slot where they will likely be over joyed at the opportunity to draft Ohio State shooting guard Evan Turner.  Finally, the Sixers own a 6.9% chance of moving up three spot to #3 which will give them a month to debate what they should do with that pick — draft a center, package the pick in a trade for a highly skilled two guard or blow it by drafting another ‘tweener forward. 

It’s plain to see from the numbers above that the Sixers chances of moving up the board tonight are not that great.  To be honest we would need some serious help.  Scratch that, we would nee a miracle to get inside the top two where we could draft a potential franchise changing player.  So while we think point guard Jrue Holiday, the future of the 76ers franchise, is a fine candidate to be representing the 76ers at tonight’s NBA Draft Lottery, we would like to suggest to Mr. Snider a few last minute substitutions for Holiday.  In our minds if any one of the following people were representing the Sixers tonight, then Phialdunkia’s home team would have a real chance to get the #1 or #2 pick in the 2010 NBA Draft.

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