The Cutting Floor: White, Wyatt, Blue & Koshwal Are Waived

Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
10/24/13 9:06 pm EST

roycewhitewithpress Being cut hits hard, especially for Sixers forward Royce White tonight.

White was surprisingly given the axe by Hinkie and Co. along with guards Khalif Wyatt, Vander Blue and center Mac Koshwal to bring the teams roster down to 16.

White, who has had a media circus surrounding him of Andrew Bynum-like proportions since his addition to the team in early July, was looked at by many analysts, including USA Today’s Jason Wolf, to be a lock on the teams roster come opening night.

He wasn’t.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
07/10/09 11:43 pm EST

speightssummerleague2The Sixers/Nets dropped to 0-5 in the OPSL as the Boston Celtics picked up the victory, 92-79, behind strong play from Nick Fazekas.

There were significantly less people at Friday’s contest compared to the rest of the week; not only onlookers, but players too.

With only seven players dressed for the “Scrapple” (see yesterday’s recap in case you missed the name change) and eight available for the Celtics, all the players still here in Florida got plenty of playing time.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
07/07/09 9:41 pm EST

emaynorThe Sixers/Nets team got off to a slow start in game two of the OPSL, and never really woke up, as they dropped Tuesday’s game to the Jazz, 83-68.

Chris Douglas-Roberts was the standout player for the Sixers/Nets (0-2).  The only player on the team with more than 6 points in the first half, he had 13 on 5-7 shooting in the first, ending up with a game-high 27. Of course as we all already know, Roberts plays up the TPK for the NJ Nets.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
04/14/09 7:11 am EST


williegreen11It’s no secret that we here at Philadunkia are not big fans of  Willie Green  and to say that we have been frustrated with the Sixers decision to repeatedly keep trotting Green out on the floor in the first five is an understatement.

 However his recent string of games has been especially poor (outside of the Chicago run) and Willie’s play has finally driven us over the edge. Take a look at his recent outings: against Toronto, Green was 3-8; vs. Cleveland he was a horrific 3-13; at Charlotte Green went 6-14; up at the Meadowlands vs. the Nets, Green was 4-11 and vs. Detroit he was 2-6. For us it’s not ALL about the misses either. Although the clanks and bricks don’t help.

Willie Green should not be taking 14 shot in a pick up game at the 25th and Diamond let alone in a NBA game vs. the Bobcats. Period, end of statement. Additionally, Green rarely grabs a rebound as you can see by his pitiful 1.6 rpg. this season

To be fair, Willie has been put in a bad situation by the Sixers. Green is a borderline NBA player who belongs coming off the bench as a 9th or 10th man. He certainly is not a starter in this League by any stretch of imagination. Green has been thrust into that role, because the Sixers failed during the 2008 off-season to find a legit 2-guard to provide some fire power from outside either as a starter or off the bench.

So even thought it’s not totally his fault, it’s still time to say enough already and pull the plug on the Willie Green era.

Hopefully Ed Stefanski will address this need in the off-season by picking up an experienced NBA shooting guard, but if they fail to do so again (Don’t laugh, it could happen.) and for some reason and Green is back next fall at Sixers camp, then here is a list of D-League players (with no regard for their current contract status) that we believe should be given a chance to take Green’s job. 
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