Posted by: Philadunkia
06/24/10 5:13 pm EST

The 2010 NBA Draft is just hours away and if you have been following all of the mock drafts, online expert predictions and television analysis, it seems pretty obvious that the national sports media believes that the 76ers are locked in to taking Ohio State’s Evan Turner with the No. 2 pick in tonight’s Draft.

However, no one knows the Sixers better then our colleagues on the Philadelphia basketball scene and in the local sports media.  So with that in mind, we reached out to our contacts across the city and pulled together a sampling of opinions from Philly basketball minds on which prospect the 76ers will draft at No. 2 tonight as well as why Ed Stefanski and company will go in that direction.

Check out their thoughts after the jump.

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Posted by: C. Smith
06/24/10 10:27 am EST

Recently there have been two online posts by reputable basketball writers in this town that have raised some red flags for us here in the Philadunkia offices over the possibility of the 76ers drafting Evan Turner.  Don’t get us wrong, we still think Turner is a great basketball talent, the best overall player available to the Sixers at the #2 spot and that he could have an immediate impact on the team.  However two pieces we have read in the last few days both of which have included quotes from NBA front office types have caused us to further review just how good of a fit Turner would be for the 76ers.   

The first article that caused us pause on the Turner front ran on “The Philly Post” and was written by local college basketball guru Michael Bradley.  The short and sweet of Bradley’s post was that if the Sixers draft Turner, Iguodala has to go as they can not play together.  The second story that made us reconsider the selection of Turner by the Sixers was put together by legendary basketball scribe Dick Jerardi for the Daily News.  That story included NBA player personnel people on the record about Turner and how he is not the prototypical NBA 2-guard, which in our opinion is what the Sixers desperately need to find in the 2010 Draft.     

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Posted by: Philadunkia
05/24/10 10:17 am EST

The 2010 NBA Draft Combine in Chicago came to a close this weekend and even though one NBA scout told us that the current format is a “waste of time” from the perspective of evaluating the prospects on-the-court, we thought we’d hit our readers with a little Combine wrap up.  

We didn’t make the trip to Chicago this year, so we scoured the web hard and for your review we gathered information from trusted writers who were actually at the event.  We concentrated our research and this post on three prospects — Evan Turner (with ball at top left), Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins.  Barring a blockbuster trade, most Draft “experts” are projecting that the 76ers will select one of those three players.  According to the info on the Draft Combine that we found online, Turner helped his stock in Chicago and Favors held his ground.  As for Cousins, well, the big man from Kentucky appears to be a mess.   

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