Posted by: Philadunkia
10/07/09 10:59 am EST

cwebberThe 76ers began their preseason schedule last night up and while the squad did handily defeat a watered down  Toronto squad (No Bosh or Hedo), the W is not what we are talking about this morning in the Philadunkia offices. 

The conversation late yesterday and again this morning here has been about the 76ers current roster and rosters from past Sixers teams.  As we were discussing whether it will be Dionte Christmas, Sean Singletary or Stromile Swift who lands the 14th and according to Ed Stefanski the final roster spot on the 2009-10 and thus steals a bunch of cash this year, the conversation turned to players who have stolen money from past Sixers teams. 

The thieves who took over this part of the conversation are easy to recite for most Sixers fans, but just in case you have forgotten their names, the players who took center stage in this discussion at the Philadunkia offices were Chris Webber, Matt Geiger, Glenn Robinson and Shawn Bradley. 

Sure you remember their names and faces and the crimes they committed, but do you remember the details of their offenses and do you know approximately how much money they stole per game?  Well, we have all of that info for you after the jump. 

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