Posted by: C. Smith
10/18/12 1:06 pm EST

I have written numerous times on this site that I believe Spencer Hawes will not be able to hold on to the starting spot Doug Collins so kindly granted him this summer.  If you recall, DC said repeatedly during this past off-season that Hawes would be his starting power forward alongside the newly acquired Andrew Bynum.  To me the move just made no sense.

My analysis of this interesting lineup decision was very simple.  Yes Spence can stretch the floor on offense with his passing and silky jumper, but Hawes is not physical enough to match up at the other end with the beasts playing at the 4-spot in the NBA.  He also isn’t quick enough to cover the weak side when Bynum gets caught out of position while chasing a potential blocked shot.  I also went on to say that I wouldn’t be surprised if Arnett Moultrie replaced Hawes in the first-five by Christmas time.

Well, Christmas came early this year to Philadunkia nation.

After the jump, video of coach Collins announcing that Hawes likely will not be in the starting lineup on opening night.

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Posted by: Steve Toll
10/17/12 9:23 am EST

Value is often a topic that is mentioned in both articles and comments.  There is an approximate possession value in an NBA.  Without getting into specifics like the value of a possession goes down the farther into a quarter you get or that an offensive rebound is more valuable for certain players, I will break down based on averages the offensive performance of the 76er players through 3 games.

The average NBA possession is worth 1.05 points.  Here are some other values:

 Turnovers -1.2 OREB +.985 2pt make +.95 3pt make +1.95 Miss -.7

 This doesn’t take into accounts assists, in parenthesis is each players assist total…


Maalik        +11.06 in 69 minutes (17)

SwaggyP   +9.93 in 86 minutes (6)

Holiday      +7.63 in 73 minutes (18)

Kwame      +7 in 32 minutes (1)

Thad         +4.21 in 71 minutes (4)

Lavoy        +3.54 in 83 minutes (2)

D. Wright     +3.03 in 44 minutes (4)

Hawes      +2.73 in 67 minutes (10)

Wilkins      +1.24 in 27 minutes (0)

Royal        +1.49 in 26 minutes (1)

Moultire     -.81 in 40 minutes (0)

JRich        -4.26 in 41 minutes (3)

ET            -11.33 in 89 minutes (10)

What these numbers tell you the approximate value of each player on the offensive end, while it isn’t perfect, it’s the quickest and most efficient way to figure out value without going further down the rabbit hole while sitting at the bar after a game with friends.

I know what you are thinking, “What pray tell is down the rabbit holes?”

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Posted by: Michael Kaskey-Blomain
10/14/12 5:58 pm EST

Give the Sixers credit for keeping it close last night as the Nets had them at arms length throughout most of the contest, but this is a game the 7-6 could have had.  In the end, the outcome of this game was not as important as what could be learned from it, and based on last night’s action the Sixers have a lot to learn.

Jrue came out of the gate strong, attacking offensively, which was nice to see.  Holiday has a knack at getting to the rim, and this skill will be extremely important to the Sixers throughout the season.  If successful, Jrue’s penetration will spur the offense in 2012-13, eventually leading to easy looks for Bynum in the post and open J’s for the squad’s newly acquired shooters.  He was unable to sustain this offensive output throughout the game though.

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Posted by: C. Smith
07/10/12 6:46 pm EST

Well, no one can accuse the Sixers of being inactive during the 2012 off-season. 

Still, this latest move once again has us asking “What exactly is the game plan here?”

In a curious move, the 7-6 went out and acquired yet another wing player.  According to multiple reports, this time the front office pulled in Dorrell Wright (6-9; 205) from the Warriors for a future draft pick.  Wright was good for 10.3 points and 4.6 rebounds per game last season for the Warriors in 27 minutes per night.  He owned a PER of 15.07 and has one year left on his current contract at $4.1 million.

With the drafting of Maurice Harkless (6-9; 205), the signing of Nick Young (6-8; 210) and now the addition of Wright an already crowded and confusing wing situation in Philadunkia nation has become complete chaos.  There has to be a big move coming, right????

More on Wright after the jump…  

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