Posted by: Tim Parker
10/31/12 9:31 am EST

At the start of every new NBA season, there is a renewed of belief, hope, and confidence.  For the Sixers, 2012-2013 is no different.  Even though, the true (unspoken) goal is to just be able stay in the same ballpark of class as the Miami Heat. 

Nonetheless, there is a unique, almost poetic feeling about Wednesday night’s season opener at the Wells Fargo Center.  As the Sixers begin a new chapter of their franchise’s history, they will be forced to look their past dead in the eyes; in the form Andre Iguodala.

As Iguodala brings his Denver Nuggets to Philadelphia, he carries a truckload of baggage with him, including memories (both good and bad), 8 years of frustrations, and a fractured relationship with the 76ers’ faithful. 

Whether he was loved or hated, he was a much maligned, polarizing figure, partly because of his salary, demeanor, skill-set, and lack of team success.

Ironically enough, his final season as a Sixer would be the one where he actually began to be appreciated.  He earned his only All-Star appearance; he led his team to their first playoff series victory in a decade, and nearly took a talent deficient team to the Eastern Conference Finals.

But, by then it was already too late.

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Posted by: Jerry Scherwin
02/10/12 1:18 pm EST


With last night’s announcement of Andre Iguodala’s selection as an NBA Eastern Conference All-Star Reserve, it seems that the 76ers organization is finally getting recognized publicly.  But not in the way you would think. 

The media and public…still are not sold on the Sixers being mainstays of the East’s upper echelon.  ESPN-ers still aren’t ready to pronounce them worthy.  The Power Rankings on different websites all come with same warning of tough times ahead.  And it seems that Chuck, Kenny, C-Webb, and any other ex-NBA players roaming different sports talk studios aren’t going out on a limb quite yet to make a bold statement about them either. 

Instead, the Sixers are being recognized by those that view them the closest; their peers.

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