Posted by: Philadunkia
08/14/09 8:53 am EST

hakimfloorLate last week, Philadelphia basketball product and treasured good citizen Hakim Warrick turned down an offer from the 76ers to sign with the Milwaukee Bucks. At first glance, the disappointing news of Warrick’s decision was a head scratcher for many in Philadunkia nation. After all, while the 76ers aren’t exactly going to contend for the NBA title this year,  the Sixers are a hell of a lot better then the mess that is the Milwaukee Bucks. Additionally, why would anyone choose to live in Milwaukee over Philadelphia, especially if you are from Philly?

Philadunkia’s Jeff McMenamin caught up with Warrick to get some answers and restore order to the universe. In the end, we belive you won’t be able to fault Warrick for his thinking.

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