Posted by: C. Smith
12/04/12 10:35 am EST

It’s no secret that so far in 2012-13 season that our 76ers are having issues rebounding the basketball.  The 7-6 are ranked 21st in the League in rebounding with a -3.71 statistical differential and to be honest, via the “eye test” it seems a lot worse. 

Like ten times worse. 

FYI…those numbers won’t improve tonight vs. the Timberwolves who thanks to Kevin Love and Co. are absolute beasts on the boards — 4th in the NBA in rebounding with a +4.53 differential.

Since there’s seems to be no point in hoping that a return by Andrew Bynum will cure this ill and Doug simply refuses to play Arnett Moultrie who was a rebounding machine in college, it’s time to consider some realistic solutions for the Sixers.

After the jump, we provide a look at some of the guys who are “on the street” and could possibly help the Sixers compete on the glass.

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WITH the 2nd PICK…

Posted by: Philadunkia
06/07/10 9:58 am EST

The “Miracle on Lottery Night” as we like to call it significantly improved the 76ers position in the 2010 NBA Draft, so we excitedly had to change the title of our draft prospect preview series (formerly “With the 6th pick…”) and start looking at a whole different list of college kids.

We again reviewed a number of the well respected “Draft Expert” projections, this time with a giddy focus on the #2 spot and then created a list of prospects from which the Sixers will likely pick a player on Draft Night 2010.  That Sixers projection list includes heavy favorite Evan Turner (Ohio St.), big man DeMarcus Cousins (Kentucky) and forward Derrick Favors (Georgia Tech).  However there are also a couple “experts” who are predicting that the Sixers will make a trade on Draft night that includes the #2 pick and a player or two from the current roster.  So do not be surprised if the Sixers do something unusual on June 24th

Now it would have been easy for us to profile the college players “experts” are saying will end up in a Sixers uniform simply via stats and analysis, but here at Philadunkia we go the extra mile for our readers.  Thus we worked the phones and asked several of these potential future Sixers to give us a few minutes so that you could get to know them up close and personal.

First up in our retooled series of draft prospect interviews now titled “With the 2nd pick…” is 7-foot, 227 pound shot blocking machine Hassan Whiteside of Marshall. 

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