Posted by: Philadunkia
10/31/12 3:04 pm EST

We know that in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, for many of you the tip off of another NBA season may not be on your mind right now.  But assuming that all of our readers are physically okay, adapting and moving forward today — the NBA season started last night and that action has our hearts pumping for the 76ers opener tonight.

By now you’ve read or watched what all the national “experts” have predicted for our Philadelphia 76ers in 2012-13.  To be honest, they are all over the place.  Many of them believe that we are in for a replay of the 2010-11 season — .500 ball; make the playoffs; get bounced in the first round.  There are also a few “experts” who are predicting that Philadunkia’s home team will fall flat on its face this season.  Still others see a 50 win season coming up for the Sixers and a nice post-season run.

But as we all know, national “experts” are NOT the best source of information when it comes to the Sixers.  So in an effort to provide educated forecasts on how this year will play out for the Sixers, the scribes here at Philadunkia — people who eat, drink and sleep the 7-6 — have typed up their predictions for 2012-13. 

According to the Philadunkia staff, one thing is for sure, the 2012-13 76ers will be exciting to watch.

 After the jump…Here we go

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Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
10/19/12 10:31 am EST

Following Monday’s preseason drubbing of the Boston Celtics, Sixers owner Adam Aaron made the status of Andrew Bynum’s knee a little clearer on twitter.

Aaron’s tweets on Bynum’s knee are below:


…He did not have surgery in Germany, he had injections.

…He will not have surgery next week, just a routine injection he gets every year.

…While conditioning in September Andrew Bynum got the bone bruise in his knee, which was unrelated to the procedure.

…And, if all goes to plan Andrew Bynum will join the Sixers at practice on Oct. 24th.

This update should at least let fans give a tentative sigh of relief as there’s now a timetable for the big man’s return.  However, whether or not his knee still feels sore only 5 days from now remains to be seen.

The “routine injections” Aaron is speaking of are injections of Synvisc-One.  On the company website for Synvisc-One it explains that the drug is designed to treat Osteoarthritis, which is a very common form of arthritis pain in the knee.  In the case of Osteoarthritis, pain is caused by (in Bynum’s case) whatever cartilage is left in his knees trying to protect the ends of the bones from deteriorating and the fluid that’s in the joint losing its capability to absorb shock.

The injections are supposed to help the joint fluid with absorbing shock, and commonly can add up to six months of relief for the patient.

Sounds like good news, right?  Until you read a little bit further.

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Posted by: Steve Toll
10/17/12 9:23 am EST

Value is often a topic that is mentioned in both articles and comments.  There is an approximate possession value in an NBA.  Without getting into specifics like the value of a possession goes down the farther into a quarter you get or that an offensive rebound is more valuable for certain players, I will break down based on averages the offensive performance of the 76er players through 3 games.

The average NBA possession is worth 1.05 points.  Here are some other values:

 Turnovers -1.2 OREB +.985 2pt make +.95 3pt make +1.95 Miss -.7

 This doesn’t take into accounts assists, in parenthesis is each players assist total…


Maalik        +11.06 in 69 minutes (17)

SwaggyP   +9.93 in 86 minutes (6)

Holiday      +7.63 in 73 minutes (18)

Kwame      +7 in 32 minutes (1)

Thad         +4.21 in 71 minutes (4)

Lavoy        +3.54 in 83 minutes (2)

D. Wright     +3.03 in 44 minutes (4)

Hawes      +2.73 in 67 minutes (10)

Wilkins      +1.24 in 27 minutes (0)

Royal        +1.49 in 26 minutes (1)

Moultire     -.81 in 40 minutes (0)

JRich        -4.26 in 41 minutes (3)

ET            -11.33 in 89 minutes (10)

What these numbers tell you the approximate value of each player on the offensive end, while it isn’t perfect, it’s the quickest and most efficient way to figure out value without going further down the rabbit hole while sitting at the bar after a game with friends.

I know what you are thinking, “What pray tell is down the rabbit holes?”

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Posted by: Tim Parker
09/27/12 1:53 pm EST

A big man (well at least a good one) is a rare commodity and a precious jewel in today’s NBA.  

Certainly, Philadelphia, like most other cities lately, has been bombarded with a bunch of coal at the center position – instead of the precious diamonds that shined in places like Orlando (Dwight Howard), San Antonio (Tim Duncan), and even Houston (Yao Ming) for a time. 

A generation of 76ers basketball was depleted of interior dominance. 

But, in the perfect tale of basketball novelty, there could be no one better to rectify this problem then the nearly native son, Andrew Bynum. 

When Dikembe Mutombo (the last solid true center the Sixers roster could boast) left town, Bynum was barely an adolescent.  Now, it is a 24 year old Bynum who can possibly fill a wide stretching empty space in the paint for this franchise.

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Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
09/05/12 9:37 am EST

Earlier this week, ESPN.com released players #181-200 from their rankings of the 500 NBA players (The exercise is titled #NBArank) who are most valuable to their team for the 2012-13 season.  One hundred and four different basketball experts ranked the players based on a scale of 0-to-10.  Some of you may remember that prior to last season these same “experts” ranked Sixers forward Lavoy Allen as the very worst player in the NBA (#500), only to apologize to Lavoy during his incredible playoff performance against Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics.

With ESPN.com’s #NBA rank receiving a great deal of attention in its second year, we thought it would be a good idea to look at where some of the 76ers have appeared in the ranking so far and make a few predictions for where the remaining members of the 7-6 will be popping up on the list.   

Below are the rankings for the Sixers players who have already appeared on the 2012-13 #NBArank list:

#182 – Forward, Dorell Wright, 30 spot dip from last year’s rankings

#232 – Forward, Lavoy Allen, 268 spot leap from last year’s rankings

#332 – Center, Kwame Brown, 28 spot dip from last year’s rankings

#375 – Guard, Royal Ivey, 43 spot leap from last year’s rankings

#400 – Forward, Arnett Moultrie, first year in the rankings

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Posted by: Tim Parker
07/06/12 12:53 pm EST

Let’s take a journey through the magical land of the NBA off-season. 

In a special place where the Notorious BIG and Lil Kim once reigned supreme, there lived a “HOV” named Jay-Z.  This HOV and his majority owner friend from a continent far far away loved their basketball team so much that they gave Deron Williams $100 million, plus new toys to play with like Joe Johnson, and Gerald Wallace. 

Meanwhile, in  Hollywood, where the land of make believe truly exists (thanks in part to the abundance of dutiful plastic surgeons) Kobe Bryant was given the renewed dream of championship grandeur with the gift of an artful, mystical, point guard named Steve Nash.

And all across the valley of the NBA, hope was spreading as the principalities and powers brought Jason Terry to Boston, Jeremy Lin to Houston (unless the NYK match the offer sheet), Jamal Crawford to the Clippers, and Jason Kidd to New York.

Yes, even King James, who firmly sits on his championship throne, wants to delight in even more glee by recruiting Ray Allen (perhaps), the best marksman in the history of the land. 

But the greatest story of them all was the wondrous and glorious extension given to Spencer Hawes by the majestic power that is the Philadelphia 76ers front office.


Oh, and this is certainly no fairy tale for Sixers’ fans.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
06/28/12 1:30 pm EST

The 2012 NBA Draft is just hours away and unless you have been living under The Commodore Barry Bridge, you know what holes the 76ers will be looking to fill tonight.  We have discussed in detail here at Philadunkia that the Sixers’ ills include shooting guard, power forward and center.  Our hope is that tonight Doug Collins finds a player with the #15 pick (or via a trade) that will immediately solve one of those issues.

We showed you what all the “experts” and NBA scouts think of the players that should be available when the Sixers are put on the clock tonight and now it’s time for the scribes here at Philadunkia to predict what the 7-6 will do with the 15th pick in the 2012 NBA Draft.  Will it be a SG with a smooth stroke?  Or an athletic power forward who replaces Elton Brand in the starting five by the All-Star Break?  Or will the Sixers take a bit of a flier and grab one of the “upside” 7-footers still on the board in the mid-first round? 

Really, only DC knows what is going to happen in Newark tonight, but after the jump Philadunkia’s own takes a stab at predicting who the 76ers will pick …

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Posted by: Steve Toll
06/28/12 10:13 am EST

As we all know, tonight the 2012 NBA Draft takes place up the turnpike in Newark, NJ.  Our 76ers are coming off of a solid season that few of us predicted, or could have.  Still, as we have discussed at length, this team needs to help in several areas and the 2012 Draft could provide the perfect opportunity for this front office to make some serious moves and improve this team drastically.

Earlier this week, our lame-duck General Manager made a statement that the Sixers will NOT be looking to move up in tonight’s Draft.  But what if that quote is a smoke screen?  What if the Sixers new ownership group and Doug Collins are looking to make a big splash tonight and shake up this roster?   

Let’s imagine for a minute that is the case.  Then the question becomes, Does the Sixers front office make moves to in hopes of winning now or later?

After the jump we look at both options…

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Posted by: Jerry Scherwin
06/21/12 9:10 am EST

Being that we are entering Game 5 of the NBA Finals tonight and are on the verge of LeBron’s first championship, let’s play a game.  I’m going to list agroup of Finals winners and I want you, the readers, to figure out what they all have in common besides a few diamond encrusted rings.

Here we go:

Dallas Mavericks, Boston Celtics (I’m starting at 1981 because this could go on forever, 1984, 1986, 2008), Los Angeles Lakers (Again starting at 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1988, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009,2010) San Antonio Spurs (1999, 2003, 2005, 2007), Miami Heat (2006, 2012*), Chicago Bulls (the entire 6-peat), Detroit Pistons (1989,1990 and arguably 2004)…

If you said each team contained an All-Star, you’d be on the right path.  If you said they each had a Hall of Famer; we would be in the same wave length.  If you said each one of those teams had at least two elite superstars on their rosters at the same time, you should submit your resume for the Sixers Presidential opening because you are one step ahead of favorite Danny Ferry.

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Posted by: C. Smith
06/05/12 7:11 am EST

Yesterday we looked at a list of NBA shooting guards from which Rod Thorn and Doug Collins could choose to add a scorer to the 76ers roster this summer via the free agent signing route.  Today here at Philadunkia we will examine the crop of college prospects who appear to have the game and mental makeup to step into the Sixers shooting guard spot and really contribute in 2012-13.

The two elite, elite shooting guard prospects in this Draft — Bradley Beal (Florida) and Jeremy Lamb (UConn) — will not be around when the 7-6 select at #15 in June.  However, if the Sixers decide to go with a shooting guard who can score at #15, there will be some big-time college players still on the board (like Washington Huskie Terrence Ross pictured above) when the Sixers get placed “on the clock”.  On paper, any one of these kids we’ll look at today could help fill the glaring hole at SG on the Sixers roster.

Obviously the key for Thorn and Collins is to sort through all the information out there as well as the game tapes and grab the best mid-first round shooting guard available.

After the jump you’ll learn that will not be an easy decision.

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