Posted by: Steve Toll
08/13/12 11:59 am EST

Words don’t do justice when speaking about great players.  Andre Iguodala is a player who knows that as well as any.  He is going to be in the basketball Hall of Fame someday.  Basketball is about production and few players in NBA history have produced like Andre Iguodala through 8 seasons. 

Dre spent years here playing for fans who didn’t appreciate his on court ability and called him overpaid.  Nothing could be farther from the truth. 

Andre you were the most under appreciated player in franchise history.  You deserve to be mentioned with Chamberlain, Malone, Barkley, Dr. J and Iverson.  Unfortunately, you were stuck with teammates, haters, owners and front office guys who didn’t live up to their end of the bargain while you gave it your all for 8 seasons. 

The words don’t do you justice but the numbers certainly do.

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Posted by: C. Smith
08/01/12 12:14 pm EST

Yesterday the 7-6 confirmed a roster move rumor that had been flying around the internet for two days – they had in fact signed former Villanova guard and Philadelphia native Maalik Wayns to a one-year contract.  This move along with the signing of veteran journeyman Royal Ivey appears to be Doug Collins unique solution to the back up point guard problem that was plaguing the Sixers roster.

A former McDonald’s All-American out of Roman Catholic, Wayns played three seasons for Jay Wright at Villanova.  He appeared in 95 games, averaging 12.5 points and 3.4 assists for his career.  After splitting time with Corey Fisher in 2010-11, last year Wayns became Nova’s primary ball handler and put up career best numbers of 17.6 points, 3.8 boards and 4.6 assists per night.  According to, Wayns was the 74th ranked prospect among the 2012 Draft class and as we all know he did not hear his name called on Draft night this past June.

So why did the Sixers decide to ink Wayns? 

Well, according to Philadunkia’s  Stephen McNutly it was his efforts at the Orlando Pros Summer League in July that grabbed the attention of Doug Collins and Co.  Stephen was down in Orlando covering the OPSL for us and has some thoughts on Wayns after the jump…

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Posted by: Steve Toll
07/30/12 1:07 pm EST

When you think of Thaddeus Young there are the two things that come to mind, 6’5.75 and $35,521,738?  They should, because that is his how tall he is without shoes, and how much he is owed the next 4 seasons (year 4 is a $9.72 mil player option).  

If the Sixers front office truly had a plan, Iguodala would have been traded this past off-season or at the trade deadline.  Reason being, the front office and fans would have a full season or half a season to evaluate Thaddeus at SF.  Instead, the 76ers still have Iguodala, whose trade value is hugely diminished (has an early termination option after this season and the 7-6 has to trade him now or risk losing him to free agency) and drafted Maurice Harkless as the heir apparent at SF.

If we want to say Thaddeus is a PF, it makes sense to compare him to Paul Millsap, Kenneth Faried, Trevor Booker and Brandon Bass.  Each measured between 6’6 and 6’6.25 without shoes according to draft combine numbers.  Thad measured 6’5.75 without shoes.  After the jump a close look at how all these players match-up.

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Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
07/24/12 9:29 am EST

Yesterday, several media outlet’s announced that the Sixers had a high level of interest in landing former Grizzlies and Trail Blazers assistant GM Tom Penn to replace current GM Rod Thorn.

Thorn is entering the final year of his 3-year contract as president/GM and has entered “lame duck” status as it was announced earlier this month that the franchise is searching for his replacement.  However, the deal he signed in August 2010 with then-chairman Ed Snider included a provision for Thorn to become a part-time consultant for 5 years after his contract expired.

According to the ESPN report, Penn has interviewed with the Sixers, and will meet again with team representatives today in New York City.

Currently Penn works as an NBA analyst on ESPN where he frequently discusses issues like the salary cap, the NBA Draft, trades, and collective bargaining issues.  Most recently, Penn spent four seasons as assistant GM with the Trail Blazers where he worked hard to wipe away the image of Rasheed Wallace’s “Jail Blazers” and if it weren’t for several key injuries could’ve brought home the Larry O’Brien trophy during his tenure with the team.

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Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
07/11/12 8:50 am EST

As Sixers fans already know by now, last Friday the team announced that they’ve agreed to a one-year contract with former Clippers guard Nick Young for close to $6 million.  The team is also ready to use the amnesty clause on veteran forward Elton Brand, while Lou Williams’ time in a Sixers uniform is also now officially over.  Needless to say, last week was a busy week for the 76ers organization.

Young spent his first four-plus seasons with the Washington Wizards before he was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers in March.

With the Wizards last season, Young averaged 16.6 points in 40 games (32 starts).  He drew the attention of the Sixers front office in an early-season match-up where he dropped 27 points while pulling down 7 rebounds in a losing effort vs. our 7-6.

It was his efforts in games like this that ultimately drew the Clippers interest in Young as they acquired him late in the season in a three-team deal with the Wizards and Nuggets.

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Posted by: Steve Toll
07/02/12 12:03 pm EST

Maurice Harkless has the look of an NBA player.  More importantly, he is an NBA Player.  Better yet, he should become an all star and multiple time member of the all defensive team.  He was great value with the 15th pick.  Harkless has the traits on a NBA player and history going for him.

Here are the positives.  Andre Iguodala and Doug Collins will be an immense help teaching the defensive aspects of basketball to Harkless, and he has all the tools to excel on that end on the floor.  Philadelphia is a very good passing team, which is a far cry from what Harkless experienced in his one year stint at St Johns.  Lastly, Philadelphia has good players. The better your 4 teammates on the court are, the better you will likely be.

That being said, he is coming into a situation that isn’t conducive to maximizing his talents.  It’s likely that Philadelphia is one of the 5 worst teams in the NBA for Maurice Harkless to be a rookie on.  Playing time, a lack of team 3pt shooting (attempts not %) and lack of inside scoring presence are issues for the Sixers that will hinder Maurice’s development in his rookie season.

However, the positives of drafting Harkless far outweigh the negatives as the negatives are short term issues and the positives will present long term returns. 

Now let’s look at history and the overwhelming evidence that Harkless was a great pick.

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Posted by: Michael Kaskey-Blomain
06/29/12 9:53 am EST

With the 15th pick in the 2012 NBA Draft the 76ers front office surprised us and all the “experts” by selecting St. John’s combo-forward Maurice Harkless.  I was up in Newark, New jersey last night and captured  some sound bites from Harkless.  Check them out below.

Harkless had this to say immediatley after being selected by the 7-6 (FYI…He grew up as a NYK’s fan):

 More Draft night video after the jump…


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Posted by: C. Smith
06/28/12 9:24 pm EST

…in the 2012 NBA Draft our Philadelphia 76ers selected Maurice Harkless from St. John’s. 

Wait.  What????  Say that again.

That’s right, 19-year old Maurice Harkless (6-8; 207) is the latest “tweener” forward to join the Sixers roster and to be honest the selection is a bit of surprise, especially considering that Terrence Jones of Kentucky and Arnett Moultire were / are still on the board.  Not one of the online “experts” we researched nor a single scout that I talked with prior to the draft predicted the Sixers would go in this direction, but according to Rod Thorn everyone in the Sixers front office was “on board” with the pick. 

Chad Ford of had Harkless (15.3 ppg. & 8.6 rpg.) going 16th to Houston, while predicted Harkless would be selected at number 19 by the Magic.

After the jump some reviews on and video of Harkless…  

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Posted by: Jerry Scherwin
06/21/12 9:10 am EST

Being that we are entering Game 5 of the NBA Finals tonight and are on the verge of LeBron’s first championship, let’s play a game.  I’m going to list agroup of Finals winners and I want you, the readers, to figure out what they all have in common besides a few diamond encrusted rings.

Here we go:

Dallas Mavericks, Boston Celtics (I’m starting at 1981 because this could go on forever, 1984, 1986, 2008), Los Angeles Lakers (Again starting at 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1988, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009,2010) San Antonio Spurs (1999, 2003, 2005, 2007), Miami Heat (2006, 2012*), Chicago Bulls (the entire 6-peat), Detroit Pistons (1989,1990 and arguably 2004)…

If you said each team contained an All-Star, you’d be on the right path.  If you said they each had a Hall of Famer; we would be in the same wave length.  If you said each one of those teams had at least two elite superstars on their rosters at the same time, you should submit your resume for the Sixers Presidential opening because you are one step ahead of favorite Danny Ferry.

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Posted by: C. Smith
06/15/12 10:04 am EST

Yesterday we looked at a list of NBA power forwards from which Doug Collins could chose to add a player to the 76ers roster this summer via the free agent signing route.  Today here at Philadunkia we will examine the crop of college prospects who appear to have the game and mental makeup to step into the Sixers power forward spot and really contribute in 2012-13

Obviously the three elite power forward prospects in this Draft — Anthony Davis (Kentucky), Thomas Robinson (Kansas) and John Henson (UNC) — will not be around when the 7-6 select at #15 in June.  However, if the Sixers decide to go with a power forward at #15, there will be four very talented college players still on the board when the Sixers turn comes up.  In theory, any one of these kids could help fill the second biggest hole on the Sixers roster.

Obviously the key for Collins (should the Sixers choose to go the PF route) is to sort through all that information as well as the game tapes and grab the best mid-first round power forward available.

After the jump you’ll see that choosing between the prospects will not be easy.

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