Posted by: Tom Sunnergren
09/26/11 9:00 am EST

Sunday night at the Palestra I saw Chris Paul throw a perfectly placed alley-oop over the outstretched arms of Tyreke Evans and into the expectant hands of an in-stride and airborne Carmelo Anthony, who caught it and finished cleanly before getting a high-five from Lebron James.

This extraordinary sequence was, by my count, the seventh most interesting thing I witnessed at the “Battle of I-95″ – a charity basketball game that drew a handful of the greatest athletes on the planet, plus Lou Williams (31 points), to the University of Pennsylvania last night.  I was there too, obviously.

While there, the even more interesting things I saw were, in no particular order: Lebron James, milliseconds before the halftime buzzer sounded, reaching behind him to palm another alley-oop from Paul and, in one fluid motion, emphatically finish it one-handed; Team Philly, who had a combined zero All-Star berths and Olympic medals between them, defeat Team Baltimore, who had 15 and five, 131-122.

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Posted by: C. Smith
09/16/11 9:40 am EST

In’s “NBARank” series Spencer Hawes lands at #219.  While Andres Nocioni finds himself at #197.

Zach Lowe over at “The Point Forward” on has an interview with our man Thad Young.

A quick “76ers” craigslist search brings up a guy who has some great collectibles — Allen Iverson bobbleheads

John Smallwood of the DN asks, “What if you held a lockout and few cared?” has interview with former Sixer “C-Spoon“.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
09/06/11 10:48 am EST

As you probably know by now, starting next Monday there will be an “organized” two-week, basketball league out in Vegas that will feature only NBA players.  According to reports, more than 50 players will be crash Sin City to take part in a league at Abunassar Impact Academy, starting on Sept. 12

Games will be played in the afternoons and evenings, Monday through Friday for two weeks with the potential for a playoffs style tournament to follow.  Whether or not the public will be able to watch the games held at Abunassar Impact Academy’s facility is still up in the air. 

The two stretch of games has been given the title “Impact Basketball Competitive Training Series” and allegedly players such as Blake Griffin, Rudy Gay, John Wall, Jared Dudley, Chauncey Billups, Kyle Lowry and Zach Randolph have already committed to playing in the league. 

With all of these details in mind, the scribes here at where charged with  submitting a list of three Sixers players and/or draft picks they would like to see participate in the Vegas action.  AKA…These guys need to be there so they can get better. 

Our writers were also asked to provide a list of three 76ers players they believe are most likely to participate.  

Lists after the jump. 

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Posted by: C. Smith
08/30/11 7:51 am EST

As you probably know, Elton Brand organized some workouts for the 76ers in Los Angeles.’s Dei Lynam dropped in on those workouts and talked to various Sixers about the possibility of playing overseas.

A look at Evan Turner’s Li-Ning kicks for the 2011-12 season (if it ever happens). has an interview with Nationals / 76ers legend Dolph Schayes.

A quick “76ers” Craigslist search brought up this great piece of memorabilia.

Only two 76ers will be representing their countries during international qualifying play for the 2012 Olympics.  Can you name them?

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Posted by: Philadunkia
08/23/11 8:30 am EST

As you may or may not know, Zach Lowe at’s basketball blog “The Point Forward” produced a pretty interesting series of posts where he ranked the Top 100 players in the NBA.  The way it worked is that Zach didn’t consider salary or age or anything outside of how good a basketball player the cats in the NBA are currently.

Over at they are ranking all NBA players from #500 – #1 on skills alone as well.

It seems the lockout is producing a lot of lists.

So here at Philadunkia decided we should do something similar for the Sixers.  The Philadunkia scribes were charged with ranking the twelve relevant members of the 76ers 2010-11 roster from worst to first on basketball skills alone.  We also included one or two lines of witty writing with each player’s ranking.

Rankings after the jump.

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Posted by: C. Smith
08/17/11 9:27 am EST’s Zach Lowe has completed his rankings of the Top 100 NBA players .  Only one Sixer cracked the Top 30 and only three cracked the Top 75.

Via we discover that Sixers draft pick Lavoy Allen is auctioning off his new 76ers #50 jersey on Twitter because times are tough and his bank account is overdrawn.’s Frank Fitzpatrick celebrates Wilt’s upcoming 75th birthday with a great piece.

Over at, is a post that’s been up for a while but is still worth mentioning.  It’s an interview with former 76er Clem Johnson who is now the head coach at Florida A&M.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
08/12/11 1:17 pm EST

As they stand right now, the 2011-12 76ers — if they ever take the court next season — have some very obvious issues.  Finding a big man in the middle who can contribute nightly and doing a much, much better job on the defensive boards would be two items at the top of that list.   

Still despite the above ills, in our collective opinions it is NOT unreasonable to think that in this upcoming season the Sixers could win 48-50 games and a playoff series.

Some of us here at Philadunkia would be be as bold as to say that anything less from the 2011-2 season is unacceptable.  

However, there is one issue on the Sixers roster that is being overshadowed by the more pressing problems mentioned above.  It is possible this one underlying issue could derail a 50-win season for the Sixers next year.  The problem we are talking about is, ‘What do the Sixers do at the two-guard spot in 2011-12?’ 

So the question put to the scribes here at Philadunkia was, ‘Can last year’s starter Jodie Meeks supply enough game from the 2-guard spot to help the Sixers reach the above goals in 2011-12?’

If your answer was “No”, then our writers were asked to explain their ideas for what should the Sixers do to solve their 2-guard issue so that they can achieve the goals mentioned above for next year.

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Posted by: C. Smith
08/05/11 11:18 am EST

Players Association executive director Billy Hunter says, if he “had to bet on it”, he would wager that there will be no NBA season.

Zach Lowe of is slowly ranking his top 100 NBA players.  So far, three Sixers have made the list. 

Last Sunday we skipped the 76ers annual Beach Bash because there no players on site, but the CSN Philly cameras where there and filmed this interview with Doug Collins. has an interview with former Sixer Darryl Dawkins in which he reveals the origin of his “Chocolate Thunder” nickname.

Over at Kate Fagan learned that Joshua Harris is “the most competitive human being” his friends know.  Really?!?  A billionaire who is super-highly competitive — what a shocker.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
08/03/11 9:48 am EST

We all know that the center position was / is a glaring weakness for the 76ers and here at Philadunkia we don’t see the combo of Spence and 2011 draftee “Big Nik” solving those issues in 2011-12. 

Of course, that is if there is a 2011-12 NBA season.

We also don’t believe that the Sixers are going to acquire Dwight Howard any time soon.

With those premises in mind, the Philadunkia scribes were charged with submitting a name from the long list of former Sixers centers that each individual thought could cure the 7-6’s ills in the middle for next season.

There was only one rule — you could not choose Wilt.

One other note — it is assumed that these “dream” centers who would be inserted into the 2011-12 Sixers lineup would play at their “prime” level that we witnessed during their Sixers career. 

Each writer also included several lines of text in defense of their choice.

We think Doug Collins would be very pleased with our selections.

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Posted by: C. Smith
07/29/11 10:51 am EST

The 76ers annual Beach Bash is this weekend.  This year’s edition should be interesting as no players will be allowed to appear at the event, so it will be just Doug Collins, Hip-Hop and the Sixers Dancers.

Starting Monday, Jrue Holiday will be hosting his summer basketball camp in West LA. 

This really has nothing to do with the 7-6, but here’s video of John Wall killing some clowns in a summer league game down in Baltimore.  These NBA player videos pop up every summer now and just once I’d like to see a video on Youtube where a member of the Sixers is featured destroying foes in a summer run. 

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