DRAFT15: Thoughts from Bilas

Posted by: C. Smith
06/23/15 9:42 am EST

jay-bilaseditedYesterday ESPN college basketball analyst and NBA Draft guru Jay Bilas conducted a media call to discuss the 2015 NBA Draft in general, the upside of numerous prospects and his thoughts on what NBA franchises will do with their draft picks.  Needless to say, Bilas was not short on opinions and had some very interesting takes on Thursday night’s Draft.

Once the call concluded, I went and pulled some of quotes that I felt would apply to the 76ers or prospects that have been connected with Sixers.  After the jump are words of wisdom from Bilas, who once again this year will be on site at Barclays Center in Brooklyn as an analyst for the 2015 NBA Draft

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DRAFT15: “Expert” Predictions for 7-6

Posted by: C. Smith
06/22/15 9:21 am EST

76ersaltlogoWith the 2015 NBA Draft just three days away, we thought today would be a good time to check in with the “expert” online mock drafts and review what the predictions are for the 76ers at No. 3.

For the second straight June, Joel Embiid’s right foot injury could impact which direction the 76ers will go on Thursday night with the third overall pick.  Prior to Embiid’s “setback” or lack of healing, it seemed likely that Hinkie was going to draft whichever top backcourt prospect — Russell or Mudiay — was still on the board when the Sixers went on the clock.  Now, with Embiid on the shelf for who knows how long and a 7-foot Latvian skyrocketing up Draft boards, all bets are off as the Sixers appear to be the wildcard in the early Lottery portion of the 2015 Draft.

Thus, when I gathered the “expert” opinions from around the world wide web, I was very surprised to discover only two schools of thought on what Hinkie will do on Thursday night.


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Hey Dre’…Congratulations

Posted by: Philadunkia
06/17/15 11:42 am EST

drenbachampeditedEditor’s Note: The following article by former Philadunkia scribe Tom Sunnergren was originally posted in May of 2011 as part of this site’s 2010-11 season review / wrap up.  We are reposting the story today for two reasons.  The first is that it serves as smooth tip of the cap to former 76er Andre Iguodala, who is now an NBA Champion and NBA Finals MVP.  

The second reason is that given Dre’s role with Golden State Warriors this season and especially in the Finals, the content contained in Sunnergren’s fictitous interview style post is extremely fitting.   


After a regular season that exceeded expectations, and a post-season that more or less met them, Andre Iguodala has already had a very trying offseason.

Always a lightening rod for controversy and never popular with the fan base, Iguodala skipped his exit interview with the 76ers front office executives and is said to be trying to force his way out of town.

Amidst these rumors swirling about the longest tenured Sixer, we at Philadunkia got an opportunity to sit down with him this weekend and get his take.

He looked pretty tired.

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Embiid Hangover Still Lingers

Posted by: Michael Kaskey-Blomain
06/16/15 11:18 am EST

embiidslameditedIt was Saturday night at 10:09, and I was in the midst of throwing my arm out on the NFL quarterback challenge at the Dave and Buster’s in Plymouth Meeting when a received text message caused my phone to vibrate in my shorts pocket.

“Well man. Something ain’t right about Embiid,” the text read.

What… The…

A quick scroll-through of my Twitter timeline further clarified the text.

A “setback”.

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Draft15: The Impact of Embiid News

Posted by: Philadunkia
06/15/15 11:53 am EST

Philadelphia 76ers V Boston CelticsOver the weekend Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo Sports rocked Philadunkia nation and set Twitter on fire with the news that League sources had informed him that Joel Embiid had “suffered a setback in the healing process of his right foot”.  Needles to say Woj’s report casue a great deal of concern among the 76ers’ fan base.

Woj’s breaking news even forced the 76ers to issue a statement of their own on Embiid’s recovery.  Part of the press release read, “Recently, Joel and Sixers personnel traveled to Los Angeles for a series of routine exams with a number of physicians who have been actively involved throughout this process.  During his visit with Dr. Richard Ferkel, a standard CT scan on Joel’s right foot revealed less healing than anticipated at this point.”

Obviously there is significant reason for concern about the long term health of Embiid’s foot and the impact the lingering injury could have on his career here in Philadelphia.  However, the immediate concern for us here at Philadunkia is what kind of impact will the Embiid news have on Hinkie’s strategy for the 2015 NBA Draft.

After the jump C. Smith and Jeff McMenamin examine that specific angle of the Embiid news.

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Interview: Jordan McRae

Posted by: C. Smith
06/08/15 9:49 am EST

jordanmcraesevenseditedIf you read this site on a regular basis or for that matter have access to the  ol’ inter web, then you probably know that 76ers’ 2014 draft day acquisition Jordan McRae played excellent basketball on two different continents this past season.  First, McRae went “Down Under” and quickly became the best option on the Melbourne Tigers of Australia’s National Basketball League.  McRae was the NBL’s second-leading scorer as he averaged 19.9 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 2.7 assists per night.

After his very successful run in Australia was up, McRae came back to the States and played for the 76ers D-League affiliate, the Delaware Sevens.  In 13 games with the Sevens, McRae posted 18.9 ppg. on 45% shooting from the field and 38% from deep. The highlight of McRae’s brief time with the Sevens was a 39-point, 13-rebound, and 6-assist night against the Oklahoma City Blue back on March 22nd.

There’s no doubt that this Sixers’ prospect turned some heads with his play overseas as well as in the D-League and that he will be under strong consideration for a roster spot at training camp this fall.  With McRae on the verge of becoming a key piece to the Sam Hinkie’s rebuilding process, I decided to check in with the shooting guard.

Q & A after the J…

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76ers & the FA Market

Posted by: Michael Kaskey-Blomain
06/04/15 11:12 am EST

sam-hinkieAlong with the piles of draft picks, one weapon that the 76ers have amassed throughout their recent rebuild is a copious amount of salary cap space.

With Sam Hinkie at the helm over the past couple years, the team has unloaded a number of chunky contracts – Jrue Holiday, Andre Iguodala, Thaddeus Young – while not taking on anything significant back.  In making these moves, Hinkie virtually cleared the books for the Sixers, providing them with ample space to sign free agents, both now and down the road, while not having any substantial financial ties moving forward.

Theoretically, this ample amount of cap space should provide the Sixers with a tactical advantage over other teams with less space when it comes to acquiring free agents.  With all the space amassed, the Sixers could potentially offer more money than other suitors, or sign a couple of high-priced talents simultaneously.

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Draft15: Backup Plan at No. 3

Posted by: Philadunkia
06/02/15 9:49 am EST

russellLast week Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach Byron Scott made the following comment on the Jim Rome show,  “Obviously in this draft, you got two great bigs and you got a great point guard in Russell, as well. We got to wait and see what Minnesota does.  So we are going to do our due diligence to bring them in and work them out and go from there.”

That one little quote regarding our favorite 2015 Draft prospect nearly gave all of Philadunkia nation a heart attack and of course set the Internet on fire with ‘The Lakers like Russell’ rumors.  It also got the scribes at Philadunkia thinking, what if Lakers do in fact decide to solve their point guard issues through the Draft (Russell) instead of free agency?

What is the Sixers move if Russell is gone when Sam Hinkie is on the clock?

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Thibs & the 76ers: Coulda-Shoulda

Posted by: Philadunkia
05/29/15 11:52 am EST

tom-thibodeauThe Chicago Bulls fired Tom Thibodeau with authority on Thursday, saying that a change at the head coaching position was necessary because Thibodeau was behind a “departure” from an “organizational culture” that is responsible for the Bulls success on and off the court.

Reports are that the true reason behind the firing was that Thibs did not get along Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf  and others in the front office as well as the rumor that numerous players on the Bulls were unhappy with the 2011 NBA Coach of the Year’s stern methods and hard driving ways

Whatever the reasons for his firing, after five straight playoff appearances, Thibs is no longer the hea coach of the Chicago Bulls. For us here at the Philadunkia offices the news made us think back to two posts by Philadunkia scribe Jeff McMenamin on the topic of Thibodeau and the 76ers’ head coaching position.

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The History of No. 3

Posted by: C. Smith
05/21/15 10:25 am EST

052014-sixers-three-600Next month, the 76ers have the number three overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft.  All of us here at Philadunkia are hoping and praying, just like all of you, that Sam Hinkie will select a player that has a huge impact on this franchise for years to come (cough…D’Angelo Russell..cough) and one would think that type of player would be very easy to find and draft at No. 3.

However, when we reviewed the list of No. 3 selections from the last twenty-four years of the NBA Draft, we found plenty of evidence that the Sixers (or any team for that matter) are just as likely to misfire badly with the No. 3 overall pick as they are to get it right. 

To be honest, this Draft history crash course made our stomachs a little queasy, so of course we thought we’d share it with our readers.

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