At Least They’re Not the Nets or Knicks

Posted by: Josh Newman
11/25/13 11:31 am EST

knicks-netsThe 76ers were nothing short of a revelation in the infancy of this NBA season.

Projected to be historically bad and seemingly lining themselves up to be a lottery team in June’s loaded NBA Draft, the Sixers responded by opening the season with wins over the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls as part of a 3-0 start.  In addition, rookie point guard Michael Carter-Williams drew comparisons to Magic Johnson after he scored 22 points to go along with 12 assists, nine steals and seven rebounds in his debut against the Heat.

Since then, the Sixers have come down back down to earth, losing 9 of their last 12. Eight of those defeats have featured the 7-6 giving up at least 106 points or more. Still, it could be worse.

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The 76ers Lost Weekend

Posted by: C. Smith
11/18/13 11:11 am EST

pelicansvsixersThanks to an IT glitch with our Rapid Reacts generator that was significantly above our technical capabilities, we were unable to bring you immediate reviews of the 76ers L’s in Atlanta on Friday night and at New Orleans on Saturday night.

If you watched the games this weekend, you know that both contests were not pretty runs for Brett Brown & Company.  When we look back on the 2013-14 season, we may recognize this past weekend as the point where the #WinlessforWiggins campaign shifted into high gear.

After the jump are my observations and notes from the the 7-6’s losing weekend.

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Is Randle A Good Fit For The Sixers?

Posted by: C. Smith
11/13/13 11:41 am EST

randleukDISCLAIMER:  The following post is NOT an outright endorsement of Julius Randle as the 76ers 2014 NBA Draft Lottery selection.  It is simply a hypothetical idea that crossed my mind last night as I watched Randle and Kentucky play.

Leading up to last night’s big college basketball double-header my thoughts on the 2014 Draft class were that either Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker would be a great fit for the 7-6.  As I watched the games last night, those thoughts were quickly confirmed.  Both are athletic, fantastic wing players who could step right in and start for Brett Brown.  Either one would be a tremendous fit as a draft pick for the Sixers.

So I asked myself the following as I watched Kentucky play Michigan State on Tuesday night, “What if the Sixers aren’t in a position to select one of those two players?  What if Hinkie ends up on the clock and Julius Randle is the best player available?  Would Randle be a good fit here?” 

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What if the Bynum Trade Never Happened?

Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
11/08/13 6:00 pm EST

oc8e0290-copyIn the wake of Andrew Bynum possibly taking the court tonight for the Cleveland Cavaliers down at the Wells Fargo Center, it’s a good time to look back and reflect on one of the biggest Sixers trades in the past 20 years.

It was just two summers ago in August when the Sixers shipped out Andre Iguodala, Nikola Vucevic, Moe Harkless and a protected first-round pick in return for the possible franchise-center Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson.

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Do ET’s Improved #’s = Better Trade Value?

Posted by: Michael Kaskey-Blomain
11/06/13 1:40 pm EST

EvanTurnertightAs the Sixers 2013-14 season kicks into full swing, there has been much speculation that the opportunity for enhanced statistics this season for Evan Turner could work to boost his trade value.

That may be true, and Evan has noticeably improved upon his 2012-13 numbers thus far this season, upping his scoring average to almost 22 points per.  But, inflated stats on a struggling squad will only go so far, and until he develops a consistent jump shot, his style of play will really only fit in certain systems.

After the jump I analyze the how and why behind Turner’s improved numbers.  Then I’ll take a look at the short list of teams where the “new” Evan Turner could fit in and thus be a possible trade partner for the 76ers.

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Jrue Who?

Posted by: C. Smith
11/04/13 11:03 am EST

mcwdribblesjpgThe majority of us here at Philadunkia were big Jrue Holiday supporters.  In addition to his excellent on-the-court play as a member of the 76ers, Jrue was very good to this site and granted our staff a number of exclusive interviews during his years in Philadelphia.

So needless to say, we were shocked and disappointed when Holiday was dealt to New Orleans in Sam Hinkie’s Draft night blockbuster deal.  Obviously we understood why Hinkie made the move and after the shock wore off, a few of us even agreed with the trade.  Still, for the second straight year the face of the 76ers franchise was shipped out and it hurt a little.

However, in just three games rookie Michael Carter-Williams has eased our suffering greatly.

After the jump, a statistical look at how MCW is helping us cope with the loss of “The Jruth”.

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Anderson’s Shot at the First-Five

Posted by: Jovan Alford
10/09/13 9:44 am EST

jamesandersoncopyAs the 76ers began the NBA Global Games on Sunday afternoon, there was new addition to the starting lineup; that new addition was forward James Anderson.  Anderson, who has been a NBA journeyman through his first three years in the League, is looking for his time to shine.

It’s interesting to note, that Anderson and new head coach Brett Brown already have a connection.  Back in the 2010 NBA Draft, Anderson was drafted by the San Antonio Spurs in the first round with the 20th overall pick.

In the 2010-11 season with the Spurs, Anderson would play in 26 games but would only start in two of them.  He averaged 3.6 points per game in 11 minutes.

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Posted by: C. Smith
09/23/13 10:33 am EST

JaneenMasiejczyk_SixersDanceTeamOver at Keith Pompey visited Nerlens Noel in Birmingham, AL for an update (with video) on his knee rehab.

Dei Lynam at reports that coach Brown is working to improve the Sixers fitness level.

Dana O’Neil at reported the Billy Lange to the Sixers rumor over a week and on Sunday Lange’s addition to the staff became official.

The 76ers roster has not had a very good showing in’s #NBARank series.  At, they are ranking the Top 100 players in the Association and there’s more bad news there.  Thad was the only Sixer who made the list.  Bynum was ranked at #60.  “Big Nik” at #100.  INSERT JOKE HERE.  Jrue came in at #48.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
09/20/13 2:04 pm EST

76erscrystalballIt’s time to take your mind off last night’s Eagles debacle for a minute and read the latest edition of Philadunkia 4on4…

As a reminder, this Philadunkia question and answer series is “loosely based” on’s highly successful, NBA related series of posts titled “5on5″.  Our version of this genre of posts will ask 4 Philadunkia scribes to answer 4 topical, hot button questions about our Philadelphia 76ers.

Now you’re probably asking, “Why not simply stick with the “5on5″ format that uses?”

Well, as any great hoops coach will tell you — playing 4on4 is the best way to truly learn the game of basketball.

After the jump four Philadunkia scribes will address four timely 76ers topics.

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Posted by: C. Smith
08/07/13 10:50 am EST

76ersmantraLogoeditedMuch to our excitement, the 76ers schedule for 2013-14 schedule was released late yesterday.  And while the 76ers still do not have a head coach and there are still a number of decisions to be made about the Sixers roster, we took a stab at analyzing the upcoming 82-game slate.

Since most NBA rosters are not yet finalized, we had to make a lot of assumptions based on what the teams looked like last year and the pieces they have subtracted and/or added this off-season.  So we reserve the right to make some changes after the free agent season comes to a halt.  But I doubt we will be making any changes as the Sixers are going to be terrible during the  upcoming season of “Tankadelphia”.

With those assumptions in mind we believe “Winless for Wiggins” fans will be very pleased to learn that a brutal tip-off month to the 2013-14 season will be followed by a simply awful January and the Sixers could be well on their way to a great tank effort long before All-Star Weekend.

After the jump, is a breakdown of what is sure to be a very long season for us here in Philadunkia nation.

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