Posted by: Philadunkia
11/15/09 12:33 pm EST

76ers Bulls BasketballThe 76ers capped off their lost weekend with a 94-88 loss to the Chicago Bulls.  The Sixers have now lost 5 of their last 7 and the team’s record has dropped to 4-6.  While none of the numbers we just rattled off are exactly great news, what was encouraging in yesterday’s loss to the Bulls was that the Sixers overall effort was significantly better then in Friday night’s outing vs. Utah.  Of course many will claim that’s not really saying much, as the embarrassing L to the Jazz was one the lowest moments for this group of Sixers that we can remember.

Still in our view the Sixers played hard on both ends of the floor yesterday vs. the Bulls and if they could have shot the ball better (42% from the field and 61% from the FT line on the night), they most likely would have pulled out a W in Chicago.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
07/21/09 10:09 am EST

rushIWhen it comes to the 2008-09 Philadelphia 76ers, one of the biggest mysteries for us here at Philadunkia is NOT the head coaching change or the stubborn commitment to play Andre Iguodala at the 2-spot or the enigma that is Samuel Dalembert.

 No for us one of the biggest eyebrow raisers from the Sixers last season is the Kareem Rush saga.  And by “saga” what we bluntly mean to say is, “What the hell happened with Kareem Rush last season?”

 Well, Philadunkia contributor James Kaikis caught up with Rush at the NBA Summer League out in Las Vegas and here’s what Rush had to say on the topic.

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Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
05/13/09 8:51 am EST

rushiHere at Philadunkia we continue our series titled “School’s Out for Summer” where we hand out final grades to the players on the 2008-09 Philadelphia 76ers based on their regular season and post season production this year, as well as a few other factors. Receiving his grade today is the enigma wrapped in a mystery named Kareem Rush.


Kareem Rush’s 2008-09 season with the Sixers can be summed up in one word: benched.


The man played in 25 games logging in eight minutes per contest. That’s barely above one-quarter of a NBA season in games played! It was one of the biggest mysteries all season to myself and I’m sure a lot of Sixers fans as to why the Sixers even bothered signing Rush in the off-season if he was never going to unsnap his warm-up pants and check in at the scores table.
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