Posted by: Tom Sunnergren
04/03/12 3:14 pm EST

In the context of modern professional athletics, there are vanishingly few exchanges that don’t involve the treatment of head injuries that can be called, honestly, unjust.

“Sports” is a series of games that, in the interpretation that grants it the greatest possible importance, amounts to a business that succeeds or fails, like most ventures, on the basis of its ability to efficiently distribute income from the middle classes to the already fabulously wealthy. So short of Franks Red Hot, nothing stirs up my indigestion worse than reading middle-aged, out of touch, sense of proportion-less hacks spout histrionics about this or that miscarriage of justice that sullied the dignity of this or that playing field.

This said, it’s an absolute travesty that Mo Cheeks didn’t make the Hall of Fame.

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Posted by: Tom Sunnergren
09/21/10 10:39 am EST

Late last week, launched a project that with the help of online fan voting attempted to determine the five ultimate players (by position) in every NBA franchise’s history.  It’s a great and fun post and if you haven’t voted yet, we highly suggest you take five minutes of your time to do so.

You can view the up-to-date results of the voting for the 76ers all-time team by clicking here.

In our opinion the voting for the Sixers all-time starting five has been very predictable and while there’s nothing “wrong” with the all-time lineup the fans have assembled for the 76ers franchise, Philadunkia’s Tom Sunnegren believes that by bending a few of the voting rules he was able to put together a squad that would trump the team the voters have put out on the floor.  One thing is for sure, these greats have been the driving force behind 76ers Tickets sales throughout the decades.

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