Posted by: Philadunkia
12/01/11 10:36 am EST

That is the question…that has been bantered around the offices this week regarding what approach the 76ers should take for the lockout shortened 2011-12 NBA season. 

As you can imagine, there is no consensus here at our offices.

Now that the work stoppage has come to an “unofficial” end and pro hoops talk is starting to build some momentum around town, there also appears to be a clear divide among the Philadelphia faithful on what the Sixers  game plan should be for this upcoming season.  

On one side (in our offices and on the street) are those who say Josh Harris and Co. should give  Rod Thorn the green light to do whatever it takes in order to assemble the best basketball team possible for this 66-game season and thus build on the success the team had in 2010-11.  On the other side are those who say that this abbreviated season presents a perfect opportunity for the Sixers and their new owners to hit the “reset button” in order to get a fresh start and establish a brighter future for this franchise. 

Sixer nation is a country divided. 

So, two scribes here a Philadunkia were charged with defending each of the above positions — “Tank” or “Go for It” — in order to help you choose a side.

In the first of a two part series, Tom Sunnergren states his case for why he feels strongly that the 76ers should, “Go For It” during the 2011-12 season.

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Posted by: Kevin Jones
10/20/11 9:11 am EST

Good news usually comes in droves and it appears that is just the case for the Philadelphia 76ers of late.

First, the newly approved Sixers owner Josh Harris has promised to slash over 9,000 ticket prices in half in order to start tilting die-hard Philadelphia fans back to the Wells Fargo Center for basketball.

Secondly, the NBA owners and players met Wednesday for 16 consecutive hours with a federal mediator.  That can only mean good things (Right?).

Finally, Sixers fans should still be basking in the glory of what Lou Williams did last Saturday evening, upstaging Kevin Durant and John Wall in leading the underdog Team Philly to victory.  In particular it was Williams’ defense and not even the 53 point scoring outburst that had writers buzzing.

I’m not an upper echelon journalist – yet – to have met with Josh Harris or David Stern.  But I did deliver on the Lou Williams end.

If somehow, someway the NBA returns in mid-November, I hope we get to see more than 23 minutes per game out of Williams. 

We all know he’s been a streaky player in the past, but take one look and you can see that Louis has been busting his butt this off-season in hopes of a big year in 2011-12 season — if the season ever tips off.

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