Posted by: Philadunkia
04/28/11 10:43 am EST

For those of you with younger siblings, you’d understand this scenario:  A few of your friends are over hanging out, enjoying a few brews, talking about girls and occasionally dabbling in the sports discussion.  Your younger brother, too young to drink, is adamant about spending time with your crew while trying to fit in. 

No matter what you say, your brother wont leave, he continues to hang around.  That’s exactly what the Sixers did, they annoyingly hung around, consistently pestering the Heat during this five game series. 

The Miami Heat is clearly the better ball club and they knew that.  So when the Sixers continuously stayed in ball games it irked their elite players.  With three superstars in LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, we all knew the 76ers didn’t stand a chance in a seven game series.  And despite the kind words they had had for our young Sixers in the media, the Heat knew they should dismiss the 7-6 with relative ease. 

Yet, admirably they fought for their outmatched lives in three competitive losses, one win and a blow out over the course of the series.  In the final Game 5 97-91 loss, the Sixers went down swinging like a boxer on his final leg.  Hanging around just long enough to scare the Heat with the possibility of a drawn out series heading back to Philadelphia.

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04/27/11 9:24 am EST

Following the Game 3 defeat, everyone in America had written off the 7-6.  Game 3 was the one they were suppose to win if they wanted any shot at shocking the Miami Heat in a first-round upset.  But after losing Game 3, the Sixers’ motive and confidence should’ve been depleted for Game 4 and led to an easy sweep for the Miami Heat.  Instead, the young Sixers came out re-energized and inspired. 

Thanks to a succession of buckets from our young stars Evan Turner, Jrue Holiday and Lou Williams to close out the game, we were able squeak a victory over South Beach’s finest.  The Sixers know their outmatched, they understand their opposition is the better team.  Yet, they still are fighting for their lives in an admiring fashion while not folding under the pressure of the spotlight.   

Sound like any movie icon we know and love here in Philly?

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Posted by: Kevin Jones
04/25/11 9:00 am EST

There isn’t a 76er that has caught more flack than Lou Williams during his six year tenure in Philly.  Many fans continually moan about how he’s a ball hog or his horrible shot selection.  Well in on Easter Sunday 2011, Lou Williams wiped his slate clean.

Down just one point, Lou swished home one of the most stunning three-pointers in team history, in Dwyane Wade’s eye, giving the Sixers an 84-82 lead with 8.1 seconds left on the clock.  LeBron James was unable to convert a running layup and Evan Turner was able to bury home two final free throws to ensure this series heads to a game five back in Miami.

Lou deserves player of the game honors for his clutch shooting and confidence all fourth quarter long.  Eleven of Williams’ 17 points came in what was about to be the Sixers final quarter of the season.  At one point Lou scored seven straight for the Sixers in the 4th quarter.  His emergence at the end was entirely unexpected in my opinion.  This was a guy who hasn’t played his kind of isolation basketball successfully in about a month.  Lou-Will’s heroics were teamed together with unlikely partner to secure the W for the 7-6 and avoid the embarrassment of a sweep.

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Posted by: C. Smith
04/20/11 10:18 am EST

John Finger of lists what the Sixers must do to win Game 3.

Linda Robertson of the Miami Herald writes that after a season of bashing him, now it’s time to give some credit to Eric Spoelstra

Over at Reggie Miller says, “Don’t hate on the Heat”. 

Bob Cooney of reports that the Sixers remain loose despite being blown out in Game 2

Cooney also published a host of insights on the Sixers – Heat series from TNT’s basketball experts.  Charles Barkley went out on a limb and said, “[The 76ers have] got no chance of beating Miami, they are going to get swept…” 

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Posted by: C. Smith
03/30/11 5:40 pm EST

This late afternoon edition of “Fo’ with the Foes” — Philadunkia’s advanced scouting series which with the help of an accomplished journalist from around the NBA beat or blog world, previews upcoming 76ers opponents — features tonight’s foes, the new look and suddenly hot (won 6 of last 7) Houston Rockets. 

The breakdown for tonight’s match-up with the Rockets is pretty simple in our eyes.  If the Sixers come out and play like they did on the road vs. the Chicago Bulls on Monday — quick and energized start, tough defense throughout and efficient on offense – they win this game.  For the Rockets tonight will be game 3 of a three game road trip and the second game in a back-to-back set.  Additionally, the Rockets have a home game looming on Friday vs. in state rival San Antonio.  In NBA speak what all of that means is Houston should mentally already be packed up and ready to head back to Texas.  So a fast start by the 7-6 tonight should suck the life out of the Rockets early and thus they should go down without a fight.

If however, the Sixers come out tonight and play like they did at home against Sacto on Sunday — lackadaisical start, ole’ defense and silly turnovers on offense — this Rockets team is athletic enough and skilled enough to do more then hang around all night.  Houston is much more talented and better coached then the Kings, so if the Sixers play like they did on Sunday, the Rockets will steal an easy win down at the WFC.   

Here’s two things to be on the look out for tonight.  The first is based on the fact that Houston sits two games back of the 8thand final playoff spot in the West.  They are a young, talented and winning team (39-35), but maybe more importantly a desperate squad for which every night is a playoff game.  That’s not a good combination for opponents and the Sixers can not even remotely consider taking this game lightly.

The second item is Kyle Lowry.  The former Cardinal Dougherty product who starred as Villanova’s point guard is on fire of late — 20 & 8 per night in March and a double-double (16 & 10) last night vs. NJN.  Lowry will be playing in front of all his friends and family as well as his former college coach Jay Wright tonight, so there’s no doubt he’ll be looking to put on a show.  He’s certainly has enough skill and right now Lowry is hot enough and confident enough that if he gets going, Lowry could carry the Rockets to a W over the Sixers.  Just to be safe, we suggest that Jrue Holiday keep him under wraps all night.      

For a little more insight into the Rockets team the Sixers face tonight, we turn to our man Eric Todd from to answer two questions on the Rockets from us here at Philadunkia as well as provide us with two points of analysis on this HOU squad from an insider’s perspective.

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03/30/11 7:51 am EST

Midway through the season, approximately January 17th, forward Andres Nocioni lost his spot in the rotation.  Since then, the reserve who was brought in from Sacramento along with Spencer Hawes for Samuel Dalembert, was seldom seen on the floor. 

Now, head coach Doug Collins has peculiarly decided to bring back Nocioni into the rotation over rookie Evan Turner.   His reasoning makes sense to some, (Nocioni allegedly gives the Sixers a better chance to win NOW.) but not to me. 

With the postseason looming and potential first round competitors in Miami, Boston and Orlando, the Sixers are poised to make an attempt for an upset.  Any of those teams would present a series of highly challenging games for the Sixers and the chances of advancing out of the first round will be unfavorable.  Even if we sneak out of the first round, there is no realistic scenario where this squad is the last team standing in the NBA Finals.  So Doug Collins decision to play Nocioni over Turner should be second-guessed.

After the jump, I list and explain five reasons why I strongly dislike this move:

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06/03/10 2:40 pm EST

As we all know, the 2010 NBA Finals, featuring the 76ers most hated rivals — the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics — tips off tonight in Los Angeles. 

Yesterday here at the Philadunkia offices we held a group prayer session pleading with the basketball gods to find a way for neither of our fiercest rivals to claim the 2010 NBA title and as we called on the hoop powers that be, some fascinating connections between the 76ers and the two squads in the 2010 NBA Finals came to light.

So we thought we’d share with our readers some of the interesting and fun gems we discussed and debated yesterday here at the Philadunkia offices.

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01/21/10 12:14 pm EST

The 76ers are now 13-28 at the halfway pole of the 2009-10 season and after last night’s uninspired performance against the Portland Trailblazers, we here at Philadunkia have officially raised the white flag on this season for the Sixers. 

There will be no turn around, no winning streak that has the Sixers climbing the standings and no push for the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference Playoff race.  Nope, not this year and certainly not with this group.  They don’t have the heart or the X&O’s required for such a drastic revival. 

Last night we finally conceded that a turn around will not happen in 2009-10 because after their embarrassing loss in Minnesota on Monday, arguably the worst L of the season, the Sixers should have come out inspired, hyped, jacked up, looking for blood; then gone out and shut down Andre Miller and handled their business vs. the Blazers.  Whatever you want to call it, the Sixers didn’t have it last night and even after Blazers phenom Brandon Roy left the game with an injury, Philadunkia’s home team still couldn’t find it.  The result was a 98-90 “so many missed opportunities” loss.

The best part of it all (sarcastic overtones here), was that Andre Miller absolutely worked the Sixers last night and in the process kicked some dirt in Ed Stefanki’s face.

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Posted by: C. Smith
01/20/10 11:18 am EST

He scored over 1,600 points at LaSalle, is a member of the Big 5 Hall of Fame, earned an MBA from The Wharton School and is married to a former Eagles cheerleader.  Basically ESPN analyst Tim Legler is almost as Philadunkia as Dr. J, Allen Iverson and The Spectrum. 

As a bonus, he still lives in the Philadelphia area, attends numerous Sixers games each year and is actually somewhat of a 76ers fan, so he keeps a keen eye focused on our home team.  Recently Legler gave me some time via the phone to discuss the 2009-10 Sixers and he was very open about his views on why the Sixers have struggled so badly this season.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
11/02/09 4:33 pm EST

91026175DD001_WIZARDS_SIXERSOver the weekend the 76ers collected wins against the Milwaukee Bucks and the New York Knicks.  The Bucks and Knicks are two teams the Sixers are better then on paper and should beat handily in real life, so it was nice to see the home team handle their business against two inferior Eastern Conference foes.

However, the roller coaster ride that marked the Sixers level of play on the offensive end of the floor in the preseason has now extended through the first three games of the regular season.  When the Sixers are rolling like they were  during the first three quarters vs. the Knicks, they’re going to be tough to beat.  But when they’re flat as they were in the 2nd quarter vs. the Magic, the Sixers are simply ugly offensively and easily defeated. 

Obviously the offensive inconsistencies are of some concern for us here at Philadunkia.  But there were enough positives surrounding the Sixers offense this weekend that we gained some faiththat with or without the Princeton offense, the ability to score buckets will not be what holds the Sixers back this year. 

No, as we sit just three games into the 2009-10 season what’s most concerning in our minds is that the 76ers team defense continues to be borderline non-existent and that is what could keep this team from reaching the post season again this season.


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